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Minute mark 4:40-45: reference to number of Buddhists in the world. 1 1/2 billion seems way too high an estimate based on statistics found at countless other resources. around 1/2 a billion worldwide is more in-line with these other stats.

Fly away and be free you majestic insect!

Does this work for people who got claustrofobhia?

I don’t know what would I do without ACDC!

Can u plzzz send me notes on the price system and the microeconomy

As a scam artist she is in the same league as Maddoff and even Ponzi himself. Her ideas are a set of mostly internally consistent ideas that bear not relation to reality at all, mixed with a good measure of incomprehensibility to add some pseudo-authority. Her self indulgent naval gazing is the sign of a decadent society in decline.

Can i tell you something funny but real

The most scary and best horror movie I ever saw Lmao…

Hi Liz. Any chance of writing FOR1 idea more THEN “1” example?? Please advise. The Body paragraph with 1 one idea cannot cover more then 50 – 60 words

Freaky animations. I enjoyed it. The word I was looking for, was terrifying, actually.

Stronghold Crusader?!?!?!?

World in Conflict.

Like okay hurry up lol but in the contrary I would trade the south for the north any day!!! I live southern culture and the morality that’s still instilled within each person…. whereas in the north, everyone feels like they are smart and entitled and if your in a burning car nobody is pulling over to help

Messy handwriting – Scientist or doctor.

Have I heard fully-automated luxury space gay communism?

I have been a grammar nazi for some years. I can now safely say that I am reformed. Somewhat.

On the 4 or fewer you can add them to eliminate the zeros

You’ve just summed up 40 pages of the Macroeconomics book I bought. That was amazing!

That was a beautiful talk!!!

The last commission Jesus gave to His disciples before He left this earth ” was to take the gospel to the world, baptizing them in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you, ( Jesus’s teachings ) and low I will be with you always til the end of the age Please become a Christian today as we have no guarantees for tomorrow. James 4:6, I Peter 5:5. ” God resists the proud but gives grace to the humble. If you can surrender your life to Christ with a humble penitent heart, He will hear you and take your life. The literal indwelling of the Holy Spirit will be the evidence of this.


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