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Why are you in great pain?

Kellyanne Conway is a fraud. She couldn’t get away with that kind of bull shyt in a court of law.

Aye aye captain!

Amazing, amazing, amazing!

3:50 so then, for feminism to be successful, we don’t need to make sexism look undesirable, we have to make equality look MORE desirable.

I watched this after watching the Trump spelling bee by “Funny or Die” so I thought I was watching another comedy skit. I looked at who made it. Washington Post? Very funny. Great parody on fake news.

Good one. Thank you sir.

U missled allot of important points

This man throws out many things that absolutely have provable value without a single caveat about how they are good in some situations. This man tells us we already have enough people telling us we can’t do stuff. In real life we live in a massively dishonestly nice society and what we don’t get enough of is people calling us on what we are doing wrong. Sometimes this “if they don’t like it fuck ’em” attitude just leads to people being dishonestly nice to you but it’s worse than that; can you not imagine a situation in which you are being unfair to someone and without them confronting you, with a negative and serious attitude, that you would carry on treating people unfair? There are so many places where you need alternate perspectives to evaluate if you are living in a way that maximizes everyone’s well-being and this clutz is telling you you need less criticism. Would you really say this is a speech convinces people they need to honestly evaluate criticism of their actions or does this speech tell people they need to reject dissenting views and get them out of their life because confidence.

Very nice speech… congratulations from Patagonia, Argentina.

La que tiene lentes

I wonder if this is why so many sociopaths find support for their psychopathy in “a better life after death” beliefs?

Did anyone else feel like theyre getting kicked in the balls?

This is me. I’m so southern, I can’t even pretend to tone down my accent.

This has been in my recommendations for literally weeks. Why.


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