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So an indian woman has nothing to eat and nowhere to sleep, yet she has unprotected sex and (at least 2) children, who are starving. and she does not understand the causes of her poverty? why poor people don’t understand, that if they have almost nothing and produce 8 children, these people will inherit even less?

Why do his feathers look like they have been raped individually?

If you were to take a high resolution picture of the whiteboard at the end I would totally buy it as a poster!

Love the Background!

Dont wanna learn ANY cases and inflections? My language is just perfect for you.

Pls give me the link of tutorial vedio on how to write body paragraph in case of writing task 2.THANKS

Dude plz upload another video as well like video of the others chapter from this same book like chptr 21 , 13 , 14 , 15 and 18 .

“I can’t go back to yesterday because I was a different person then.” – Lewis Carol

I hate Literature Review….

You forgot ‘Blitzkrieg’ a combination of Company of heroes and Red alert 2. One of the very best ww2 games I ever played!! All armies speak in their native languages, all soldiers tanks aircraft artillery support trucks etc are super detailed!! It has two expansions, burning horizon and rolling thunder. Try it its lots of fun!!!

So what show does John green host now?

Thank you.

MapQuest. lol.

That nigga gay

DOES THIS VIDEO EXPLAIN About Diseconomies of scale ASWELL

I just relised it was the 10th anevirsety

I’m only watching this because I watched this in school 😂😂😂


In Latvian there is 7 cases for nouns, with individuals that have only 2, so you need to learn how to recognise them. Adjectives has specified and unspecified endings. Spec. has 7 cases and unspec. has 6 cases. All verbs has 18 cases. Adverbs usually dont have cases, but cases are possible for individuals. Number words usually has cases, but not all of them.



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