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Sir!! Its a pblm in domestic industry..

Your a black guy who proudly flies the confederate flag?

Right on! I am using this tomorrow morning to introduce an Advanced Methodologies in the Social Studies grad class I am teaching at the University of Buffalo. Thanks for making it.

That both teachers are talking super fast ^^

Apparently i have had depression all my life.

Thank you so much – the layout is so helpful with regards to having the pros, cons and evaluative points written as you have done here.

Beautiful, would love to buy some audio philosophy books narrated by Alan! Great video as always.

As a writer, I absolutely love this! I’ve always had a passion for words, but not necessarily the technicalities that come with them. 🤗 Just remember, there is only one way to truly express yourself: by expressing, YOURSELF, exactly how you feel to do so!

I love this book because it gives you no chance in surviving in the real world, because you get instantly sucked into the book, the story and the whole world around it

What’s that piece at 6:07? The piano piece in the background?

Good one

Bloody neomarxists

Thanks our teacher, sure i learn many things from your web

4:45 James Franco?

I like how they show the cylcle

Short And Sweet. Thank You. Revatha Thero Diyapattugama

This is cool.

If your antifa you get 50 points in collage


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