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“I am a human being, God damn it. My life has value”.

Thank you for the lovely recommendations!

It makes me wonder… i wish that i could go back 5000 years to a certain group of people and then fast forward the evolution of their language, or rather the language of their descendants. where is the fist person that starts using “puellae” instead of “puella” to more precisely convey his/her thoughts? it would be so nice to watch the sped up version of say Latin and then all it’s offspring languages.

Watching fetus jack right after watching one of his recent vids is making me feel soooo wiiierrddd

Dafuq is wrong…he’s just mumbling

And Albanian language in Kosovo like shown in the map didn’t exist till 17. century when those wild mongrels were broth there by the Turks from mountains in Albania where they for centuries shagged sheep happily.

Is that Jake Paul at 2:45

This helps me with my work at school 👍😄

I feel so relieved to find this video!

BTW: I`m very light skinned compared to most indians but I become much darker after just a few days of exposure to the sun.

I love it when I am doing homework it so peaceful

So bots take half the jobs and 50% of the population is unemployed. Since bots are more efficient and cheaper, prices fall. Cost of living is now 50% of what it was. For remaining human jobs, the standard work week is cut in half for an average of 20 hours per week. You earn half of what you did previously, but it has the same purchasing power as before due to cheaper cost of living. The unemployed 50% of the population learns to do the remaining jobs and fills in the remaining 20 hours a week so all the same work gets done.

Teenager. I devoured it.

Ah, better. Thank you!

He just described my 48 year old daughter… She gets it from her mother, That’s why I dumbed her mother many years ago. I was hoping she might change when she saw all it got her mother was a early grave….

Turkish nous suffixes are used in place of prepositional phrases in English thus:

Alex wasn’t that smart, he failed on his very first question. It wasn’t a nail, it was a strew…XP

Today you are you, that is truer than true, there is no one alive who is you’re than you.

Don’t you guys care about farmas dei with no food your fucken netas

Lol this guy probally still enrolled at a adult center. so tru tru..dude get your g. e.d before u try to teach

Interesting way of presentation, but the VOICE!

This game looks incredible! Such vision and scope, glad they have such an experienced development team.

My first language is French which you are pretty familiar with. However, I learned Armenian alongside French when still an infant, then forgot it and then rediscovered it later. I wish I knew more of it when I had my Latin classes in school, because these two languages grammars have a pretty large overlap. Classical Armenian had the following 7 cases: nominative, accusative, genitive, dative, ablative, instrumental and locative. Modern Eastern Armenian still has the same cases, while Western Armenian has lost the locative case. To be honest most of the time the form for nominative and accusative is the same, and same goes for genitive and dative.

As part this eastern philosophy series, can you please make one video on illusionary of self.





If only youtube content uniformly had this much damn effort put into it. There are already a thousand of these comments, but I feel the need to add to it. It also rises in the trending tab with more comments so thats a thing.

Kpt. K your editing skills are flourishing

When i am on shrooms young thug lyrics sound perfectly clear, no joke.

You all have to pay closer attention. It’s not Charlamagne it’s Martin. Pay attention to the agenda

Brilliant job! Thank you

If this video took 900 hours over the course of 9 months (2160 business hours based on an 8-hour work day), this means this video was worked on for 3 hours per business day, or 112.5 business days. I wonder if throwing more artists into kurzgesagt would speed up the video creation process.

A Big Think Video that Should Make You THINK: Deep Thinking about a topic, whether you agree or disagree with the author’s viewpoint, creates neuronal connections and strengthens various areas of your brain. This is just as effective, if not extremely more effective, than “Brain Training Games” for overall cognitive development and training.

LITTLE INFERNOOOOO! wait. you are NOT SCREAMING!?!? oh it was 4 years ago.

All communists are rich

Interesting. I know a person who lies, exaggerates, judges, spreads false rumors, complains, blames, shames, and tries to manipulate everyone around him. Ironically, everyone seems to worship him.

Does there bible really state the cast system? Who ever there God they serve is fucked up. I never knew Hindu religion was like that. I want to go to India, but not now.

In german (I learn this language at school), there are 4 gramatical cases : Nominative, accusative, dative and genitive (in perdition).


Based shkreli, please tell me he was trolling about black lives matter though



How does one choose a literature review?

In the exception of General Zod, DCEU’s antagonist/villains lack purpose and are weak in comparison to Marvel villains.

I am writing areaserch so I ned it your sugestions very much

Pretentious as shit

I have a theory. Global warming is the Earth’s way of healing, it sounds crazy I know but hear me out. The earth started off with only carbon in the air (among other gases that is dangerous to the human species and other living organisms), no oxygen was there. It was then that earth have multiple volcanoes, multiple tornadoes and earthquakes. It was totally unsuitable for life, but through what we theorize to be evolution and such, progressively the earth became a better living environment, while also creating life itself. The earth was soon cover with water, when the earth cooled down. Life forms were created from bacteria, and the water levels lowered. From the water life forms came the land life forms. Vegetation grew and the earth was in its prime. But the we came. After the dinosaurs were hit with the asteroid, the earth had room for us. We came and through what we deemed progress, we destroyed. We took and took and took without give anything back. And now the earth will continue it’s cycle. It will be restored, born anew, healed. But to do that is just fix the the problem, that problem being us. Once we are wiped out, the grand experiment of humanity may be put through its second try, this time with different variables then we were given today. But the second try just won’t be our next generation, and I refuse to believe that. We must put a stop to the cycle, or at least put earth back in its prime. For we wish to prosper, so let earth proser with us.


We’re really not that different. We’re all full of life and strength and just want peace and love.


That means all the work you don’t like doing will be involuntary and you can just watch as you finger are typing that without you needing restrain them

This was a tremendous help! Thank you!

These pathetic people don’t understand how it’s like to have power.

Look at ready player one


Black people want to end racism but they’re the only ones bringing it up. Let it go Charlemagne! Just because he’s rich he’s privileged? you’re making some money doing radio how come you don’t donate some money to all the places you told him to? just because you’re not as rich any bit counts you should be donating too if you feel that way.

Your videos are the best! your effort is priceless:) thank you so much for this!

Dat Trailer ^^

THE STORY OF PIGGY”They used to call me Piggy.””Piggy!””Piggy?””Piggy!””Fatty!””Which is better—to have rules and agree, or to hunt and kill? Which is better, law and rescue, or hunting and breaking things up?””The rock struck Piggy a glancing blow from chin to knee; the conch

Kurgan theory of Indo-european migrations is more proved and logically right.

When he done sippin on that sizurp ima try to talk to him

Hey I’m trying to learn Russian or arabic, in return I can help you learn dutch or the basics of english and maybe even a little bit of french

The guy speaks WAY to quickly.. Slow it down.. Almost impossible for kids to take in the info when its tossed at them so FAST…



Lack of knowledge, lack of education, lack of teaching….I am a dark skin West Indian from Guyana and I find this documentary repulsive. I’m so furious with Indians – I believe they are the worst group of ppl that promote self hate within themselves. Regardless of skin color-they are all one ppl “Indians”. Darker the berry sweeter the juice… I’m always attracted to a darker skin tone especially in men just my preference.. Be proud of who you are and love yourself. We are all God’s children!!!!

And probably no straight male at all.

Watch the video over a few times. try and mimic the different body languages and try and visualize them. eventually you will integrate the knowledge and will become more natural.

Totally misleading crap

According to xxx,…

I love you Mr. Clifford……..:)

Not like Dick and Jane books which would bore and annoy


The guy was blessed with brain power..he obviously uses it…. martin has fun here…its a personna..he has about 20!!!…the media mäde him the devil…when he puts down the real situation and his future plans…the guys alright.

Doesn’t german have Ca?

How come I never heard about Dizzy kickstarter?!

Mumble rap doesn’t exist bruh these old heads are annoying asf

Iconography seems to be more apropos to what you speak, intertextuality is in the medium of text, not the visual.

Which Park had momentarily forgotten. A ball of paper hit him in the back of the head.

I haven’t been a student in over 20 years,

“We accept the love we think we deserve”

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Thank you! i think now i understand how im gonna write my essay its really confused and hard for me, but thanks

Now what we have here is one damn lucky pipe

Where is Andre Benjamin as Jimi Hendrix???

That’s Jared from silicon valley…

Hey, world. I’m Italian, I can speak English, Spanish and a bit of French, studying Ancient Latin at school and currently struggling to choose another language to learn by my own. I would love to learn Japanese or German, but I don’t know anyone I could talk to, soooo… is there anyone here? Arigato/Danke —–


Homework is a waste of time plus my homework is to study history but what kind of history so I chose music like if u agree Im in 4th grade lol XD

He speaks like everybody else?

I am so skary and sad 😢.

Sir, is there micro economics lecture 2 also on YouTube?

Well, actaully i ♥ english nd i speak it. But the prblm is i don t know how 2 write :-P.

This dude looks like mark cuban

Well that was racist and unfunny

I Love Bernie Sanders Feel The Bern

“Weaponized Intertextuality”??? All you said was that bad movies are bad, and good movies are good. I get that it can be over done, but unless you create a new franchise with all the excitement of discovering the Matrix for the first time, there is nothing better than revisiting that world again. I don’t understand how this can be a problem unless the movie is bad… Then you just have a bad movie. Who cares about everything else?

(I would’ve used Zero Hour and Forces of Corruption, but he said no expansions or DLCs)

“Hard rock” that’s metal you dumbass

Yes Trump sound like a family member but that family member the most family look at as one that talks a lot of shit, lies a lot and exaggerate.

A very helpful video!

Look in the sky it’s a plan no it’s a Baird no he is jone cena

Hahhah sala

The American Government gives us all a number!! To them we are a number and a commodity!! A dollar sign!!! These things put a price tag on everything and I do mean everything!!! Everything that was once beautiful and sacred has been destroyed!!!



So an indian woman has nothing to eat and nowhere to sleep, yet she has unprotected sex and (at least 2) children, who are starving. and she does not understand the causes of her poverty? why poor people don’t understand, that if they have almost nothing and produce 8 children, these people will inherit even less?

Why do his feathers look like they have been raped individually?

If you were to take a high resolution picture of the whiteboard at the end I would totally buy it as a poster!

Love the Background!

Dont wanna learn ANY cases and inflections? My language is just perfect for you.

Pls give me the link of tutorial vedio on how to write body paragraph in case of writing task 2.THANKS

Dude plz upload another video as well like video of the others chapter from this same book like chptr 21 , 13 , 14 , 15 and 18 .

“I can’t go back to yesterday because I was a different person then.” – Lewis Carol

I hate Literature Review….

You forgot ‘Blitzkrieg’ a combination of Company of heroes and Red alert 2. One of the very best ww2 games I ever played!! All armies speak in their native languages, all soldiers tanks aircraft artillery support trucks etc are super detailed!! It has two expansions, burning horizon and rolling thunder. Try it its lots of fun!!!

So what show does John green host now?

Thank you.

MapQuest. lol.

That nigga gay

DOES THIS VIDEO EXPLAIN About Diseconomies of scale ASWELL

I just relised it was the 10th anevirsety

I’m only watching this because I watched this in school 😂😂😂


In Latvian there is 7 cases for nouns, with individuals that have only 2, so you need to learn how to recognise them. Adjectives has specified and unspecified endings. Spec. has 7 cases and unspec. has 6 cases. All verbs has 18 cases. Adverbs usually dont have cases, but cases are possible for individuals. Number words usually has cases, but not all of them.




Great teaching, very eloquent and witty. Am I the only one that thinks the paraphrase for the ‘best way to improve health is to do regular exercise’ is not totally correct except the word ‘by’ is sandwiched between ‘be’ and ‘daily’ or all the same eliminate ‘considered to be’. The most effective method of enhancing one’s health is by doing daily exercise. For me, the word by irreplaceable and hence the emphasis, because the IELTS question also displays that doing exercise is a means to improving health. Please, am i making sense to anyone on this platform, share your thoughts on my observation.

Wait… they said english accent and actually marked England and not the entirety of Great Britain? Not something I would expect, great job!

Immigrants… what…?


Love this!

Plz tell me name of bgm..

Maeby they will see from them how dedicated you are, but it doesn`t mean you know how to get the job done.

Thank you!

I thought you did an outstanding job rewriting the sentnces to include an indirect object, however you should not identify the objects of prepositions as indirect ob

Thank you sir! You just saved my life! #LEGEND

Greek has a rather unusual case, the vocative, which is used when you want to address someone. For example “friend” is φίλος (filos) and when you want to address him you say φίλε (file).

Must buy LooLoo

That being said; then I announce the meaning of my life for this very moment to just simply and successfully comment this sentence without explaining myself too much and how I ironically and intentionally did my best to make this come off as absurd.

It took me until 11:15 to realize the boss was behind a desk not standing in a balcony lol

U r amazinnngggg!!!!!☺☺☺

Sanskrit should be brought back as the National Language and regenerate it in the primary school level to the PhD level. We owe to our-self and earlier it is done better it is for the nation! This is not for sentiment but for the cohesion of the country and support for a native language with the depth which can’t be ignored!



U r stupid enough to think u r learn something from Trump.

I liked brad pitts bad accent, it sounded more comedic

The level of energy he brings into a room is phenomenal.

Hi All,

Animals ARE sentient beings, and they CAN be controlled with torture and threats. Ever see a tiger or elephant do tricks for human entertainment? Those tricks they are forced to perform are not natural, and they are physically painful. Not to mention it kills their dignity and their spirit to be kept in a cage their whole life. Doesn’t it make sense that if we want freedom, we must stop enslaving and torturing animals? Go vegan. If you eat animal products, you support the cruelty they are bred in to. Boycott the circus and the zoo. Support an animal sanctuary near you.

Lol, this quiz didn’t even match my real mental age (320)

The daaawg licked the ole an everewone layaghed.


It’s just so funny

Existentialist, yet there are aspects of his works that really seems to

I have watched many documentaries, what a powerful piece of movie, very moving. The directing and the cinematography is fantastic. I cried and laughed and saw myself thoughout this documentary, even before I finished watching this documentary for the first time I gave it a rating of ten out of ten, or I should say 5 stars, 5 gold stars.

Do the same, jajajaja

Being ignorant of his foul plot for 31 years.

So, why universal healthcare is centralized and public education isn’t? Who wants to buy an iPhone if you can’t pay your quimio?

Writing: Like what I said before, it’s busywork,



I’m really struggling and love you and your videos 😭😭




This video left me the impression that we can totally choose what to produce depending on skill and resources (and personal vocation) while I assume that supply and demand plays a big role here. Or maybe I should just see the next episodes?

Messed up my micro exam so I’m kinda relying to ace the macro one so I don’t get kicked out the course

For English Literature, I am studying:

In some cases German can be relative to the Scandinavian languages like swedish(..) dutch and german is also close to each other, as you said. But sometimes it’s really hard (for a native german) to understand dutch 😀

I learned something new. Thank you so much!

Do a video on Sikh Philosophy.

Its not rocket science. bullshit is allowed to have a platform. WHY!

You are wonderful. I salute you.

Realllly nice sir

You are a good teacher 🙂 thsnks

One word.. AWESOME!!!!

Great channel you have here, makes philosophy very accessible to many.

How to get DVD’s of cpt exams Sir?

Repeat Hollywood bullshit 90%, throw in some fake anti racist shit in there and you have a YouTube hit!

Does not knowing the lifespan of every living creature make one an idiot? I think I’m in trouble.

The first two are for the weak, the selfish and the coward

Wait… they said english accent and actually marked England and not the entirety of Great Britain? Not something I would expect, great job!

This video would have some one who has no idea feel awestruck.. But it is definitely far from the actual evolution that would have occured.

John Green mispronounced Moldovan… so he’s NOT a living God in human form?!?!

I’m hoping you read this in time. What does it mean when they want to know what that TIME PERIOD has to do with the literature of that era? HOW would I even find something like that? She said she didn’t want facts, she wanted analysis.

I might copy the idea of rain… but thanks for the help!



He’s engaged every student! Amazing


MR. Clifford the ECON PLUG!! Thanks My Guy!!!

What is good for the whole is not always good for the individuals. People are selfish.

Haha when the clips sound like they’re talking to him. Amazing

Standard German: Ich werde dieses Buch heute kaufen [ʔɪç vɛɐ̯də diːzəs buːx hɔʏ̯tʰə kʰaʊ̯fən]

Awesome video.

If you haven’t watch part ii, you need to do now. Then write an outline of the lit review. You can also go to Google and type in “lit review samples” or models. You will find 100s. Pick one close to the field you’re in and follow it as a model.

The all seeing eye

3:23 Nick Drake😀😀

I’m surprised that The Lord of the Flies isn’t on here.

Couldn’t the value of translation not be only arcos(1/3) but any unending constant value?

Amazing directing

Long before what has become a current vogue in rethinking psychoanalytic

“literature is the greatest reality simulator” have you ever heard of video games?

Imagine if the world we live in were a simulation, and we did something to affect the world that houses our simulation; that would be a giant middle finger to our creators and it would, in a sense, be proof that we do exist.

Sir I want to thank you for your free courses and your website. I’ve learnt a lot from you. You’re right that ‘economics’ will affect the way you think (about the world.) For example ‘opportunity costs’… It’s one of the first lessons (call it ‘the basics’), but there are a lot of (working class) people that don’t use it in their daily life…


Can you make a video On Rama Krishna Paramahamsa and his philosophy??

That’s funny 🙂

The letter ghain in arabic = the sound from #4

3) .

Could some help me out to quote this video in APA format? In-text citation.

Who is the lady in green dress 4:30 ???