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iii) If he wants to jump but can’t because he’s understandably not ready to die then I’ll tell him use me as a shield from the cart then I’ll grab him and we’ll both fall of.

Listen to you because they’ve

George Washington University – Campaign to Install a ProWestern Government in Iran

What you call Intertextuality I call nostalgia and references.

Really good

I think killing Peter is not right. Because life has floating situation called “future” which involve lots of possibility. So what if Peter can save whole world after 10 years? And what if other 3 person in a boat became killer

I do want to pause and particepate in, but i found these videos just now and i’m going to have an exam 3 hours later. what should i do? i don’t need to get a high score. i just want to pass the exam. help me please!

Gives a structure to reading and a writing guideline

Will Grayson Will Grayson


I want to learn spanish soo bad. I spent so much money on tutors and it didn’t help😩

Case Study #7 – Is free trade as practiced really just a form of welfare foreign aid and crony capitalism? This can easily be explained by the relationship of the cotton gin, invented in 1794, to slavery and the iPhone to cheap foreign labor. A means to feed the hungry cotton gin with raw cotton had to be found; after all well paid field hands were too expensive. Viola! slavery was the answer. Blacks were better off as slaves was the sales pitch. When the tech revolution came around in the 1980’s (automobiles already set up as post war rebuilding) a means was needed to feed the manufacturing of tech devices; American workers were too expensive Viola! cheap foreign labor was the answer. Free trade was the sales pitch. Of course, with the cat out of the bag every other manufacturer of widgets embraced free trade as a easy road to higher profits with little downside. The government did all the dirty work and the capitalists jumped on board.

Lo mejor para relajarte

So if the first volume of the Hyperwebster contains every A-word, i feel pretty bad for the guy responsible for editing the N volume… that’s got to be awkward.

One can argue and debate and the question is still not completely resolved. But it definately makes it easy to choose the lesser evil out of two evils.


With a spread ecological drought and disaster that that de-urbanized the

He talking atl

Excellent teacher!!

Where can I find a video similar to this but talking about business negotiation? I’m really lazy to read the print outs and would rather listen to a video like this.. Thank you

I know no one who speaks incoherently like this – and most of us had to take some sort of speech class at some time in our lives. T. Rump has the vocabulary and consistency of scrambled eggs. I wish I could believe this was a thorough “analysis”, but I would need to see the DATA she is basing her info on… My observations would say he’s a babbling idiot.

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Very helpful, for each of the examples can you tell me if the equilibrium increased or increased. For example of the first example, it looked like the equilibrium decreased?



I wish he would have touched on Angelina Jolie’s accent more, I feel like she was trying to sound more like the original Maleficent and would have liked to know how well she did in that aspect. I thought she sounded exactly like the first voice actor, but that is just my opinion. 😂

Hi I’m trying to promote my own video to get people with mental Health problems into sailing thriough fundraising can u help?

Presentation is too fast for some of us people

Isn’t there a redundancy in use of subject here “In my opinion, i agree”. Don’t you think we should write like “In my opinion, this idea is better than that” …

Wow great

I completely disagree about the comparison of the MCU compared to the DCEU regarding color.

Great video! I love your channel

Alright, thank you very much!

Thank you so much…it will help me to my report this coming Thursday…

음악듣는데 이유가 있나….그냥 듣는거지…..좋구나….

That’s sad! Having been a vet tech at an exotic animal hospital, I can tell that poor bird is so stressed out! He’s completely mutilated himself and plucked his feathers! Sad!

Btw; does anyone has any thoughts on my attempt? —— In my view, frequently working out is a key aspect in improving both mental and physical health, as it helps you to maintain a positive attitude every day, as well as boost your endurance. However, I think that it is just one out of many things one need to keep into account in order to develop a healthier lifestyle.

Early English “set-lers”

They’re so biased. I know it’s funny and it’s humor, no I’m not offended. But seriously if it were Hillary, what would they’ve done… really?

Haha im sorry for you losers who funded that half ass game.

Very interesting! Thank you 🙂

Thanks once again.

I love you niharika

Anarchy is the true freedom. But unfortunately humans are too evil and selfish to live in a society with no rules without causing any harm to others.

This is excellent: methodical, social, and student-driven lessons work well with any age group.



The way I see it (I might not have gotten it right) this whole thing is based on an UNcountable set of points. It’s not applicable because it’s not countable. The amount of points on the surface of a sphere is infinite, so it’s impossible to list it. Same with any infinite subgroup of it. I think using a sphere is unnecessarily complicated, this could be demonstrated with points on a line, which are infinite too. This is a way of showing that infinite is made up of other infinites, so yeah, you could take half an infinite and it would be just as infinite as the whole, okay, but we don’t deal with infinites in the real world, only in theory.

We’re all going down together my friends

The bass drop in this is sick

How the hell do you get half a rabbit?

We watched this in class today. Also my 4th period teacher loves your guys’ channel!

Interesting. Hhh. Deep depression and complaining about life turned into a justifying philosophical movement. Many unaware existentialists these days.


That only the men on the boat are responsible for taking care of their families, and by dying condemns their families to a life of poverty, should not hold much consideration for the jury. Ideally, it should not be a situation that the society should put people in in the first place. Eventually, the welfare state did address that issue. Anyway, it is too easy to rationalize behavior in such a situation. We don’t really know if someone is rationalizing selfishness or is acting from ultruism.

More videos like this please!

I am offended

I’ve always thought DiCaprios accent in Blood Diamond was one of the coolest and most unique accents I’ve ever heard. Good to know it wasn’t far off the mark either.

03:50 – ish: This is what is called an etymological language. French is also an etymogloical language. French spelling makes less sense than english spelling. French words on average have as many letters as their english counterparts, but as little as 25% of the word is actually pronounced.

Everyone thinks they are not meant by this. Which makes this all a huge circlejerk.

I like how the entire year was a rainy summer

One of my favourite speakers.

Wonderful, I`m so happy to see this, speak very clearly with good explanation. Thank you

Dear Liz,

Anyone speaks English? Let’s exchange. 😁😁😁

Man this was a really good episode.

Why on earth would anyone want to deliberately speak in his manner when it’s the opposite of what he tries to convince us. “I’m smart, I’m like really, really smart.” WHO DOES THAT? Not smart people.

Thank you for this simple overview.

Including this one also

Guys, I don’t know about you, but sitting and stepping on books is and insult and a form of disrespect in my culture.



Alternate facts are for alternate universes, let’s just stick to this one.

I love this movie but I don’t understand all the dialogue, Someone cam help me to improve my level by talking with me (skype, facebook, …), I’m french 😉


It says tell us what you think – I think that was absolutely epic. So helpful. Thankyou!!!!

Im sorry you see it that way.

This track list above is not accurate.

“His idea is today that cynicism of those in power is so open that we don’t need any critique of ideology, you reach symptomatically between the lines, everything is cynically openly admitted. We just have to bring out the facts of people. Like “This company is profiting in Iraq” and so on and so on. Here I violently disagree.”

PEOPLE what Judith is saying is that “gender” is a social construct. She is using a word you have already assigned a different meaning to, let that go. SEX is male female, essentially your biological makeup, if you’re born with a penis or a vagina. What she’s saying is that from society and ourselves and this “phenomenon” around us, we believe that BECAUSE of our SEX we have to adopt certain traits. For example, you may have a penis but not CONFORM to all stereotypes such as enjoying football.. you may prefer a fashion show? Judith uses a brilliant comment “I have some friends who say “I would die if I had to wear a dress” some of those are men, some of them are women”. Just because you’re born with a vagina doesn’t mean you have to do anything society tells you to, you don’t have to wear dresses for example. Essentially Judith is freeing us of all constraints, basically shes saying do what you want! If you’re against her then your for society controlling your identity.

Sugar tax and regulation came up

A dream to you can be reality to me

I had to download more ram ok


To boost your programming knowledge a little: 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32 are “power of two” numbers.

I studied Turkish and there yiu can find six cases (nom gen dat acc abl loc) with quite distinct functions. I really like it that you don’t have to think about whether things are ‘on the street’ or ‘at the street’ or ‘in the street’ because you just use the locative of street

Good luck

So much Brainwashing for people that don`t like to think for themselvs. Why don`t you say how MONEY is REALLY made? . Why don`t you say that money are made out of thin air and we have to work to get them. Why don`t you say that the economy you state it is actualy an ANTIECONOMY. You see my friend you can`t call something is ECONOMIC when it`s build to destroy itself as fast as possible so you buy it again as fast as possible. Examle are all over from cars, houses and everything is build and sold. ITs Capitalism not Economy > ECONOMY means you build a table out of the best wood possible so i can use for how many years i can untill it detiriorates and i have to buy another one. In that way i used a table for 20 years.

I have an idea to keep car prices low… How about the CEOs of those companies, won’t take 12 millions a year??? Hmmm??

Such an awesome video haha

Hey there, is it possible for you to do the point, proof, analysis method by sunday? I kind of have an english exam then. I wish I knew of this channel earlier. :*(

Ho my god I understand Mousse click in the song of 38:00 xD

Great lecture

(yes i know this comment is mean:( )



This is extremely my big dream….🐺

Let me say that God has no respect of Persons. Know this. Man tradition is the real cause of development of Division of all Humans. We all do the same thing as Humans. Love has no color religion or tradition. These people are treated like the Blacks all over because they are Black with Straight Hair. Know this They are Ancient Ethiopians so now you Learned something today. They are called Niggers.

Copy cat….

Works great imo… After 6 months I spoke enough French to change my shitty banque postale atm card to a “carte bleu” (debit card) all by myself at the bank, buy anything I needed in stores, book hotel rooms, even talk to girls enough to… well you know 😉 And obviously it improved from there. 🙂

I composed some Notes + Comments for episodes #1-20 in a Google Doc.

So sad


Actually it was a kind of cool video i guess

It’s frankly almost impossible for Marvle to shoot on film, no matter how much money they want to spend doing so. The labs that process film are almost all closed. It makes very little sense for any studio to shoot on film; the delays, cost, and headache are hardly worth an image that can be nearly perfectly replicated with a digital film camera and a good colorist. Sad to see film go, but those who cling to it really are fooling themselves (or just really like grain for some reason).

Long live you

Sir I have a problem..

This man is God’s gift to econ students! THANK YOU!

Gravity’s Rainbow?





What you saw in the video above probably almost happened last year:

I agree with Nozick: wealth hoarding is completely just, IF it’s acquisition was legitimate. It’s not like “wealth” is a fixed amount of something that can only be re-distributed; new wealth can be CREATED by a) finding a way to save time b) harvesting resources in a sustainable manner c) adding value to harvested resources through invention and manufacturing.

Make me one with everything.

You are so cool im 12

U r rushing too much

Your English is amazing

Dragon’s Egg is a great book literally no one else I know has read

Bring it back! BRING IT BACK NOW!

When Sarah Palin becomes president, she will topple the current SATANIC regime with the POWER of GOD HERSELF and liberate the LAND OF ARYANS from the repression of Islam! She will drive Islam into EXTINCTION!

Fucking genius

So is it “people’s” pleasure? think you mean “men’s” pleasure.

Nigga fucked on one song then he like damn niggas find this shi9t dope might aswell keep goin

I guess the conclusion i’m reaching is not that the guy’s shirt was a problem. the shirt in itself hurts no one except those prone to victimizing themselves. the problem is not male consumption of female sexuality. that has always happened and will always happen so long as society remains free, as will the reverse. so what are we worried about? women being driven away from STEM by the perception that it is an old boys club? it certainly doesn’t affect women in school, who perform as well as if not better than men all the way through university now. in my own graduate office there are easily more women than men. perhaps that is the exception, but taking a look around my building i think not, although i am in the biological sciences and not math or physics. no, women leave STEM AFTER their graduate studies. the reason why is pretty self-evident. the post-graduate years are the end of prime baby-making time. STEM are generally highly competitive fields. employers want people they can trust to be productive virtually all the time. building a research program in academia requires a relatively constant stream of publications, new projects, new students, etc. women consistently state throughout their teenage and college years that they prefer more work-life balance than men do. raising a family rather than being wedded to a career. perhaps there are a handful of women who genuinely get snubbed for funding, professorships, etc. for no reason other than suspicion of future baby-making, when in reality they are as single-minded in their career pursuit as any man, but i find it hard to believe that is any kind of epidemic. and again, even if it were an epidemic, the issues would be well removed from a sexy shirt and would not even come close to justifying the disgusting character assassination on what would otherwise probably have been the proudest moment of that man’s life.


Our instinct to survive and succeed trumps all other notions of socialism.

Everyones like

Excuse the tangent, if you will, but the thing about atheism is that it requires faith. Atheists state an absolute without proof as fervently as theists state the opposite absolute. I once was an atheist, but I realized that no one knows one way or the other. No one has proof. Every single person that ever lived could be completely off the mark when it comes to their beliefs. Eventually, I discovered a philosophy that closely matched my own thinking. I now consider myself an Absurdist.

Thankfully there’s a revision opportunity! I’ll be making use of your pointers for that.

WTF IS UP WITH THE HIGH PITCH RINGING SOUND EVERY 30 SECONDS? It was effing annoying. Other than that he is an amazing Parrot and I love him.

Snpachat – xoseebxo

His fkin name is alex or griffin?



After listening to this I cannot understand how Obama was somewhat popular. He was dreadful

Jij bent meisjedjamila

Brasil marcando presença aqui!

We love LeVar!

So helpful thank you xoxo

I miss Obama 🙁

My handwriting can be round, a lot of spacing between words and normal or narrow, pointed letters, cursive and I write the letter T just like that like most do and I write the small i without any space between the dot and the line sometimes. My handwriting changes but somehow everything just likes to fly.

This is actually…trash.

Pff i am 14 i can speak turkish, English, arabic, and i am still learning german i am syrian i am not joking i am seriously

Greetings Mr. Taylor, I want to thank you for your tutorial on what a literature review is. My first paper as a doctoral student was rejected because I and several of my fellow classmates came into the program writing in the form of a narrative. Your pin-hole concept nailed it on the head. I used it throughout my Ed. S curriculum and can’t wait to apply it to my candidacy cognates. Thank you so much.

Making this decision too, although I graduate high school 2019. I am scared because I feel like my good grades limit me to just going to uni immediately but I want to do this. However throughout the video your hair always distracts me 🙂 SO BEAUTIFUL

(Mit) Dem Haus – (with) the house (dative)

SO I WAS NOT THE ONLY ONE WHO WAS HAVING THE SHOWER CONVERSATIONS! They helped a lot with both my English and Korean tbh. I still need improvement though TT

Writing on a chalkboard forces the teacher to move around (and on the right it says in the box: “What’s missing?” and then it lists things like photos, video, music, etc.)… I think this is pretty cool taking classes at the 2nd largest university (UCF) I can relate to a lot of this.

Considering that we live in the digital age and Smartphones can be used as a good example to test the Free Trade theory, let us consider this:

It’s 2017 and stills being a good representation of how our society is

I’m sorry, but Catcher in the Rye is just not a good book. The writer wasn’t even in his right mind at the time of writing it.


These two are way over the top and not funny nor interesting. Worst crash show ever

He looks like vladimir putin, how agrees with me?



Nice Lecture


As an English Solicitor, I am watching this and thinking ‘I should have gone to Harvard, easy and interesting ‘. hahahahahah, just kidding. Easy because I have gone through these phases but interesting to note other peoples arguments.

I like this. it’s really informative

Thank you

The Szechuan Sauce bit at the end was clearly the writers poking fun at people who read way too much into this cartoon, like yourself.

Scenario four: Forgo the five, do not murder.

See in my highschool I’m in first year so I don’t do exams for another year but we practice all the different exams questions and essays which is really helpful

Do you have a copy of the Aqa paper 1 for Economics? If so can you please go over that paper and post it online please. Thank you.

Slight problem, every point will be yellow.

Thank you Mr Clifford! After 2 attempts at this module, The 3rd time I know will be something special!!! ACDC ROCKS!!! Never enjoyed learning Economics until, I found this channel. Definitely Life Changing stuff

He was number one!

It’s illegal to rip money in london so i can’t make money out of thin air like you

I would kill to hang out with John Green

OK so you said what Bulova Deb Deb and you do realize that means you’re in pain and you want to help. Just don’t think about it and continue on with your life.


i’m a writer, and i can take 4 klonopin, 3 grns morphine tabs (180mgs), 3 adderall caps, toke a nice blunt – and think more clearly than most of these robots who all try to act the same as each other.

Human conditioning more than anything else. . .. happens everywhere not just in india, they can free themselves if they wanted to. . . if they knew how.

“If you really want to hear about it, the firstthing you’ll probably want to know is where I was born, and what my lousy childhood was like, and how my parents were occupied and all before they had me, and all that David Copperfield kind of crap, but I don’t feel like going into it, if you want to know the truth.”

This insistence on declaring the system as “undemocratic”, which it is, but totally ignoring the conditions that led to its nature after the revolution, namely imperialism and foreign policy meddling of western countries, is something that white liberal narrative is all about.

Best explanation, thank you very much sir.

I procrastinate a lot. Way to motivate someone

>Thomas the Tank Engine RPG i can get behind this.

It’s great and encourageable stuff, but my gosh, it went FAST! It is quite a thing to process and it being presented in such a fast pace doesn’t necessarily help. Other than that. KEEP IT UP!

Where the f..k is LATIN, lingua franca in Middle Ages Europe?




Queer academics themselves tell us ‘queers’ have no real identity.

NOOO Starcraft 2 is a deception… too far beyond manly, its silly

7. Everything’s Eventual (Not a novel, but still.)

Nice but not good


He’s also been a Trader and Broker for an insurance company.

This only useful if you already know most of what he has said, remember it’s a reminder, not a study session. Thank you so much for this video

Fabulous maam…I hv never understand this concept so well…..tnkew so much

Backing to support it, and is largely propagated by lies and deceit and


Should we let people commit suicide when they are terminally ill?

I never find this subject so easy to understand, you made this possible for beginners like me

Damn it i love this show


Wow, heaps of this stuff is actually me! 😮



I wonder if the lyrics for your video was also put together using that “terameter anapestic” way. That would be cool

Money is a root cause of empathy? And economics has nothing to do with money? Please tell me more.

No Kafka, no Hesse, no Thomas Mann, no Bulgakov, no…of course, why should we list novels by authors that require us to think. The Great Gatsby is highly overrated.

… would you care to back up that argument? Or just tell me that I’m wrong in an attempt to provoke a heated argument?

Hello Happy Wife Happy Family Happy Thank You Much

He’s kinda hot. Just me? ok.


Professor Dumbledore, is that you?

I need this to be about three times as long, because that was excellent.

I have but one thing to say to this.

The best way to write an essay introduction

B) Discuss the possible consequences of economic growth. [15]

And Ill say it once more, you sound like every dumbass throughout history who grew old and started telling the younger generation whats “wrong” with them. Anyone who is going to make a blanket statement about an entire generation, while using his own personal story as a backdrop, should know that peoples individual lives and responsibilites are much more complex than someone on the outside looking in can reflect on….and by trying to do so you sound like a douche on a high horse.