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7. Writers intention

Hello, are these notes available for downloading?

You took the blue pill. Thank you for this.

Emma is bad girl

Lol who else is failing tom

L – (O) meni

If Noam grew a long beard he’d look like an actual gnome.

There should be a “Post-Modernism vs Modernism” video

I procrastinate too much, plz help!

It’s true that you’ll find this BS in most textbooks. But it’s mostly inaccurate and proven to be wrong. The policy implications are wrong and are a big part of the problem.

All claims “must” have evidence.

Loved it!

And all of this is from a media outlet using the same tactics

Omg your sooo wonderful. if you were my teacher i think i would have been a writer. i would like to thank you so much for taking the time to make this video for us students who cant seem to start a darn essay. thank you thank you thank you.

“I’m the master of my own fate” ya know I’ve been telling myself to study consistently to get into a good uni and become somebody in the world. But that lazy bug in me strikes too many times and I procrastinate a lot. And at the end of the day I hate myself for that.. Day by day, crushing my own future in small ways. I’ve told myself so many times that I’m gonna do it, gonna make my parents proud, yeah it works for two or three days then it becomes stagnant again. I have to believe in myself that I CAN. So important.

1- Say you’re tired.

I tried playing this myself and it was pissing me off so bad I kicked a hole in my room

Its a smelly jew horrible jewjewy accent

Stop with the white hip hop analysis.

El comentarios con mas likes es gay!!!

I’ve been to Germany. Lovely place. 🙂

It took about 10 seconds for this kid grasp my attention and see his strength. His humour, happiness, intelligence, and the wisdom beyond his years is something truly amazing. He deserved a long and full life. Rest in peace, Sam. You were an incredible person.

• Citations and references



Romeo and Juliet wasn’t a love story. It is a 3 day relationship between a 13 and 17 year old that causes 6 deaths

Very Interesting.. Thanks for the knowledge

I just submitted my Harvard application noooooooo I wish I saw this before 😭😭😭

Your outro is what made me subscribe. “Here’s my social media links so you can yell at me on multiple platforms” 😂 priceless

Frodo is a hobbit not human mind you

Jacksepticeye tomorrow corporation made made goo world too

U r a genius mann!!!!

That moment when all the comments make this about incest.🤔

It’s great and encourageable stuff, but my gosh, it went FAST! It is quite a thing to process and it being presented in such a fast pace doesn’t necessarily help. Other than that. KEEP IT UP!

Great lesson, as ever.

thanks all

I didn’t find any difference among those 3 guys in consciousness sense :). They all look for the same thing man. I eat, I sleep, I have sex, does that make me a man?

Is the maschine side more complicated because of the deploing and the whole lot of buttons???

30 min it would be good if the speaker adds the information on deaf children to the wiki himself. He would probably be qualified enough to give it a start.

Simple, the media just need to stop interviewing her, i mean serioulsy, the world has enough goining on, do we really need to hear this woman talk any more…. ever? sniffs, is that cows i can smell?…. sheep? oh no it is Bulls!!

This video is clearly biased against western countries. Makes me remember those old communist propaganda attacking the american way of life. Nevertheless this video content is concise and interesting.

I love him. Came to this by accident and didn’t even see the title.



Complex and this dummy devil dumb niggas see this is deep genuis news is on some asslickin whack shit niggas cant even articulate them selves outside they hood and this is called genuis..these devils stay on some devilish

That was helpful

Fuck me, nobody can do a Belfast accent…not even CLOSE like. It sounds more like an accent from somewhere in Connacht whenever actors try to do it which may not seem like it’s far away but the density of accents in Ireland is absolutely crazy. I’m from Galway and I genuinely cannot understand Northerners.

I usually love your videos but I feel like you’re trying to give nostalgia a new sexy name

Dieser Moment wenn du selber deutsche bist😂

Easy explanation

Good presentation, it makes sense; we all face crossroads continually and the criteria for decision is often very tenuous.

Steve brophy rules

That is why the Illuminati policy matrix believe that for the sake of mankind, Agenda 21 is very necessary. But who should go first? Some of these globalist elites really believe that WW3 is necessary, instead of Disclosure of the breakaway technologies they have since the ’60s.

Lastly the reason why North Southern Asia (North India, Pakistan,

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The presenter/interviewer is such a douche!

I always thought empire earth was better than age of empires

Is the ultimate review packet include all the content for the AP Micro exam?

May the force be with you.

To be fair to Rogue One, the point of the film is to tell the story that bridges the gap between episodes III and IV, it’s the story of the rebels acquiring the plans to the death star which are then used to kick off the attack at the end of A New Hope, so there will be a lot of familiar sights, but they should fit with the story.

Accidentes chistoso

Watching porn in target language helps a lot. stimulate the animal, engage the whole organism.




That’s wrong my friend… I am 21 years old. 4 years ago, I use to think the same way you did, until I had a encounter with God. A personal encounter, and that completely changed the way I used to think or see everything, because I had just seen the Lord. He is real, and I have experienced His presence in my life, and do every day, and it’s wonderful. No one ever forced anything to me, I just cant deny what Ive seen, and What Ive heard, and what burns inside of me, which is the presence of God.


Very Poor presenation of topic…. she is standing just like a pole making some noise 😅

I’m going to use this to help me write an essay to try to win 5k so my family can go to Florida so I can go to universal studios and have a Harry Potter vacation

How can people do all tese??

I’m afraid of cutting my leg off when i use a chainsaw.

What if you run it all backwards to the starting point and then stop it or have never started it? Is nonexistence infinite?

*chugs scotch*

Who wants to learn Chinese? I can teach you for free. (Wechat No. 346448819)

Thanks for the upload!

Watched this tonight as part of an adult education course and wante to say that this video perfectly articulates why I want to go back to education.

‘The flemish lion has a tight grip on the area around Brussels” lol

Sir price kya hai

@QuintessentialCraker namaste. It wasn’t that you hurt my feelings, but you didn’t allow me to correct myself before disqualifying my mental aptitude. It just seemed condescending. I don’t believe that now since you understand my error. Certainly The speaker, is fallable, but true scholastic endeavors should never be proven inerrant— rather that they allow are paradigms to grow, change as our reality grows/change. Your comment just gave it more insight and inspired us to be aware.

– the people who harvest the wheat (or drive the combine harvester);

I really liked the last book (no book at all)

I just recently found this channel and i started watching all the philosophy videos, and all this time i’ve been following stuff i didn’t know about, the closest ones i’ve had are with Lao Tzu and Epicurus, is this a message?

Very nice



Hey why don’t you upload more videos?

🎅 = 👽

For instance, the example of oil prices. The main influence of the price is neither supply nor demand, but futures trading and speculation, a one off game played by 3rd parties.

OMG, it’s like little inferno, but not like little inferno at all! Pls do more!

I, m actually gonna use that I method during my exam! LOL

I don’t think that complain people who use all their engery and emotion to teach you something is a great idea especially on Youtube so i think if you are trying to find a way to improve yourself find another person maybe he or she will inspire you. But i think if you still think in the same way like this you won’t learn anything

American Gods and Neverwhere, Neil Gaiman

Your funny-cool

Nice miss

Everyone: let them vote and be equals but you know better physically and mentally but humans created them so equals.

Thanks very much Professor Trost, you are making my online schooling so much easier and understandable.

What’s with the nose hair close ups?

Internet, e-mail and browsing.

I love the game and i love the Death Star!

+1 (484) 398-2464

We want more video!!!!!!!

Make more like these.

How do you figure out how monopoly is connected to each unit?

Not impressed, birds can be taught to say words. now let him solve an equation. some hyper excited exxagerating newb from reddit sent me here.

Y is it acdc

Wow in my college days a English boy with a black voice it was so great to see how Music was changing in UK



Very good

Bilinguals and polyglots: reply with ‘hello’ in all your languages!

Madam linguist, from one philologist to another, cut the bullshit!

Todo por descargar…. Esas Lolis.

This is so wonderful

Don’t forget Lovecraft was a raging anti semite and racist

We work for each other,

I know 3 languages… I want to learn more

Can i tell if its a monopoly if i only know Q, MC, AC, MR????


Uh…sjws are definitely annoying. Not threatening. Annoying.

b. Without, if you want something – you have to make it yourself.

You understand that its natural for men and women to have different interests, right? and that we have tons of evidence for this, right? you didn’t look into that, i see….

One minute the west is fighting him, the next minute they’re putting him in, then they’re taking them out…..what

I’m not sure how many “adds” you should put. I haven’t played so don’t say I’m stupid. I’m just not fully sure how the commands work

Hai mam, am a huge fan of your teaching, i have acquired a lot of information about IELTS from your blog. Can you please tell me, is there any way of giving a neutral opinion which means supporting the both sides?


Wow! This guys explanation and break down is better than my own professors! Thank god I found this…



Level 4:

I couldn’t make it past all the faces.



Hey guys….

Thanks for sharing to us your knowledge

The way she said “thats pretty good” at the end killed me

Excellent and very important presentation! Thank you


One cannot change her/his register (which is in fact the tessiture, the sound quality, tonality and loudness of speaking voice) and will always fall back to her/his way of speaking because one has been doing that since small childhood. One can learn it to use it temporarily and very conscious, but otherwise this is not possible.

-Macroeconomics is the study of the entire economy as a whole rather than individual markets, like: economic output, unemployment, inflation, interest rates and government policies

Klingon however was a slightly collaborative process from the start, that was being developed as it was getting used. many different actors had to actually speak some lines of it written by script-writers, while the language was still incomplete, which probably influenced the development. this gives a more natural development.

Grand theft idea

Where’s Empire Earth? That game was one of the best too!

Thank you very much, the eastern philosophy series is indeed… fulfilling and calming.

If only people realized…

If there is real thought, you don’t need depressing music.


That’s enlightening

Don Cheadle (Ocean’s Eleven)

Beautiful and spread a strong message.

Can’t really learn from a montoned character



Very informative video and gives me a clear understanding Thankyou for this video

Have Alex ever reproduced…?

30 min it would be good if the speaker adds the information on deaf children to the wiki himself. He would probably be qualified enough to give it a start.

Carry On is really good

Bonarch-Tarski seems to me to have too many “if”s and “then if”s. Theoretically Bonarch-Tarski can prove a theoretical multiverse existing simultaneously within our universe….

This is saving my life right now! I’m taking Introduction to microeconomics in college and this is perfect for helping me study.

I liked this video. I think the “Beauty and the Beast” live-action take is a pretty extreme case of this, and I can see why it would spark a video on the topic — following the chatter about it, it’s pretty clear that Disney isn’t going to make substantial revisions to the material except for a few new songs and minor characters; it’s not going to radically rethink the story and characters, but rather just recreate the animated feature. Since I have a copy of that film (actually my favorite Disney feature) at home, why would I need to see this? Yet a lot of people seem really excited about this movie, so maybe it’s just me.

N. p., n. d. Web. 05 July 2016.

Baloney! Trump doesn’t say “believe me” for emphasis.

But im back subbed again

How was the temperature of empty space discovered?….

If nothing we do matters then all that matters is what we do.

Maybe this is why all my friends think I’m a hard ass

My absolutely FAVORITE video.



What’s the use of making a video of the reality of life for the 1% of the 99%?

Also “Take 60 seconds to think if you feel annoyed or threatened.” What a way to dismiss all arguments that disagree with you as bigots. Seriously with this? You ask people to take a minute to think, but at the same time you’re dismissing all of the opinions that don’t line up with your own as bigotry. That’s not trying to learn, that’s trying to stick to your own masturbatory self-righteous beliefs.

# fourth second

Sir pls explain concept of revenue ch also

Failing the way we resort to virtuousness

Your forgot “Roots”. Classic

WTF where is Generals zero hour…u should be kidding!!

So many organisations focus on the financial rewards only and neglect the real human factor, the intrinsic motivators of individuals. If we can tap into these and create a communal environment, I imagine we’d see far happier people and far more successful, profitable organisations with thriving organisational culture.

Wheres econ 3

To many filler words, too many ums, distracting hand gestures, no back bone


AU and RU are anachronistic when applied to Bentham and Mill. Consequentialism has also been argued as anachronistic. It’s a 20th century term being applied to 19th century moral theory. It’s a misunderstanding at best and a misrepresention at worst. Even if it is true that Bentham is AU, Mill is certainly not. Mill is often argued to be RU.

This guy is so cute when he tries to be funny

This guy is blowing smoke up your ass. He teaches you methods to apply towards advancing your knowledge of a foreign language without letting you know how he learned to speak a foreign language.

We simply are no-one to chose who must dye. Just by considering the question, we are accepting that all morality is based on our self and our consciousness. We must believe in a third party and let it choose, because either we would never be brave and cold blooded enough to turn and kill one person, and no one could bear with 5 people´s death. We must locate was is good and bad in our intuitions, because then we don´t choose and we are certain it was the right decision, the one destiny had served.

ETH will rice because it’s created for the Elite to total controle us in the future. Mark off the beast.

By far the best ted talk ever!



You have put lots of work in your videos. Thank you Sir, subscribed

I’ve read this book several times and I love how you’ve always got great insight that never occurred to me.

But today i am gonna watch ur all videos…and m damn sure i will score good marks

I am training my critical reasoning ability. One of my professors recommended writing critical review essay as one of the best methods to achieve the goal. Thanks for the explanation! I hope I can really get used to critical thinking and reasoning by practicing it!

11:25 Oh that’s a pretty beautiful piece keeps listening to it for a while it has to be Chopin, or maybe Debussy, is very expressive and sounds like one of them i’m su…

4:17 That is where the TALK REALLY STARTS.

Who came here from Human Resource Machine?

Something called informative essay to.

Yeah. some, like that opening scene in ant-man. i think that GotG is the best in terms visuals

No society can progress in this modern age, if they cling to customs from 1300 years ago!

And are dominated mainly by jewish lesbian academics, like Judith Butler.

That is why real bibelbased christians since christ always was hunted from evil systems. Not controlabel and threat for the rulers… but today, there are only a few left

The jungle is I guess 19th century


This is very helpful but slow down I can’t focus!

Dw i’n siomi rhywfaint i weld bod y map yn dangos Saesneg ar draws Cymru ers rhyw 2000 o flynyddoedd. Amser cyn i’r iaith Saesneg yn bodoli!

You are superb, sir

♦ And then he greeted Death as an old friend, and went with him gladly, and, equals, they departed this life. ♦

– Cuba Gooding, Jr. (O. J. Simpson)

“Their grand propensity for failure”… wtf

We’ve got no choice but to believe that we have a free will?


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