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This sucks so fudgeing bad

NOW the WHELL(trohos)

I concur, but why do they have to be related? We’re discussing the possibility that humanity began with 2 individuals. Why would our creator create a species of hominid and force it to commit incest in order to continue the species, potentially destroying the DNA structure of generations to come. After considering the above, I would say it’s highly unlikely that they would have been related.

I think that the limited availability to the market of Pizzamas merchandise is not helping the USD. Am I right?

My students enjoyed watching today at half speed. Because you talk so fast. And it was more entertaining. Thanks YouTube (& Mr. Clifford)!

3:17 Not puella is the form without inflection, puell is it. The a is the ending for nominative

Why were so many people staring at the Mexican buying the American’s shirt 6:18

When I clicked on the link to go to amazon, funnily enough in the suggestions were several of the books that he listed….:)

Even a broken clock is right twice a day. – GenerikB 2015

Very cool concept. excellent video.

The problem i see with the idea of global empathy is that i think a sense of belonging and unity requires an ‘other’ to contrast against. blood ties, tribes, religions, and nation states all have this, they are able to define themselves by contrasting themselves against those who fall outside of their group. i don’t know if the idea of global empathy has that. it’s a psychological problem, but i think it’s a very great and very real one.

Public that voted for him, believes what ever he says is sincere, honest and true. In essence, he is using this plain talking regular guy character to gain the trust of voters and supporters, and keep that trust and loyalty. Trump is “dumb like a fox”.

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So I’m trying to find out, does anyone know if the interviews are real life video interviews? Or are they actors?

Typical college symbolic teacher: What do you think the curtains mean?

Free the Domba! Cremate your own fathers!

Has Brusspup been a girl this whole time?

Spam 0 on your keyboard lmao

When you are assigned a gender at a young age, you notice ‘boys’ act like this, and ‘girls’ act like that. If we didn’t describe people by gender, and didn’t dress people as if they belonged to a gender, most children would not recognise a divide between the sexes. They would not only play with boys or only play with girls, they would more accurately display the characteristics they felt comfortable displaying. By identifying the divide, we accentuate it in our children.

This is my teacher



Large acknowledge fashion visit infrastructure whole competitor.

Sir i don t found how distinct currency deposit ratio and reserve deposite ratio from crr…..please clarify me

Wtf???? you can’t fuck up a language’s structure and grammar and call it your “own language”. no it’s not, it’s a really messed up version of english

I second the request for a poster.

Oh thank god For you thanks for giving me a concept of what is a conceptual framework

Sometimes i have the impression at least 50% of sexism comes from women towards other women/women in general but appearently only men get picked on for this development.

Corruption is a problem in the Islamic Republic.[27][28] According to some observers, its level compares unfavorably with pre-revolutionary days. Foreign journalist Robin Wright quotes a bazaarias saying “The clergy tries to keep itself clean. But you can’t do anything anymore without paying off this mullah’s son or that mullah’s brother-in-law – and these days usually both.”

My mother language, Moroccan Darija, dropped all noun cases, but we still have to learn Standard Arabic at school anyway. 😛

Sir if possible can u help students like us by making and providing notes of all the chapters of micro and macro economics… It would really be very helpful….. please reply sir.


Blitz. love your channel!

Viggo Mortensen is NOT an American actor, he is Danish.

Alveolar click: |

Sc~ xmolly_griffinx


U as smart as trump lady



I laughed so hard.

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Very helpful for my final literally saved me so much time!!

I know you said that it would be covered in later video’s but I believe that it is very important to suggest that unrestricted free-trade by nature violates this model indirectly! A better version of this model that equates velocity of money, living standards, and equality might be worthwhile to address at this junction. At least in the idea of money according to Sam Smith, of which I think is extremely important to understand. Trade is the key to surplus labor, and money represents the desire to trade. (but it can be manipulated, and theft can be obfuscated)

When its an input question its referring to the hours it takes to produce the product (aka how many input hours)

Reminds me of Robin Williams 🙁

Thee dog licked the OLE and everyone laft.

I see the agenda here…smh.

This is accurate science non fiction

Aslo i have put “dacic” cuz our words that are NOT found Antwhere but in our vocabulary and aslo cognate with Albanian(about 160 words) then these are supposed to be from Dacic substrata but since no Dacic writing has been found an exception for plants and names like…umm Burebista maybe then we Cannot prove it and these words are generally classified as unknown etymology

How come John Green gets his first kiss at 10 and I’m just here at 13 like ‘Can someone please hold my hand’.

With due respect only serous people should contact us

I like it

Subsidies are anti-free market because they stop the flow of it

Very important!



Very informative video and gives me a clear understanding Thankyou for this video

Have Alex ever reproduced…?

30 min it would be good if the speaker adds the information on deaf children to the wiki himself. He would probably be qualified enough to give it a start.

Carry On is really good

Bonarch-Tarski seems to me to have too many “if”s and “then if”s. Theoretically Bonarch-Tarski can prove a theoretical multiverse existing simultaneously within our universe….

This is saving my life right now! I’m taking Introduction to microeconomics in college and this is perfect for helping me study.

I liked this video. I think the “Beauty and the Beast” live-action take is a pretty extreme case of this, and I can see why it would spark a video on the topic — following the chatter about it, it’s pretty clear that Disney isn’t going to make substantial revisions to the material except for a few new songs and minor characters; it’s not going to radically rethink the story and characters, but rather just recreate the animated feature. Since I have a copy of that film (actually my favorite Disney feature) at home, why would I need to see this? Yet a lot of people seem really excited about this movie, so maybe it’s just me.

N. p., n. d. Web. 05 July 2016.

Baloney! Trump doesn’t say “believe me” for emphasis.

But im back subbed again

How was the temperature of empty space discovered?….

If nothing we do matters then all that matters is what we do.

Maybe this is why all my friends think I’m a hard ass

My absolutely FAVORITE video.



Bad vampire fiction=the horror that can only be Twilight

WOW! This is so COOL! I thought I was the only one who did this 😀 I actually listen to this type of music when I read too

I really found this interesting and your descriptions and examples were great! 🙂 Sandy

This guy has a couple of good tips: don’t view your task as speaking to perfection and getting the rhythm down makes native speech not seem so fast any more. However, for the rest of it he makes the same mistake many “simplifiers” of language learning make: assuming that speech is the primary task. However, once you have a vocabulary of a couple thousand words you can probably make yourself understood, but the native speaker you are trying to understand probably knows twenty thousand or more. You can’t simplify him.

Brad Pitt is soooo goooddd❤️

HI, i can’t seem to paste the graph in Words



OMG, Mr. Clifford, you’ve saved my life for 3 semesters… you’re really awesome… please man do some more videos.. you make life much easier.. i’m doing “Global Trade and finance” … the (Aprof) is good as a person and as a knowledge,,, but he’s soooo bad in teaching.. do some more.. and you must know that we relay on your successful videos

Fantastic video, thanks for sharing!

Mr. Clifford did the “Quick and Dirty with me — it was exciting”

Fuck i love young thug

Thank you! This is really, really helpful… thanks again.

You are amazing men

Wouldn’t mind hearing your take on Brad Pitt’s Jamaican Patois. I found it a bit simplified.



This was amazing. I don’t get how Aesop Rock was left out of this video though.

I heard it’s hard for the people that work with him to look at him in the face cause they know he knows his face is all pumped up with stuff!!

Go fuck yourself star wars fanboy


Hey Bob, what did you think of that guy we just interviewed?

The top 3 comments say the exact same thing!!! So here’s something else!!! Oysters!!!

After you get in a fight and beat up some people you just need a break so sit back drink some coffee? and enjoy

Sir thank you very much….

Welcome to Earth!

>spread your legs

7. The Happiness Equation by Neil Pasricha

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Very imformative 👌👌

But I did it without anyone telling me.

In new york i ricky roll

I LOVE this discussion since my whole career (25 years) has been in labor relations, recruitment and human resources leadership for Fortune companies and non profits. It is that background which I have based my career coaching on and, yes folks; I LOVE helping people cross over to HR. I currently have two clients who are in the final stages of interviews and their background was banking and customer service. Transferrable skills are the key and you must know your signature strengths in order to communicate them. Review my linked in profile and reach out if you would like my assistance.

The begining sounds like the begining of “my Milkshakes”



Sir elasticity of demand chapter upload please sir

I’m only here because I saw Another Brick in the Wall in the thumbnail


A tiny bit of this I think is true the rest is fake it’s not how we treat our world we respect it and we respect each other 😀 don’t let this video make you feel like a bad person this isn’t how we treat everything at least… I was brought up to belive we live in an amazing place 😌

This video gave me chills. I’ve been thinking this way for a long time, I’m sure most if not all of us do.. Thank you for the concrete.

Confused with utility maximization

Just an FYI, with the Bestul signal phrase example, there should be a comma OR “that” but not both. A comma and “that” basically serve the same function in most instances: linking one idea to the next, e. g. “I think that I’m crazy about grammar and punctuation.” Sorry…my friends call me a grammar and punctuation gorilla for good reason.

To kill a mockingbird sucked asss don’t believe the hype

The human is a VIRUS or a parasite

I strongly agree with this video. It makes me wonder about my future and where it is going. I KNOW that education is not taken near as seriously as it should be. Those different statistics shown in the video are scary but true. it seems to me that technology can be such a great helps when it comes to education but can also greatly hurt students now and in the future. The avg student isn’t using their laptop in class to “benefit” them in any way. That laptop is used for only entertainment. Sad.

To write an introduction paragraph seems much easier after watching your video.

The real problem is that students don’t have the time to learn at their own pace. When they mess up, fail, slack off, it’s discouraging. That’s what we need to be addressed.

Thank You!

I feel like everyone is writing essays or something but then I am writing fanfiction… what am I doing with my life

I need learn in this department. It is very interested

The thing you say about self-confidence/repetition/novel etc. is so wrong, we can be. fools

Really very helpful video I easily understood it nice way of teaching.

Thank you 🙂

Plz make a video on string theory




I will be free when I know every1 else is free…. until then I will support those making a difference… change is easy…. beliefs are REAL

You make huge mistakes when it comes to Tag questions… You were invisible isn’t it… Wrong… Weren’t you is the correct way to disagree or agree

Hablar de tu puta madre………..cobarde de mierda

Sir book ka price kya hai

He should be the reading voice for Audible

Can i use IF in task2

Alex’s last words were “See you tomorrow. Be good. I love you”? OMG, he’s adorable as well as smart.

My favourite figure of speech is Pun

So what!!

Those uumans sayin’ uuge.

Maan awesome

What if you don’t have six and a half years experience? I am just starting out, I am a terrible interview and as such, I’ve been unemployed for awhile. How do I explain gaps in my resume?

Great work keeps it up

Please check this. This ‘PJ Explained’ guy has copied your whole video.

Hungarian doesn’t even exist 😀

Good interaction Ethics and PHILOSOPHY differ in times of crisis

Just like UK

Love the sarcasm in it lol



Also, I get this feeling that the creators of the show will end it with Rick and Morty being the only two is alive, after the entire multi-verse has been destroyed. Rick and Morty will look out into the vast, empty, meaningless void, with Morty staring in shock, while Rick just enjoys his Szechuan Sauce.

Yeah, he’s annoying and an anti pedantic pedant.

Also, it’s so impressive that he can tell to he positions from sounds

Very nice vedio

Absoltelyyy useful and enaging. thaaanksss

THIS is why I am an information/instructional technologist that specializes in sustainability in education… I am apart of the change that will help improve the debit-heavy constrains of the old teaching ideologies of education….

I speak 11 language.. english and binary

It will be published as a novel one day, I promise you. For now, let it be an online book. sigh

It greatly saddens me that such thinking has become so popular and wide-spread in the West, it is an absolute shame.

Please tell me those walls aren’t final, and that they will act as towers with generated wall pieces in between…

Peoples shit

His sugar plumps voice sounds like the guy from despicable me

Kurdistan region is still talking Indu-europian language. What about the origin of Indo-European languages (Kurdish)? There still lives Kurdish people Assyrian Yazidi and Zerdeshti, Lorky, Ahle haq, Zaza, Ermeni, Hawrami, Sorani, Badini, Kurmançi…..?

Good video but guy speaks really fast

Or realy wait for propper reviews..while the general idea of a test weekend may sound nice..it would be rather damaging to the game with its current build imo..

You’re awesome

You talk too fast, no time to think about what you’re saying