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Man, I thought pride and prejudice and Dantes inferno would be on there

A lo mejor el señor de arriba a la derecha es el en el futuro.

Making those three movies at the same time is the economy of scope not of scale, right? i am confused.

What a fantastic video, thank you

Think they’re going for a more ‘realistic’ aesthetic.

I’m just listening to this so i can concentrate on my fan-fics ):3

Thank you


You are awesome thanks

Can you do crash course literature on the Bible?

We watched this in class

Dear Professor, Thank you very much for these lessons. At this moment I am attending an Executive Master in HR in Rome. We have only two meetings per month and the programm is very practical. We do case studies, role playings and group discussions..Having the possibility to listen at your lessons is making this Master equivalent to a full time Master! So this is amazing! Keep on doing this excellent job!

As a uni student, I did most of those things in class, but as a teacher I now find myself in exactly the opposite situation, knowing that my students pay attention to less than a half of what I say, and that most of it find it extremely boring….

This guy is absolutely clueless about history!


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