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I wish he would have touched on Angelina Jolie’s accent more, I feel like she was trying to sound more like the original Maleficent and would have liked to know how well she did in that aspect. I thought she sounded exactly like the first voice actor, but that is just my opinion. 😂

Hi I’m trying to promote my own video to get people with mental Health problems into sailing thriough fundraising can u help?

Presentation is too fast for some of us people

Isn’t there a redundancy in use of subject here “In my opinion, i agree”. Don’t you think we should write like “In my opinion, this idea is better than that” …

Wow great

I completely disagree about the comparison of the MCU compared to the DCEU regarding color.

Great video! I love your channel

Alright, thank you very much!

Thank you so much…it will help me to my report this coming Thursday…

음악듣는데 이유가 있나….그냥 듣는거지…..좋구나….

That’s sad! Having been a vet tech at an exotic animal hospital, I can tell that poor bird is so stressed out! He’s completely mutilated himself and plucked his feathers! Sad!

Btw; does anyone has any thoughts on my attempt? —— In my view, frequently working out is a key aspect in improving both mental and physical health, as it helps you to maintain a positive attitude every day, as well as boost your endurance. However, I think that it is just one out of many things one need to keep into account in order to develop a healthier lifestyle.

Early English “set-lers”

They’re so biased. I know it’s funny and it’s humor, no I’m not offended. But seriously if it were Hillary, what would they’ve done… really?

Haha im sorry for you losers who funded that half ass game.

Very interesting! Thank you 🙂

Thanks once again.

I love you niharika

Anarchy is the true freedom. But unfortunately humans are too evil and selfish to live in a society with no rules without causing any harm to others.

This is excellent: methodical, social, and student-driven lessons work well with any age group.


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