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I had to pick hair up after

He said script-writer.

But you’ve got to get to the root of the problem, or you’ll just be a fragile fake.

Finals Week Thank’s


1: suffer from being rejected by a couple of women

It is a pleasure for me to hear that voice. Your accent is fabulous. Just obsessed with it


Balto-Slavic – father of European languages.

And if some dumb ass confuses that with “Well uh, I’m afraid of heights so Ima go jump off a cliff.” Its no wonder why people like to critize without truly understanding him.

You should totally make subtitle for everyone to understand…..

Actually gender roles mean that a woman can dress as a man otherwise she’s oppressed however a man in a dress? skirt? crop top? He’s considered a freak in most places of the world. Women have massive advantages in modern society. The fact you can wear pants isn’t emasculating, real men can’t be emasculated. It is however a double standard women hold over men. its basically saying “we women can dress how we want but you men can’t if you want a girlfirend”… attitude change is your responsability

Sir mujhe monetary policy samjhna hai kya ap bata samte hai

Kunta Kinte!

If you want a real issue to discuss, why not discuss the fact that teachers are underpaid and and often apathetic to their role, and what that means for society?

These videos have helped me so much on my midterms this week, thank you so much

Business spending (investment)

Thank You Mam for your Micro Economics Lecture…

Although you do not speak the Albanian language before the Greeks we have presented a chart that there Albanian language is older than the 7,500 years of Greek language whenever the truth will emerge because you can not escape the truth of


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