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The real proletariat are the Robots

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Masters out there. this is one of the most wanted career. not only private or govt companies but also non profit organizations and other cheritable orgs desperately need real HRM folks. this video is very thourough. liked it.

Loved it.. i think this channel will help me pass my licensure Exam… thanks @Snap Language!!!

So insightful thanks Prof

2) Basic Grammar (i. e. grammar in relation to individual word morphology).

“You’ll save for days if you shave your legs with an aged razor blade” i love that verse

Fuck you to just kid name is Mattyb leave him alone

1. Trump is a an idiot or fool or moron.

And of course the left psychos gather here… just like the bitch that made this video.. fu

If the world will become like this in the near future, I swear I will be a doctor to force vasectomize the majority.

I was lucky to find the PassG practice test questions. Many thanks!

Support innovation over nostalgia if you really want to see the game industry move forward rather than backwards.

Bhaaii g physical education pe bana do youtube pe kisi ki bhii nahii h..

He is a lying M O R O N. vocabulary of a grade 3 kid

Hey I speak spanish and I really want to improve my english. I am dying for have a conversation with a native speaker

Pink Floyd summed it up beautifully.

She is so hot

DC – “Only black and gray”

God, I want to throw that idiot in the white sweater down a flight of stairs.

When he said “ooo a redhead” I looked at my hair and said, “wow”

Thankyou so much bro you are doing such a noble great work making easy for everyone to study and learn best of luck man


Even a broken clock is right twice a day. – GenerikB 2015


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