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Hey guys….

Thanks for sharing to us your knowledge

The way she said “thats pretty good” at the end killed me

Excellent and very important presentation! Thank you


One cannot change her/his register (which is in fact the tessiture, the sound quality, tonality and loudness of speaking voice) and will always fall back to her/his way of speaking because one has been doing that since small childhood. One can learn it to use it temporarily and very conscious, but otherwise this is not possible.

-Macroeconomics is the study of the entire economy as a whole rather than individual markets, like: economic output, unemployment, inflation, interest rates and government policies

Klingon however was a slightly collaborative process from the start, that was being developed as it was getting used. many different actors had to actually speak some lines of it written by script-writers, while the language was still incomplete, which probably influenced the development. this gives a more natural development.

Grand theft idea

Where’s Empire Earth? That game was one of the best too!

Thank you very much, the eastern philosophy series is indeed… fulfilling and calming.

If only people realized…

If there is real thought, you don’t need depressing music.


That’s enlightening

Don Cheadle (Ocean’s Eleven)

Beautiful and spread a strong message.

Can’t really learn from a montoned character


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