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Dude, these are great found them when i was searching wayne june voiced HP lovecraft audiobooks. i like the fact there is a true in depth look on a book and analysis of said book done in contrast with a character you wouldn’t normally think would be into said books. fun, informative, and a great watch.

Burn all money melt all coins. Make market squares in the center of towns to trade eggs for wheat for sugar for flour for fruit. Life would be simplistic, relations with other people would be better. Those who don’t own a stand or specialize in a good can trade amongst themselves in a designated area. Each stand or in the trading area, there are scales to weigh the item, etc. People set their own prices and there is no competition because one person who sells, let’s say… Apples… Does not want people to pay him in just blankets, rather the stuff he needs to support his family-WHICH is set by the customer at his stand and the owner. Negotiations would influence the competition instead because the particular person may need milk for their child, etc. desperately and that way they can negotiate the fair price to maintain an average…

”The end of the world started when a pegasus landed on the hood of my car”

Yesterday I watched this video with subtitles, today I look back I can understand better. Thanks for your interesting talk 🙂

When you about to fail tomorrow but beethovens got your back.

Sir please, Are you still respoding to the comments I may need some help

Great help as always.

Sweet game introduction! looks fun, thanks blitz

That video of that guy kicking the small animal was fucked up.

Bhai aaram se padha kahan jana hai tujhe

Shut up telling us if it’s boring. it’s a damn youtube video so the only people who will watch will care anyway

6 accounts disliked it xD

Also, Erik Singer is ridiculously gorgeous. Those lips, dimples, long neck, Adam’s apple, wide shoulders, big hands, ears worthy of a nibble… but I digress. [*wink*] Virtually flawless.

Whatever you do don’t scroll down! You need to study!!!!!!! You scrolled down didn’t you Sighs and shoots self



Nice moustouche


As an indian myself from a higher caste, this is fucking ridiculous. I grew up here in the US but nobody in my family condones or treats anybody like this. Check out Rotatary Club in some cities in India and see some of the good they are doing. But yea, this shit is horrible.

1:30 is where the gameplay begins (ish)

When Trump speaks, he reminds me some of the street vendors I see in Asia. For instances, a watermelons sellers say : my watermelons are so sweet, if they are not, you can have it for free! But guess what, after you purchase it and taste the watermelons, they are never sweet. Furthermore, if you try to return those watermelons you bought to these people, you will not win this giant argument about the watermelons sweetness. You lose!

Porque el titulo esta en español, al igual la descripción, el audio en ingles y los comentarios están en ingles?

Yo it’s [6] million ways to die, from the [7] deadly thrills(C)

Beautiful illustration..

Free spech is impossible in sjw dominated world…

Catcher in the Rye:

911 percent love you Todd. And. Baby boy Gregory love you too. Katie cecere 911 call me Beautiful boy Stevan love you too Todd Jimmy Chrisb Ryan

Having a job is selling your work for money. It is implicit in the requirement to sell such work for a salary to ACQUIRE ownership, that ownership of the resources is not a priori. Science and politics don’t mix well, in fact that’s a central debate in modern political philosophy. Just as much as the VP lacks proof of their model’s plausibility, the opposite is just as true, and is also the case with the current system.

This is borderline creationist.


We hav to learn sanskrith

You should all read/

To be a hero simply you need to have powers that nobody will ever have…

Awsome sir 👌👌👌


This why people are voting for the tories

Is this perfect competition an assumption?

Audio is very low volume, had to run Pulse Audio volume control and put it to max of 153% on my computer’s OS GNU/Linux Ubuntu.

He will tell me to clean the floor.



Yebany got rick rolled

Excellent classes but please upload more classes


Best speaking

Wow that is perfect reality

Excelllllllllllent. I very like your course, you explain complicated concepts in simple terms, it’s great job. I love your teaching method. I always bored with English courses, but your lecture is Amazing. Thank you so much.

And by pure coincidence it turns out that my view of life is almost pure existentialism!!!!!

Thank you my exam is tomorrow and thus helped me lots

The Light of Asia. Buddha the enlightened one. Buddham Sharnam Gacchami( I seek refugee in buddha)

Good video! but the drumming is horrible!

Hi, this my skype:ayoub saadi, if any one intrest to talk and increase our level of speaking

We are doing a science xpo at school we are doing the frist one

Why did he make that noise at 6:45

Mam please give mobile number discuss bank exam

Probably waaaaaaaaaayyyy too late for this, but I truly believe that the novella Give a Boy a Gun by Todd Strasser is an excellent take on gun violence, which is unfortunately quite a pressing topic in America once again due to the tragic Pulse massacre in Orlando.

Every Youtuber could learn from this

Why am I attracted to this dude

OMG I’m going to go kill myself now.

Thanks it was really easy and simple

So he’s mumbling…

Why don’t we all stand up for this, teach people that this is wrong. Every time I see a factory puffing smoke or a car engine reving I just get mad. I’m young so I can’t do much more than tell people this isnt right but we need to stop this. This song inspires me, it should inspire everyone. So I tell you, get a Prius.



Charlamagne uses racebait 20 times. It’s super ineffective.

And to think people complain about Mojo’s anime lists. Their literature lists are the worst! Here is what a better top 10 list would look like:

This was fantastic. Everything that was abstract but known in my head was tied together so quickly and perfectly. I really enjoyed this.

Only obama🤣😂

Hi thanks a lot for your video u are amazing.. i don t speak english but i started to read hard times novel by charles dickens so what s your advice!

So Proud to be a U of T Student

Hi… i am looking for practice partner.. anyone help me??

Edit 2: I got 21-29 I’m only 11

castles (Perun, Pernik, Velki Pernik, Ostrovica, Górnica, Kopa…).

Holy frick this is popular

Dude…that charisma. I think I’m in love.

How to improve you / your writing…….(You or Your)???? ……

While it is good that people have different opinions, stupid opinions are always stupid opinions. I mean comon, the clip even says that computers are “bad” for us.

Even after that hell of discrimination, this low caste peoples are ruling us (as i belong to general category).reservation is killing brilliant minds of india and all what indian gov is doing is NOTHING. bloody indian leaders…


Go pick up the corn bitch! 2:05



U r stupid enough to think u r learn something from Trump.

I liked brad pitts bad accent, it sounded more comedic

The level of energy he brings into a room is phenomenal.

Hi All,

Animals ARE sentient beings, and they CAN be controlled with torture and threats. Ever see a tiger or elephant do tricks for human entertainment? Those tricks they are forced to perform are not natural, and they are physically painful. Not to mention it kills their dignity and their spirit to be kept in a cage their whole life. Doesn’t it make sense that if we want freedom, we must stop enslaving and torturing animals? Go vegan. If you eat animal products, you support the cruelty they are bred in to. Boycott the circus and the zoo. Support an animal sanctuary near you.

Lol, this quiz didn’t even match my real mental age (320)

The daaawg licked the ole an everewone layaghed.


It’s just so funny

Existentialist, yet there are aspects of his works that really seems to

I have watched many documentaries, what a powerful piece of movie, very moving. The directing and the cinematography is fantastic. I cried and laughed and saw myself thoughout this documentary, even before I finished watching this documentary for the first time I gave it a rating of ten out of ten, or I should say 5 stars, 5 gold stars.

Do the same, jajajaja

Being ignorant of his foul plot for 31 years.

So, why universal healthcare is centralized and public education isn’t? Who wants to buy an iPhone if you can’t pay your quimio?

Writing: Like what I said before, it’s busywork,



I’m really struggling and love you and your videos 😭😭




My handwriting changes every day😂😂😂

What a trash of video!

When did all the libtards get here in the comments?

Ritalin! *dsk dsk dsk… bye!

30 people are teenagers…

If they were at all self aware, they would give that fact some real consideration!

What’s your problem with architects? Lol

Whatever the four do that involves consent, the jury would be wise to consider the circumstances and not be too hard on them. Guilt, moral or legal, is one thing and punishment is another. None of us really knows what we would do in that situation and there are times when society demands our best behavior and times when our actions under duress must be taken in to consideration. The jury should be compassionate and merciful.


Involving much torture, castration and gruesome experiments,

If you increase the contrast, it’s gonna start looking like a music video. The more contrast, the more it’s strainful. The colour grading that they use is soothing and looks good too. Just my opinion.

Https://youtu. be/pTMgH5osU6Y

I want to use a quote every time i write i feel like an idiot

Didi pls Indian English bolo. American nhi..


If the vision of student is sending emails and reading facebook profiles or surfing irrelevent webpages then we indeed are doomed.



Frodo’s a hobbit you donk.

5. Link to other part of play/novel

If you pay somebody enough money and give them an accent tutor, they can say anything.

They said brazil hu3hu3hu3 cade os brs

When being a man has become irrelevant and meaningless?

That one line of French is what got me man

Maybe the tone of the movies is calculated to go from what’s happening in the past to what’s happening now and then when the movies later on in the storyline go with deeper more vibrant colors to give the movies a sense of being progressively more significant. Also it might be the film makers are/were gun-shy of the stigma of “comic books are for kids” so they’re doing everything they can to make it not cartoonish and vibrant but to be more “realistic” to draw a audience that is skeptical of a movie based on a comic book.

2019 in a nutshell.

Well.. I’m fucked

Good video i have learnt something!

Great job, will there be a part 2?

Wrong your lying you are lying believe me

It might have been nice if I knew about this before. I had to work out Existentialism myself, from scratch. Although, it did feel nice to be really sure of what I believed in, because I thought it through myself, rather than be told about it, and just say: ‘Hmm… That looks good enough; I’ll adopt that.’

Are people free to sell themselves into slavery?

Screaming internally while smiling on the outside

Thanks Ms Niharika.. I like your teaching patience 💐

Not thinking about it is really not an option if you want to live a content or even purposeful life. Those who believe everything is meaningless can’t possibly have a happy life. I’m sure plenty of you people disagree and even feel a little indignant that I would suggest such a thing, but simply developing a coping mechanism to hide the underlying unhappiness of your world-view isn’t living a happy or content life. It’s pretending something isn’t bothering you, pretending that it isn’t there, lurking on the other side of your conscious attempt to build a wall around your deepest fears. You’re moving through life creating your own “meaning” and telling yourself, well, that it means something. It’s still meaningless.

Maybe the Szechuan Sauce is a metaphor for happiness. Like, a time when Rick was content with life.

I love your videos! you are so awesome

Alright, this list is only about books written in English!!! Can you make the real list with Kafka, Proust, Mann, Kundera, Musil,…?

• Research Design

Really good



How do your write a critical response and a good statement

What institution do you go to? Nice video btw!

Today I drove 4 children, British, to a cross country race after school just outside of London. Ages 4, 7 8 and 9. I asked them who was the USA’s President and they ALL shouted back “Donald Trump”. None of them could have told me Obama, or Bush or Clinton. No way. Why should a British school child care?

Thank so much for great teaching.

I don´t ever trust a company as a neutral atitude until the game of interest is propperly done..

Sophie’s World by Jostein Gaarder 😏

Am I the only one that puts this on and sleeps to it every night😂

No one will believe in you unless you do.

– Schools then compete for students. This will give parents a diverse range of options to fit their child’s individual needs. Schools could be big or small. Specialist or comprehensive. Where there is demand there will be supply. Good schools thrive, bad schools close down.


Thank you

Fuck that man

What could also be discussed to be in here:

Humans are beautiful

Haha, love it.

LOL! I get 4-5 on a good weeknight. I study for my job, so that I can be knowledgable about what I do, and so that I can address hundreds of questions that I might be asked about my area of expertise. What do I do? Teach. Ironic.

10/10 recommend 👌

No, he does not speak like everyone else just because he uses a fifth grade level vocabulary. The way Trump jumps from one topic to another IS incoherent. It is NOT normal. We don’t all constantly jump from topic to topic in the middle of a sentence the way he often does. His immature language is not deliberate and is a symptom of a far bigger problem.

What makes them beautiful? that’s the question.

I’m artistic. and child like

I called out with joy when I saw you include The Last Summer of Reason! It was what I was going to add as my favorite. You’re the best, John Green! 🙂

Martin Shkreli is a legend, Charlemagne is such a jerk in this

Then it will affect my band?

I did Ian MacArthur too for my final exam but I did the animal part

Thank you Jacob and Adriene.



Bad vampire fiction=the horror that can only be Twilight

WOW! This is so COOL! I thought I was the only one who did this 😀 I actually listen to this type of music when I read too

I really found this interesting and your descriptions and examples were great! 🙂 Sandy

This guy has a couple of good tips: don’t view your task as speaking to perfection and getting the rhythm down makes native speech not seem so fast any more. However, for the rest of it he makes the same mistake many “simplifiers” of language learning make: assuming that speech is the primary task. However, once you have a vocabulary of a couple thousand words you can probably make yourself understood, but the native speaker you are trying to understand probably knows twenty thousand or more. You can’t simplify him.

Brad Pitt is soooo goooddd❤️

HI, i can’t seem to paste the graph in Words



OMG, Mr. Clifford, you’ve saved my life for 3 semesters… you’re really awesome… please man do some more videos.. you make life much easier.. i’m doing “Global Trade and finance” … the (Aprof) is good as a person and as a knowledge,,, but he’s soooo bad in teaching.. do some more.. and you must know that we relay on your successful videos

Fantastic video, thanks for sharing!

Mr. Clifford did the “Quick and Dirty with me — it was exciting”

Fuck i love young thug

Thank you! This is really, really helpful… thanks again.

You are amazing men

Wouldn’t mind hearing your take on Brad Pitt’s Jamaican Patois. I found it a bit simplified.



This video left me the impression that we can totally choose what to produce depending on skill and resources (and personal vocation) while I assume that supply and demand plays a big role here. Or maybe I should just see the next episodes?

Messed up my micro exam so I’m kinda relying to ace the macro one so I don’t get kicked out the course

For English Literature, I am studying:

In some cases German can be relative to the Scandinavian languages like swedish(..) dutch and german is also close to each other, as you said. But sometimes it’s really hard (for a native german) to understand dutch 😀

I learned something new. Thank you so much!

Do a video on Sikh Philosophy.

Its not rocket science. bullshit is allowed to have a platform. WHY!

You are wonderful. I salute you.

Realllly nice sir

You are a good teacher 🙂 thsnks

One word.. AWESOME!!!!

Great channel you have here, makes philosophy very accessible to many.

How to get DVD’s of cpt exams Sir?

Repeat Hollywood bullshit 90%, throw in some fake anti racist shit in there and you have a YouTube hit!

Does not knowing the lifespan of every living creature make one an idiot? I think I’m in trouble.

The first two are for the weak, the selfish and the coward

Wait… they said english accent and actually marked England and not the entirety of Great Britain? Not something I would expect, great job!

This video would have some one who has no idea feel awestruck.. But it is definitely far from the actual evolution that would have occured.

John Green mispronounced Moldovan… so he’s NOT a living God in human form?!?!

I’m hoping you read this in time. What does it mean when they want to know what that TIME PERIOD has to do with the literature of that era? HOW would I even find something like that? She said she didn’t want facts, she wanted analysis.

I might copy the idea of rain… but thanks for the help!