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That’s wrong my friend… I am 21 years old. 4 years ago, I use to think the same way you did, until I had a encounter with God. A personal encounter, and that completely changed the way I used to think or see everything, because I had just seen the Lord. He is real, and I have experienced His presence in my life, and do every day, and it’s wonderful. No one ever forced anything to me, I just cant deny what Ive seen, and What Ive heard, and what burns inside of me, which is the presence of God.


Very Poor presenation of topic…. she is standing just like a pole making some noise 😅

I’m going to use this to help me write an essay to try to win 5k so my family can go to Florida so I can go to universal studios and have a Harry Potter vacation

How can people do all tese??

I’m afraid of cutting my leg off when i use a chainsaw.

What if you run it all backwards to the starting point and then stop it or have never started it? Is nonexistence infinite?

*chugs scotch*

Who wants to learn Chinese? I can teach you for free. (Wechat No. 346448819)

Thanks for the upload!

Watched this tonight as part of an adult education course and wante to say that this video perfectly articulates why I want to go back to education.

‘The flemish lion has a tight grip on the area around Brussels” lol

Sir price kya hai

@QuintessentialCraker namaste. It wasn’t that you hurt my feelings, but you didn’t allow me to correct myself before disqualifying my mental aptitude. It just seemed condescending. I don’t believe that now since you understand my error. Certainly The speaker, is fallable, but true scholastic endeavors should never be proven inerrant— rather that they allow are paradigms to grow, change as our reality grows/change. Your comment just gave it more insight and inspired us to be aware.

– the people who harvest the wheat (or drive the combine harvester);

I really liked the last book (no book at all)

I just recently found this channel and i started watching all the philosophy videos, and all this time i’ve been following stuff i didn’t know about, the closest ones i’ve had are with Lao Tzu and Epicurus, is this a message?

Very nice


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