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You destroyed me on 10… I paused it and couldn’t figure it out.

Thx now I can pass meh test for going to 6th grade

This shit is all cancer

More bullshit

Edit: Halfway through the video now. This is blowing my mind.

So what if we refer back to the fat guy scenario, it’s like asking would you commit murder to save five lives my answer would be No even though im saving five lives im still committing murder and could be executed for it so whats the point? But the first scenario is different it’s asking in a scenario where you are given six people 5 on one track 1 on another which would you kill? this is different because you automatically assume kill the one. BUT you aren’t given relevant background information to actually make the choice so let’s say the five were drug abusers working on the track, but the one was a perfectly normal dude just doing his job then what would you do? Kill the 5 or the 1 obviously the 5. So in all matters of how to answer it it’s almost impossible without the relevant background information on the people so without that your brain says kill the 1 save the 5 you’re saving 5 people at the expense of one’s life. So the question can’t be answered fully without taking the time to think it through and in the situation you’re in you wouldnt have the time to think. So what are we left with? Well we’re left with 6 candidates of which you can either save 5 or save 1, but the question is irrelevant because we don’t know who the people are and what they’ve done. So in my opinion this question lacks the proper details to even be a proper question to be asked.

I nearly skipped this one just from the intro.

In all the modern languages that I know of, cases tend to be replaced by pre – or postpositions or particles, which is much simpler to learn. If I’m not mistaken, Mandarin has evolved even further in that respect, dropping even those little words, letting much depend on context.

Not exactly. Cantor stated (with his diagonal method) that the set of real numbers is uncountably infinite. He proved this directly, not using statements stated at about 5:10 (which in itself make the “proof” incomplete, it’s like saying it’s uncountable because you can’t count it.)

That’s a hell lotta sticky notes

Now I don’t need to see this one. The trailer gave away the whole story. I think???? Wait a minute, what did I just watch???

This is so damn impressive!! I’m waiting for this TA and SC blood game for ages! looking forward to play it

I thought there will be Cossacks but no 🙂

I get the feeling the workflow for Planetary Annihilation is going to dramatically decrease. I hope the developers don’t neglect the game after release.





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