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Sehr Gut. Danke!

Thank you.


Well taught and it is not 20 mins long, easy to understand.. thank you. JW

I’ve found that English is a very forgiving language to learn. If a non English speaker even comes close to the words their trying to say, often the listener can figure out the English word.

Great belt buckle lol

Having said that, I’d like to point out the sore lack of books written in a language other than English. 5 authors out of 10 on this list are American, and 8 books out of 10 were originally writen in English. I mean, where are Jorge Luiz Borges, Harukami, Albert Camus, Marcel Proust, Machado de Assis, Kafka, Milan Kundera, Italo Calvino, Hermann Hesse, Jose Saramago, to name a few?

From certain Buddhist perspective this is cleanest job, only of course if you don not curse it.

Thank you.

Very good information. Thank you

Just give her sodium pentathol and watch the ugly truth pour out of her….


Hello, how are you?

The US media is disproportionately owned and operated by Jews. Why does 2% of our population have such control?

I wish only good for the likes of people who understand me 🙂

It was very helpful.

7. Of Mice and Men

Thats not true you are WRONG

What about Simlish (from the Sims franchise)

Y’know, you’re right. I have the right to have a delicious sandwich.

Thank you sir. Very nice, fast and detailed explanation.

@SubconsciousGatherer No, every reasonable theist I know suggests we can know specific things about God through his creation and not that we are born with a concrete or perfect knowledge of God.


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