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You are the best teacher 😘😘😘😘

What’s up with his feathers

Disappointing that the long boring clip included ZERO gameplay footage. They obviously have little confidence in their product…

Very interesting presentation, I learned a lot

Please may you send me your notes for the who of the OCR gcse economics course? x my email in nicolemgarrido@gmail. com

0:16 wat the….

Just Splendid!


No, it’s not because of us!, it’s because of other people.

This was BS list. I mean, there are great novels here, no doubt, but you only put novels that had movie ecranisations of them. What about Ivo Andric’s – Bridge on Drina, that masterpiece had got Nobel Price, and it took it form J. R.R. Tolkiens Lord of the Rings non the less, and you put LOTR on the list and not that. And further more, LOTR deservs more recognition because of the impact that has on todays masses, not only for that time it was writen in. Book is that more good when it withstands the test of time, and it can be read more than once and not to lose it’s magic, voice, charm..ect…

Haha that’s true. When i became angry or upset with the people, i could shout or talk so rude in front of them in different languages, despite they do not know my language meaning exactly. So it could not broke the people’s heart. 😊😊😊😊

I hope that i can know about the world without racism like him

He’s brilliant

I was looking for the “here from wolfieraps” comment

Sissy boys unite!

A RTS not from blizzard..

As a balding man, I’m triggered and need a full apology from the staff of Crashcourse.


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