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Ummmmm I do all of these things….

That’s the case with me.

Do y write any book?

I can speak and write 4 languages – Nepali, Hindi, English and Bengali

Free market ftw!

That shirt is ugly looks like a scrub…

Stronghold crusader 2 was not in the list???


“Always” – J. K. Rowling Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows

And the head?

I pray for us if people are finding meaning from Crash Course Philosophy. Also, stop calling yourself an educator all the time, Hank. You’re an entertainer.

9:11 video length. Too soon bro


GDP sucks.

Thank you!

I’m a current student in college, and my teacher showed us this video today in English 102. It’s sad as of how much of this content I can relate to.

So much misinformation. Iran was a democracy until the american CIA overthrew it and replace it with an autocracy. Why? because the democratically elected government seek to return the oil back to the Iranian people instead of being extracted for foreign power. The government at the time was no where communist. what a Bulloads of misinformation. Nationalizing the oil industry was an end of the democratic experiment? So I guess United States post office being state own enterprise also means United States is no democracy then. Total BS.


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