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Dude, these are great found them when i was searching wayne june voiced HP lovecraft audiobooks. i like the fact there is a true in depth look on a book and analysis of said book done in contrast with a character you wouldn’t normally think would be into said books. fun, informative, and a great watch.

Burn all money melt all coins. Make market squares in the center of towns to trade eggs for wheat for sugar for flour for fruit. Life would be simplistic, relations with other people would be better. Those who don’t own a stand or specialize in a good can trade amongst themselves in a designated area. Each stand or in the trading area, there are scales to weigh the item, etc. People set their own prices and there is no competition because one person who sells, let’s say… Apples… Does not want people to pay him in just blankets, rather the stuff he needs to support his family-WHICH is set by the customer at his stand and the owner. Negotiations would influence the competition instead because the particular person may need milk for their child, etc. desperately and that way they can negotiate the fair price to maintain an average…

”The end of the world started when a pegasus landed on the hood of my car”

Yesterday I watched this video with subtitles, today I look back I can understand better. Thanks for your interesting talk 🙂

When you about to fail tomorrow but beethovens got your back.

Sir please, Are you still respoding to the comments I may need some help

Great help as always.

Sweet game introduction! looks fun, thanks blitz

That video of that guy kicking the small animal was fucked up.

Bhai aaram se padha kahan jana hai tujhe

Shut up telling us if it’s boring. it’s a damn youtube video so the only people who will watch will care anyway

6 accounts disliked it xD

Also, Erik Singer is ridiculously gorgeous. Those lips, dimples, long neck, Adam’s apple, wide shoulders, big hands, ears worthy of a nibble… but I digress. [*wink*] Virtually flawless.

Whatever you do don’t scroll down! You need to study!!!!!!! You scrolled down didn’t you Sighs and shoots self


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