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Queer academics themselves tell us ‘queers’ have no real identity.

NOOO Starcraft 2 is a deception… too far beyond manly, its silly

7. Everything’s Eventual (Not a novel, but still.)

Nice but not good


He’s also been a Trader and Broker for an insurance company.

This only useful if you already know most of what he has said, remember it’s a reminder, not a study session. Thank you so much for this video

Fabulous maam…I hv never understand this concept so well…..tnkew so much

Backing to support it, and is largely propagated by lies and deceit and


Should we let people commit suicide when they are terminally ill?

I never find this subject so easy to understand, you made this possible for beginners like me

Damn it i love this show


Wow, heaps of this stuff is actually me! 😮



Just found the motivation to finish my essay

Your lessons are great, when I study English I like to understand everything rather than repeating like a psycho parrot

Your works are so beautiful ❤

Paragraph 3: Point #2

Its funny how west goes endlessly towards Nihilism in their idea of world…it’s sad and depressing. You will not find answers in infinite dark. But you fail to look at the existing beauty that surrounds you, fail to see massive freedom to do just about anything… How each person you meet is Unique, you fail to see how everything is in conflict…how world is made of paradoxes…how everything will die yet it goes on…it’s so absurd, yet so beautiful. Most intelligent people on earth are often the most depressed ones, especially these philosophers because through their intellect they cut apart the world and view it in pieces…of course it’d be lonely and sad. I was a nihilist myself, but often found myself tearing up when I saw sunset from my roof one day…It was absurd…yet so beautiful. I am nothing more than a atom in existence, but I live in this infinite world. I emptied myself and allowed myself to be small as a atom, and through that I felt the bliss that there is to look the world through a different view altogether. Try this yourself, If you can really do it…you will see the beauty around you in each and everything that you missed for your entire life. Otherwise you must suffer, If one can miss this much beauty…one obviously have to suffer for it.

you really think a normal, good person would do so many interviews with a shill like Alex Jones =!=??

What I find funny is that I have never met a existentialist who embraced their own philosophy to completion. If you are an existentialist then you can never tell anyone not to do anything no matter how harmful. After all if their is no central purpose there can be no central guideline or code of ethics. Which is made even more comical when you consider that many people accepted the philosophy after seeing a dictator that drove home the very pillar of that idea. While Hitler himself wasn’t an ext. he believed his moral code above all others is correct. Which you can’t refute if you believe their is no moral code to begin with.

Kellywise the dancing clown lol

So nice & clear ma am, but strong verb are very hard sounds, there is not kindly sounds. thnk u

That is absurd! Language is not “shaping” and communication is much more than the exchange of empty signifers changing previous responses. Emotional-Intelligence and communication is more nuanced than Skinner’s embarrassing epithets of mand, echoic, intraverbal, etc…

Ohmygod I’ve been thinking about this for a while now. I always thought that depression made me see reality for what it is and everyone else looked dumb and oblivious. I thought happy, non-depressed people were so unintelligent and superficial and only people who suffer from depression know the truth. Though I don’t know what truth it is. Not being able to function on a daily basis or take care of yourself or your own personal hygiene. Sabotaging yourself and your future that you can’t even imagine living to see. And then wishing you were as dumb as the other people who go on with their lives as if nothing matters. Nothing matters for us, depressed people, either. Most of us I assume are alive because we don’t want to end our lives and transfer that pain onto someone else; loved ones. We are too scared of the unknown. Death. We try to bear with it with a little hope that it might get better soon even though we know it won’t.


This is great! just about to start my thesis!!! thanks for the post!

Hilary was a giant douche, to be sure; but Drumpf is a shit sandwich. thanks for forcing the rest of us to take a bite you stupid, zealous, retarded xtians. yes, we know it was you. who else could believe this guys bullshit?

That shit gay

“he touched and sucked on my juicy breasts like a wild, hungry dog onto its mother.”- Fifty Shades Of Grey

We have the greatest Whitehouse based on victimage. The rhetoric of victimage was the emotional appeal that got millions of Whites who blame immigrants, minorities, and others who apparently forced them to get high and drunk and play football rather than study and grow up responsible.



This is the same face I make when I have shit slowly absorbing down into my sock.

The problem is we rent our money from the banks. Our money is backed by all the labor and property of every US Citizen. The US government, instead of printing it’s own money, it prints bonds and sells them in order to raise money. The Federal Reserve buys these bonds with money created out of thin air. This becomes reserves so banks can create 10X that. It is FRAUD! Would you ever give your car to a car rental company just so you rent it back? That’s exactly what we are doing with our money.


It’s been 10 years since this video came out. I would love to see a new one, to see how things changed.

How did the Finns escape the Germanic group, or were they just not invited?

A lot of this is bullshit, the diagonal theorem was not proof enough at all.

1. Your brain doesn’t have one big centralized processor which controls everything like your PC does. Instead your brain is made up of many independent modules — or ‘mini brains’ — all doing their own independent things.

Awesome teacher

Thanks a lot. very helpful

Modi is the best.

Even there may be a few number of languages,

There are so many wrong things with this video, i don’t know where to start…

Mind Blown

There are a lot of different take-away messages here. Certainly good food for thought; I’m gonna go chew on it a little. Thanks, Dr. Wesch and students.

Good for hollywood will never cast them their souls are spared

Isn’t it a desire to get rid of all of your desires? Seems self defeating to me

Are, you married sir

Why do I get the feeling he’s being sarcastic throughout most of it

ऐसा नहीं है कि विश्वविद्यालय की इन समस्याओं से सरकार को अवगत नहीं कराया गया, कई बार कराया गया और कई नेताओं से कराया गया | संस्कत विकास के इच्छुक कई लोगों ने तथा कई सामाजिक संस्थाओं ने पत्राचार, ईमेल, फैक्स, साक्षात् रूप से मिलकर समस्याएँ बतायीं किन्तु कोई परिवर्तन नजर नहीं आया | विभिन्न प्रदेशों के संस्कृतानुरागियों ने प्रधानमन्त्री, शिक्षामन्त्री, तथा सांसदों को कई पत्र भेजे गये किन्तु किसी का भी प्रत्युत्तर तक नहीं आया | संस्थान के द्वारा सन् 2007 तथा 2012 में जो संविदा शिक्षकों की भर्ती की गयी थी वह भर्ती पूर्व कुलपति के के कार्यकाल में हुई थी | एकाएक उस साक्षात्कार में चयनित सारे संविदा शिक्षक अयोग्य हो जाते हैं और पुनः उनके साक्षात्कार का नोटिस आ जाता है | जब पूर्व कुलपति के द्वारा चयनित संविदा शिक्षक अयोग्य हो सकते हैं तो उसी कुलपति के कार्यकाल में नियुक्त कुलसचिव, प्रोफेसर, एसोसिएट प्रोफेसर, असिस्टेन्ट प्रोफेसर, कार्यालय कर्मचारी आदि कैसे योग्य हो गये ? क्या इन सभी का साक्षात्कार नहीं होना चाहिए?



Plattdeutsch > Any other Dialect

Thank you.

Many planets

I wish I had this when I did a project on this book

Nice Sir u are the best

Do you need to pay when hiring a employee? using your own money? can somebody pls reply. thank you.

Freaking religious regime, you call youseft civilize, some lost civilization are better than today many big civilization.

It’s a little weird that all teachings of economics tend to start with Adam Smith when economic thought can be traced back so much further. There are writings from some 700 years before Adam Smith came along (the 11th century) from Al Ghazali in Persia saying the same things about trade.

-history is bunk

Is it just me or does he sound like gru when he says little infernooooo

1st ❤

I could listen to this man for hours!

1. By “peer” I mean they met, spoke, and had similar findings in their experiments. I don’t know your definition of peer, but that’s mine.

Get RefMe! It makes referencing so simple and easy, saving you time and stress!

Nyc nd vry helpful video…



Steve cutts

StuDYING am I right lmao

Patrick, what’re your thoughts on this now that Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2 is out?


: Two present, two gone.

Kickstarter is the worst thing that happened to the gaming industry

I see then why does Murica put an unfair tariff on imported trucks? and some other agricultural products?

This trailer gave me a boner.

Thank you so much!

If you ever forget a quote, describe the scene/situation/moment in detail; i’ve picked up a few marks this way.

Woman is so crazy

He sounds tired.


No, we do not all do what Trump does when he speaks. He doesn’t speak like he belongs in his office. No one who speaks like Trump does. GET REAL.



Charlamagne uses racebait 20 times. It’s super ineffective.

And to think people complain about Mojo’s anime lists. Their literature lists are the worst! Here is what a better top 10 list would look like:

This was fantastic. Everything that was abstract but known in my head was tied together so quickly and perfectly. I really enjoyed this.

Only obama🤣😂

Hi thanks a lot for your video u are amazing.. i don t speak english but i started to read hard times novel by charles dickens so what s your advice!

So Proud to be a U of T Student

Hi… i am looking for practice partner.. anyone help me??

Edit 2: I got 21-29 I’m only 11

castles (Perun, Pernik, Velki Pernik, Ostrovica, Górnica, Kopa…).

Holy frick this is popular

Dude…that charisma. I think I’m in love.

How to improve you / your writing…….(You or Your)???? ……

While it is good that people have different opinions, stupid opinions are always stupid opinions. I mean comon, the clip even says that computers are “bad” for us.

Even after that hell of discrimination, this low caste peoples are ruling us (as i belong to general category).reservation is killing brilliant minds of india and all what indian gov is doing is NOTHING. bloody indian leaders…


Go pick up the corn bitch! 2:05



My handwriting changes every day😂😂😂

What a trash of video!

When did all the libtards get here in the comments?

Ritalin! *dsk dsk dsk… bye!

30 people are teenagers…

If they were at all self aware, they would give that fact some real consideration!

What’s your problem with architects? Lol

Whatever the four do that involves consent, the jury would be wise to consider the circumstances and not be too hard on them. Guilt, moral or legal, is one thing and punishment is another. None of us really knows what we would do in that situation and there are times when society demands our best behavior and times when our actions under duress must be taken in to consideration. The jury should be compassionate and merciful.


Involving much torture, castration and gruesome experiments,

If you increase the contrast, it’s gonna start looking like a music video. The more contrast, the more it’s strainful. The colour grading that they use is soothing and looks good too. Just my opinion.

Https://youtu. be/pTMgH5osU6Y

I want to use a quote every time i write i feel like an idiot

Didi pls Indian English bolo. American nhi..


If the vision of student is sending emails and reading facebook profiles or surfing irrelevent webpages then we indeed are doomed.



Sehr Gut. Danke!

Thank you.


Well taught and it is not 20 mins long, easy to understand.. thank you. JW

I’ve found that English is a very forgiving language to learn. If a non English speaker even comes close to the words their trying to say, often the listener can figure out the English word.

Great belt buckle lol

Having said that, I’d like to point out the sore lack of books written in a language other than English. 5 authors out of 10 on this list are American, and 8 books out of 10 were originally writen in English. I mean, where are Jorge Luiz Borges, Harukami, Albert Camus, Marcel Proust, Machado de Assis, Kafka, Milan Kundera, Italo Calvino, Hermann Hesse, Jose Saramago, to name a few?

From certain Buddhist perspective this is cleanest job, only of course if you don not curse it.

Thank you.

Very good information. Thank you

Just give her sodium pentathol and watch the ugly truth pour out of her….


Hello, how are you?

The US media is disproportionately owned and operated by Jews. Why does 2% of our population have such control?

I wish only good for the likes of people who understand me 🙂

It was very helpful.

7. Of Mice and Men

Thats not true you are WRONG

What about Simlish (from the Sims franchise)

Y’know, you’re right. I have the right to have a delicious sandwich.

Thank you sir. Very nice, fast and detailed explanation.

@SubconsciousGatherer No, every reasonable theist I know suggests we can know specific things about God through his creation and not that we are born with a concrete or perfect knowledge of God.



It’s not “the Ukraine”. It’s Ukraine. Please change the subtitle.

Hey, what about being REAL?

Where is the body paragraph????

Very helpful. thanks

Great speach… but i dont think it was the bandaid on his arm that gave lance armstrong self confidence.

Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy!! (just the first one).

That is all, thank you again and sorry if there mistake ^^.

If you need to be written……..

“untouchability”… wtf is that supposed to be, you’re all humans & equal.

This guy made my childhood so awesome alongside Mr. Rogers, Dragon Tales, and Arthur.

Nice to see tosh.0 take a break from his day job

Ps: i hope everyone has a wonderful day and weekend! Don’t forget to be awesome 🙂

I get reference lists after every chapter. I want to get it at a special place or at the end of the document…

Hey guys why don’t we help them get 1,000,000 subscribers cause I think that would be kind :3 (By the way Emma you should be a teacher in a advanced school)

Thanks for sharing!

I read a book about writing essay and I did learn from it, but not as much as this video. I spent some time trying to figure out how it is going to look like, the structure, the order of topics and arguments and forgot the fact I prefer visuals to put down my ideas. Now I look at this template you have here and surprised how confident I feel to go to my desk and write my essay.

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The best presentation! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!

As far as the music making robot: theres no way that music being played hadn’t been written before. Every song you hear is a aural reiteration and no one could ever hope to “create” something new. Especially using anglo 12 tone with diatonic configuration. Maybe step off your ever so low to the ground horse and see that others are lower.




Im writing a whole report due tommorow!!



You can get total annihilation on tablets how!!!!

I don’t dot my i’s, and I only cross the side of a lowercase T. What does that say about me?

This is hard…

Charlemagne is so racist….didn’t even try to listen to anything Shkreli had to say

Bhai where were u when i was reading economic even in 50s i m learning by u and enjoying it. God bless u

Drug B on the other hand increases 5-year survival rate by 4%, but doesn’t present dangerous side effects.

This dude be saving lives

People don’t understand the more seriously we take the social issues the less tolerant people become and the more conflict is created

Lol all these comments to get people to go back to studying I’m just playing music for my little genius that will enter our world soon

I found this video very educating. Thank you for posting. Can somebody recommend me an interesting article on this topic?

This is why I’m a pacifist, I mostly eat organic food (90% of the time), and I’m a vegetarian

At Indian Springs they assigned this as homework

Excellent job.

How do you know whats up and down of the second circle if you dont have a center point?