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Charlamagne uses racebait 20 times. It’s super ineffective.

And to think people complain about Mojo’s anime lists. Their literature lists are the worst! Here is what a better top 10 list would look like:

This was fantastic. Everything that was abstract but known in my head was tied together so quickly and perfectly. I really enjoyed this.

Only obama🤣😂

Hi thanks a lot for your video u are amazing.. i don t speak english but i started to read hard times novel by charles dickens so what s your advice!

So Proud to be a U of T Student

Hi… i am looking for practice partner.. anyone help me??

Edit 2: I got 21-29 I’m only 11

castles (Perun, Pernik, Velki Pernik, Ostrovica, Górnica, Kopa…).

Holy frick this is popular

Dude…that charisma. I think I’m in love.

How to improve you / your writing…….(You or Your)???? ……

While it is good that people have different opinions, stupid opinions are always stupid opinions. I mean comon, the clip even says that computers are “bad” for us.

Even after that hell of discrimination, this low caste peoples are ruling us (as i belong to general category).reservation is killing brilliant minds of india and all what indian gov is doing is NOTHING. bloody indian leaders…


Go pick up the corn bitch! 2:05


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