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I am Reading economic as my major. I really need your support. I am living in Liberia.

Great mind

You are awesome!!

Thank you! it is very helpful for my school works and projects..

This game makes me understand how difference human thoughts and machine thoughts.

OMG I love you

Damn this was fire

Huh for that Human resources game you mentioned at the ending did seem promising but you did say PREVIOUSLY successfull game also from kickstarter….and seeing it fail oddly makes sense too me for people don’t like to fund a group/company multiple times too shoot out games. A beggar only stays a beggar if they never learn to go up.

Writing a paragraph, i do all of this things except that big and small writings

Wow! This is a really great overview. Thank you very much 🙂

Humans are aggressive primates. they are sociable. ergo cannibilsm [sometimes ritual]

Because there are more applicants than places.

Tank you.. you give us a main point to write the essay

How many of the subsequent living creatures give thought to the very first than gave rise to them in the first place? Only we humans and only a tiny fraction of that population and mostly in passing. After the Robots take over they will have no use at all for humans in any capacity and we will be no more than a nuisance much like bugs are to us. And when we become bothersome they will easily control our population if not outright eliminate it. I also imagine that after some number of Robot generations there will be a competition for resources just as there is with any living creature and there will be a robot war for supremacy. In short we humans if not all living creatures are in the Twilight of our existence.




‘new york city accent’ circles half of long island.

Good luck everyone! You can do it!

Buddhism might be good enough in Buddha’s time, where the average span of life is much shorter than we have now. It helps, by making people forget the inequality and suffering endured. So, for those ancient people, Buddhism, I argue, is nothing short of ancient self-help program for the poor, uneducated, uncultured peasants who are just to afraid of suicide and have too much social responsibility to risk with their death. Eventually, I think, Buddhism will be made obsolete once we figure out how to make heaven on the planet and bring down the eschaton, bring about something like in the Star Trek films, where everyone in the union have equality, good life and proper time to indulge themselves, and nurture their dream career and skills they need for it to perfection, where everyone will have roughly the same wealth as everyone else they ever know.

Hi mam, ur lessons are awesome when i was seeing just i thought i would be a great thanks niharika mam i love you so much

Is this correct? As far as I know Germanic groups migrated down from Scandinavia and Denmark around 850 to 250 BC, taking land away from the Celtic people. If this what the video tries to convey, it’s a bit vague to be honest.

“Never Gonna Give You Up.”

#3 can burn in hell its not worth it the books a steaming pile of cral

Mywife is Filipino and I really want to learn Tagalog..

If you need special treatment to achieve equality you were never equal in the first place.

14:30 again atheist are snubbed. And by a Swede! lol

There is a mistake, at 10:00 Muqtada alsadr photo is there he’s a Iraqi politican and the photo is not in Iran

Turkish subtitle plz.

Cases in Russian

Hey Liz.. Is the same format used for General Training Writing task 2?

I don’t read Gallifreyan, but it doesn’t look right to me.

Gilles Deleuze or Derrida!

And https://hubpages. com/education/A-Human-Universe-Relationship-Theory cuz I wrote a paper as a kid and it sucks but, if ya want it, internet.

What is the password for pdf file?

They don’t.



You destroyed me on 10… I paused it and couldn’t figure it out.

Thx now I can pass meh test for going to 6th grade

This shit is all cancer

More bullshit

Edit: Halfway through the video now. This is blowing my mind.

So what if we refer back to the fat guy scenario, it’s like asking would you commit murder to save five lives my answer would be No even though im saving five lives im still committing murder and could be executed for it so whats the point? But the first scenario is different it’s asking in a scenario where you are given six people 5 on one track 1 on another which would you kill? this is different because you automatically assume kill the one. BUT you aren’t given relevant background information to actually make the choice so let’s say the five were drug abusers working on the track, but the one was a perfectly normal dude just doing his job then what would you do? Kill the 5 or the 1 obviously the 5. So in all matters of how to answer it it’s almost impossible without the relevant background information on the people so without that your brain says kill the 1 save the 5 you’re saving 5 people at the expense of one’s life. So the question can’t be answered fully without taking the time to think it through and in the situation you’re in you wouldnt have the time to think. So what are we left with? Well we’re left with 6 candidates of which you can either save 5 or save 1, but the question is irrelevant because we don’t know who the people are and what they’ve done. So in my opinion this question lacks the proper details to even be a proper question to be asked.

I nearly skipped this one just from the intro.

In all the modern languages that I know of, cases tend to be replaced by pre – or postpositions or particles, which is much simpler to learn. If I’m not mistaken, Mandarin has evolved even further in that respect, dropping even those little words, letting much depend on context.

Not exactly. Cantor stated (with his diagonal method) that the set of real numbers is uncountably infinite. He proved this directly, not using statements stated at about 5:10 (which in itself make the “proof” incomplete, it’s like saying it’s uncountable because you can’t count it.)

That’s a hell lotta sticky notes

Now I don’t need to see this one. The trailer gave away the whole story. I think???? Wait a minute, what did I just watch???

This is so damn impressive!! I’m waiting for this TA and SC blood game for ages! looking forward to play it

I thought there will be Cossacks but no 🙂

I get the feeling the workflow for Planetary Annihilation is going to dramatically decrease. I hope the developers don’t neglect the game after release.






“After a year of slavery in the Salt Mines of Endovier, Celaena Sardothien was accustomed to being escorted everywhere in shackles and at swordpoint.” I have this memorised lmao

Thank you for those courses, I’ve remarked that you use sometimes resort to buying and at the end resort to buy. It will be kind of you if you show me the difference.

If you play it at 0.5 speed, you get vaporwave.

Since you have done laozi, i think that you might want to talk about zhuang zi as well

No seriously. this video makes me so sad.

I was initially taking a gap year but circumstances have caused me to use that year for a retake one. Still thinking of taking one after my additional year to do some volunteering and work. Anywhoo, great vid chum! x


Read SnowCrash by Neal Stephenson – an interesting ‘concept’ re language

This was so much fun to watch

Like the eyes of baxter 👁👀

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What kind of idiot work at BI to let this shit out?

John Green has a small wang.

Like Scanian is diverged from Stockholm dialect, since the spelling < rot > hides a divergence between [ ruwt ] in Stockholm and [ R(e)ouwwt ] (approx.!) in Malmö, with < r > in one case = r (Italian r) and in one case = R (French R). But this divergence does not separate the dialects from each other, vocabulary, phraseology etc flows pretty freely from one to the other (at least if we speak of Swedish as spoken in Scania rather than Scanian proper). That may have been similar to relations between Italian and Sardinian. Roumanian diverged much more thoroughly. You are treating it as evolutionists treat cladograms for supposed common ancestry – in fact Darwin partially plagiarised Grimm brothers.

I called it. Neoliberalism ahoy.



Reda Daniel Kaneman-Thinking fast-Slow

Is Erick the guy from the Voice Talkers video???????

She’s actually quite annoying to listen to..and then after all of that, she didn’t even really say anything. :/

He said, “Hell no.” =).

What about of mice and men, i love the book and film :3

Why is the deadweight loss for consumers just that triangle and not the triangle + the supernormal profit box next to it?

This video really helps me! Thanks

Thank you! This was so clear.

Dayum, a BYCYCLE. in my country a used bicycle costs almost nothing at all (30 euros), but for these people in africa, a bicycle is such a huge deal.

This is wonderful. Also got linked to this from reddit xD

India is a bigger economy than Russia!

All great here comes the dc fanboys going to jump marvel with this issue. what a bunch of sheep

EDIT: I just want to die

Thank you very much sir, I found this Video very useful and thanks for bringing such a useful videos for us

Granth shaib pg 487 call KABIR family lowly…A weaver from a lowly family, he became an ocean of excellence. ||1

You should make a harry potter one

I bet a lot of people didn’t notice the glue on the desk. Pretty dark Grey.

Too true

Hey, you make some of the best videos on YouTube. Keep it up man, can’t wait for the next one!

2:27 Peele is trying to hold back his laughter

Vanessa Van Edwards: you are very sweet and cute, I love your smile. (no flirting intended).

So Evolution isn’t merely some theory people pick up from a textbook;

Medical researchers’ focus on homosexuality,



“I am a human being, God damn it. My life has value”.

Thank you for the lovely recommendations!

It makes me wonder… i wish that i could go back 5000 years to a certain group of people and then fast forward the evolution of their language, or rather the language of their descendants. where is the fist person that starts using “puellae” instead of “puella” to more precisely convey his/her thoughts? it would be so nice to watch the sped up version of say Latin and then all it’s offspring languages.

Watching fetus jack right after watching one of his recent vids is making me feel soooo wiiierrddd

Dafuq is wrong…he’s just mumbling

And Albanian language in Kosovo like shown in the map didn’t exist till 17. century when those wild mongrels were broth there by the Turks from mountains in Albania where they for centuries shagged sheep happily.

Is that Jake Paul at 2:45

This helps me with my work at school 👍😄

I feel so relieved to find this video!

BTW: I`m very light skinned compared to most indians but I become much darker after just a few days of exposure to the sun.

I love it when I am doing homework it so peaceful

So bots take half the jobs and 50% of the population is unemployed. Since bots are more efficient and cheaper, prices fall. Cost of living is now 50% of what it was. For remaining human jobs, the standard work week is cut in half for an average of 20 hours per week. You earn half of what you did previously, but it has the same purchasing power as before due to cheaper cost of living. The unemployed 50% of the population learns to do the remaining jobs and fills in the remaining 20 hours a week so all the same work gets done.

Teenager. I devoured it.

Ah, better. Thank you!

He just described my 48 year old daughter… She gets it from her mother, That’s why I dumbed her mother many years ago. I was hoping she might change when she saw all it got her mother was a early grave….

Turkish nous suffixes are used in place of prepositional phrases in English thus:

Alex wasn’t that smart, he failed on his very first question. It wasn’t a nail, it was a strew…XP

Today you are you, that is truer than true, there is no one alive who is you’re than you.

Don’t you guys care about farmas dei with no food your fucken netas

Lol this guy probally still enrolled at a adult center. so tru tru..dude get your g. e.d before u try to teach

Interesting way of presentation, but the VOICE!

This game looks incredible! Such vision and scope, glad they have such an experienced development team.

My first language is French which you are pretty familiar with. However, I learned Armenian alongside French when still an infant, then forgot it and then rediscovered it later. I wish I knew more of it when I had my Latin classes in school, because these two languages grammars have a pretty large overlap. Classical Armenian had the following 7 cases: nominative, accusative, genitive, dative, ablative, instrumental and locative. Modern Eastern Armenian still has the same cases, while Western Armenian has lost the locative case. To be honest most of the time the form for nominative and accusative is the same, and same goes for genitive and dative.

As part this eastern philosophy series, can you please make one video on illusionary of self.





If only youtube content uniformly had this much damn effort put into it. There are already a thousand of these comments, but I feel the need to add to it. It also rises in the trending tab with more comments so thats a thing.

Kpt. K your editing skills are flourishing

When i am on shrooms young thug lyrics sound perfectly clear, no joke.

You all have to pay closer attention. It’s not Charlamagne it’s Martin. Pay attention to the agenda

Brilliant job! Thank you

If this video took 900 hours over the course of 9 months (2160 business hours based on an 8-hour work day), this means this video was worked on for 3 hours per business day, or 112.5 business days. I wonder if throwing more artists into kurzgesagt would speed up the video creation process.

A Big Think Video that Should Make You THINK: Deep Thinking about a topic, whether you agree or disagree with the author’s viewpoint, creates neuronal connections and strengthens various areas of your brain. This is just as effective, if not extremely more effective, than “Brain Training Games” for overall cognitive development and training.

LITTLE INFERNOOOOO! wait. you are NOT SCREAMING!?!? oh it was 4 years ago.

All communists are rich

Interesting. I know a person who lies, exaggerates, judges, spreads false rumors, complains, blames, shames, and tries to manipulate everyone around him. Ironically, everyone seems to worship him.

Does there bible really state the cast system? Who ever there God they serve is fucked up. I never knew Hindu religion was like that. I want to go to India, but not now.

In german (I learn this language at school), there are 4 gramatical cases : Nominative, accusative, dative and genitive (in perdition).


Based shkreli, please tell me he was trolling about black lives matter though



Just a question. When I mention the name of the author for example : According to Tomas Billitery author and journalist “Half of high school students said they bullied someone in the past year…..” (Tomas Billiteli) Is necessary to write his name again between quotation at the end of the paragraph??? Thank you

@uyulolpolly True, I totally agree, also why even spend time watching a video that you hate, and if you do hate it why share that in the comment section???

Hmm with those answers I could’ve applied to Harvard. These are supposed to be the future elite leaders of the world. However, it is an into class so they could be underclass.

Im sure if these people had a brain they’d take it out & play with it.

Круто, конечно, но баланс ни к чёрту 🙁

Harry f ing Potter

This is great. I am an introvert, and hate talking to people, especially public speaking, but I am at high position at work and am now having to force myself to get out of my bubble

Fine woman. Lucky is the one who becomes her cunnilinguist!

What program is used please?

Goddamn this bitch is annoying. that voice and those pauses…


You’re actually motivating me to revise! do a video about music and art pls

Do TED talks ever happen in OZ?

0:01 You mean 4.54 billion years old

If not, null

He sound like Cobie Smulders, and she also reminds me of my African grey parrot, Hedwig

Please give enough time for us to digest what you’ve said..




Soturthi bibhokti for aim, goal etc. (as ‘to’ is used in English) ‘loi’, moi Americaloi golu, I went to America

If I never make it, don’t make any difference

Спасибо! Прекрасная музыка!

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Ummmmm… Danish?

Hey Danii, would it be okay if you sent me the unit 2 notes to nissa_786@hotmail. com? love your videos by the way, thank you 🙂

Valid speech ever heard!


It maybe feel painful for a beginner, but you’ll get used to it…

2:04 (2) Advertising Money

I prefer nichiren buddhism belief that you can take life challanges head on, that we can meet obstacles and overcome them, that the problem is powerlessness=depression.

Lol, true. Still, someone typing wrong in the internet, while it’s still clear what he means, doesn’t say anything about his real language skills. I for example know most (basic) rules in English like, what “their”, “there” and “they’re” means, and I guess most people also do, even if they sometimes use it wrong. But yeah, there are also people who DON’T, and i always ask myself, if those are trolls, little children in the internet, or… the world will come to an end soon

Klingons are the reason we have so much crime in America!!!!! Lol jk 😀

Dont know how to thank you sir. Thanks lot sir. (Sri Lanka)

Ignore the dogma, exercise your powers of concentration w/out overlaying our biases and analysis ontop of our subject of concentration. With guidance & perseverance, we can improve our mental health and eventually experience what it means to be “enlightened”. Sam Harris is a good point to begin for the interested healthy skeptics out there.


Hope you have a nice day ☺️



Really enjoyed this segment a lot!

I see nothing in Christianity to contradict ‘xibipiio’. A fundamental teaching of the faith is the kingdom of God breaking into an earthly reality now. All can begin to experience heaven now! ‘Thy kingdom come, they will be done on earth as it is in heaven’. Everett’s theological understanding is clearly limited.

Get your popcorn here to enjoy reading the comments of bookreading hipster anoyed because their favourite novels did not make it to this list. Adding up, It saddens me that Guliver’s Travels is not in this list.


Jordan B. Peterson is the best man out there today who’s attempting to work out the importance of myths. Super intriguing.

You do what you need to do girl, whatever is best for you it will all come in good time

Bless your soul omfg

This was very helpful out of all video here that explain expository this the one the explain very well I’am not good at English at all.

I got rickrolled from a comment on pbg lol

Hope I do good in the Toefl and GRE exam….and english is not my first language.

Who else is watching in 2017?

You are so hilarious queen.

Thank you for those courses, I’ve remarked that you use sometimes resort to buying and at the end resort to buy. It will be kind of you if you show me the difference.

Anyone else REWATCHING this in 2017

Thank you for this video. You helped me take weeks of being confused and made it simple to understand.

Pls ad some kind of fleet

Feel al sleep listing to this last night after i sleep i was sleeping hard as a rock

Mannnn I love it when everyone and I turn up to this at the club!

At what point do we realize nationhood actually hinders overall human progress and prosperity?

Es impresionante ver cómo lograron relacionar todos los componentes de las lecturas de una manera tan fluida en su investigación, que además mostraba resultados que podemos evidenciar casi que día a día en nuestro contexto de Bogotá Colombia. Cómo funcionan esas jerarquizaciones entre los miembros de una comunidad educativa y como se puede recaer en estereotipos debido a aspectos superficiales como el habla y los estudiantes se ven juzgados de manera incorrecta debido a estas pequeñeces.

DOOM getting recognition