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How does one choose a literature review?

In the exception of General Zod, DCEU’s antagonist/villains lack purpose and are weak in comparison to Marvel villains.

I am writing areaserch so I ned it your sugestions very much

Pretentious as shit

I have a theory. Global warming is the Earth’s way of healing, it sounds crazy I know but hear me out. The earth started off with only carbon in the air (among other gases that is dangerous to the human species and other living organisms), no oxygen was there. It was then that earth have multiple volcanoes, multiple tornadoes and earthquakes. It was totally unsuitable for life, but through what we theorize to be evolution and such, progressively the earth became a better living environment, while also creating life itself. The earth was soon cover with water, when the earth cooled down. Life forms were created from bacteria, and the water levels lowered. From the water life forms came the land life forms. Vegetation grew and the earth was in its prime. But the we came. After the dinosaurs were hit with the asteroid, the earth had room for us. We came and through what we deemed progress, we destroyed. We took and took and took without give anything back. And now the earth will continue it’s cycle. It will be restored, born anew, healed. But to do that is just fix the the problem, that problem being us. Once we are wiped out, the grand experiment of humanity may be put through its second try, this time with different variables then we were given today. But the second try just won’t be our next generation, and I refuse to believe that. We must put a stop to the cycle, or at least put earth back in its prime. For we wish to prosper, so let earth proser with us.


We’re really not that different. We’re all full of life and strength and just want peace and love.


That means all the work you don’t like doing will be involuntary and you can just watch as you finger are typing that without you needing restrain them

This was a tremendous help! Thank you!

These pathetic people don’t understand how it’s like to have power.

Look at ready player one


Black people want to end racism but they’re the only ones bringing it up. Let it go Charlemagne! Just because he’s rich he’s privileged? you’re making some money doing radio how come you don’t donate some money to all the places you told him to? just because you’re not as rich any bit counts you should be donating too if you feel that way.

Your videos are the best! your effort is priceless:) thank you so much for this!

Dat Trailer ^^

THE STORY OF PIGGY”They used to call me Piggy.””Piggy!””Piggy?””Piggy!””Fatty!””Which is better—to have rules and agree, or to hunt and kill? Which is better, law and rescue, or hunting and breaking things up?””The rock struck Piggy a glancing blow from chin to knee; the conch

Kurgan theory of Indo-european migrations is more proved and logically right.

When he done sippin on that sizurp ima try to talk to him

Hey I’m trying to learn Russian or arabic, in return I can help you learn dutch or the basics of english and maybe even a little bit of french

The guy speaks WAY to quickly.. Slow it down.. Almost impossible for kids to take in the info when its tossed at them so FAST…


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