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This video left me the impression that we can totally choose what to produce depending on skill and resources (and personal vocation) while I assume that supply and demand plays a big role here. Or maybe I should just see the next episodes?

Messed up my micro exam so I’m kinda relying to ace the macro one so I don’t get kicked out the course

For English Literature, I am studying:

In some cases German can be relative to the Scandinavian languages like swedish(..) dutch and german is also close to each other, as you said. But sometimes it’s really hard (for a native german) to understand dutch 😀

I learned something new. Thank you so much!

Do a video on Sikh Philosophy.

Its not rocket science. bullshit is allowed to have a platform. WHY!

You are wonderful. I salute you.

Realllly nice sir

You are a good teacher 🙂 thsnks

One word.. AWESOME!!!!

Great channel you have here, makes philosophy very accessible to many.

How to get DVD’s of cpt exams Sir?

Repeat Hollywood bullshit 90%, throw in some fake anti racist shit in there and you have a YouTube hit!

Does not knowing the lifespan of every living creature make one an idiot? I think I’m in trouble.

The first two are for the weak, the selfish and the coward

Wait… they said english accent and actually marked England and not the entirety of Great Britain? Not something I would expect, great job!

This video would have some one who has no idea feel awestruck.. But it is definitely far from the actual evolution that would have occured.

John Green mispronounced Moldovan… so he’s NOT a living God in human form?!?!

I’m hoping you read this in time. What does it mean when they want to know what that TIME PERIOD has to do with the literature of that era? HOW would I even find something like that? She said she didn’t want facts, she wanted analysis.

I might copy the idea of rain… but thanks for the help!


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