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Yes i agree, just dont forget your capital letters, and be careful when to put your exclamation marks in the right place then i would say your comment is worth an A*.

“Iceni Queen: A Pirate Yarn” by A. J. Stoner. Fantastic science fiction novel no one is reading.

Obama translator lmao

It is a fairly common accusation against Nietzsche that he was a nihilist. I think there are probably two basic reasons why. First, Nietzsche was the first philosopher to take nihilism seriously and write extensively about it. Many previous philosophers took seriously the problem of skepticism, but nihilism was more of a term used to point invalidity, i. e. if your philosophy is nihilistic it must be invalid. Second, he did reject the common values of his time, most notably Christianity. It’s not too surprising that people who haven’t actually studied his philosophy presume with some regularity Nietzsche’s nihilism given that he writes quite a bit about it and his most infamous quote is, “God is dead.”

2 ideas for solving this problem of automation:

Why? its better then firing a shitload of expensive nukes on your foe as well as it cant be blocked atm XD

Goodness, this is beautiful.

Load of fucking nonsense

The bartimaeus trilogy is one of my favorites. It’s an interesting take on a fantasy novel, as it takes place in the future but also somehow in the past??? I don’t know. I don’t think it was ever explained. Anyway, there’s this shapeshifter kid and he has to get these relics. It’s cool

Great work.

You’re not wrong, civilization is essentially a “tax farm.” Can you think of a better way to run a society? It’s still better than living in a stone age type of existence.


She should have had him at home and with her at all time that way he at least would have her/anyone around when dying.

I’m from Turkey and I speak fluent turkish and English, I can help people with either.

So helpful thank u

Well now that season 3 is out we know what really makes Rick tick


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