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And that’s just a theory…. A GAME THEORY

Это музыка помогла мне написать сочинение!!!

So the meaning will probably be to work, as it has the same word root.

The contraction is for use in informal writing

Lenin tried to impose pure communism. It caused the worst famine in Russian history at that time. He quickly labeled it “war communism” and made changes necessary for the nation to survive.

Cool game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sir aap tution dete ho kya….

I’ve covered three months of my Eco portions, in just a day, by watching your videos. Thanks you so much.

So you are saying that paying taxes is a slavery… but if you don’t pay taxes who will built that road and that hospital that you go every year?

Well, I’ve read and listened to quite a bit of his texts and lectures and I happen to agree with his stance on this subject. Obviously I’ll be using similar arguments.

‘Porn is Freedom’, as Larry Flynt epically stated in court.

4:35 lol

Jolie’s is definitely more heightened RP than ordinary RP

Your videos are very effective for us. many many thanks. thanks a lot.



Okayyy….but what about cursive writing?. Is that not a thing anymore?.

Google should be a public utility.

You try yourbest

This helps alot!

Is this still in progress? I think it got canceled

When you have an AP Economics Exam in two days, and you’re about to binge-watch six hours of CrashCourse videos

“What’s inside the box? I think it’s a turtle.” Pondering if this is at all relevant to all the current (mid 2017) boxes surrounding John.

Why does that man have boobs if he really is a man?

Amazing explaination. College prefessors bump in students head with alot of class rooms explainations but no one gets any thing. But this one was very effective and easy to get the idea.

You are very welcome and I happy to hear that the video is useful.


Really a nice and informative video.

Lmao at the comments, why are people talking about ebola instead of writing their freaking essay!!!!


Sooooooo if there is No Absolute….. wouldn’t that mean that “There is no absolute” an Absolute statement??

Who the fuck let this happen haha



Are rabbits edible? Where do they live? How do you catch them? How do I build the snare? How do existing engines work (LOT of thought)? What makes them inefficient? *INVENT* New Innovation…

Very well explained sir

Family member or friend? Sorry miss but I have no family or friends like him. I pity you if you do.

I hope that i can know about the world without racism like him

Whoever made up this list is not as well-read as they think they are.

Awesome insight

Wow what a cruel guy!!!

Fahrenheit 451??

How would one measure GDP in a communist or anarcho-communist society?

Ahhhhh. Human resources, the bottom feeders of the world.

I would strongly recommend Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk by Ben Fountain. I don’t actually know how popular it is, but they’re making it a movie so some people must have read it. It’s about some soldiers from Iraq, but it only shows us the time spent back in the States, immediately after their tour. It deals with PTSD, war, American culture, and the media, but it’s also surprisingly very funny.

Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. The truth can set you free. Once you accept the truth it sets you free.

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you will be around as long as possible!!

I don’t think the Indo-Europeans started out in the North Caucasus, but rather in what is today the bottom of the Black Sea. Draw a line between Sevastopol and Varna to understand where I mean. Also include the Sea of Azov. Anyway, this part of the Black Sea is very shallow. What I think happened is that there was a thin land bridge connecting the Bosphorus. When the water from the Mediterranean broke through the land bridge due to erosion, the plains on the northern shore of the Black Sea were flooded. This could have been what caused the Indo-Europeans to leave their homeland and start migrating around Europe and Asia.

Thank you😄your making since.

I’m surprised Chomsky agreed to speak at Google when they are a massive corporation that makes profit off of the sale of data collected from the public that it then sells to other corporations to strengthen many of the problems that Chomsky rails against. World economic inequality, war and war manufacturing, endless consumption, uncritical dogma of capitalism, degraded abilities to think critically and to be patient with complicated subjects, that require nuance, power and wealth consolidation which Google directly is involved in, externalities in economics that go from climate change to worker wages.

My quote:

I request you sir please help me……

Excellent video, man. Very clear and helpful with great examples! Thanks a lot. 🙂

Eye contact depends on culture

It’s called, attetiveness fault, due to a lack of motivation, or tiredness

Open letter confused me. Can you clarify?



”I’m Chuck Bass”

I speak the standart german as native speaker and dialects like saxon, bavarian and schwäbisch and hardly understandable to me but swiss-german is the worst. It’s like a completely different language. I live in Berlin and the local dialect is the coolest

You’re confusing philosophy and religion…

Lmao Guardians of the Galaxy 2 totally changed this


Spoiler alert: 2 of the 3 greatest novels are by the same author, who’s not the greatest novelist in the history of his country.

The universe versus Alex Woods

This is Great I love deep thoughts 😀

Long winded but extremely edifying, I must say. Great way to say I love words. Its awful the way some people want to nit pick about so many unnecessary trivial oddities.

Thank you for your tips. I’ll now give you the tip. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

They neglect an important cost of trade: While countries overall are better off, the individuals may not be. Shoemakers in the US would prefer that the US bought their shoes from them rather than having to work at a plane factory where they don’t have specialized skills that would give them a premium wage.

Me: Hey Vsauce Michael here

Long Live IRAN

I can’t help but notice the utter lack of german and french novels on this list. Of whom which a lot are actually superior to most books on this list.

In order to understand the world we live in, we first have to unlearn and debunk most of what we were taught in school, especially K through 12. Chomsky’s writings on imperialism, politics, the mass media and propaganda have been very helpful to me in this respect.

Whats with the crash bandicoot tune



Sir!! Its a pblm in domestic industry..

Your a black guy who proudly flies the confederate flag?

Right on! I am using this tomorrow morning to introduce an Advanced Methodologies in the Social Studies grad class I am teaching at the University of Buffalo. Thanks for making it.

That both teachers are talking super fast ^^

Apparently i have had depression all my life.

Thank you so much – the layout is so helpful with regards to having the pros, cons and evaluative points written as you have done here.

Beautiful, would love to buy some audio philosophy books narrated by Alan! Great video as always.

As a writer, I absolutely love this! I’ve always had a passion for words, but not necessarily the technicalities that come with them. 🤗 Just remember, there is only one way to truly express yourself: by expressing, YOURSELF, exactly how you feel to do so!

I love this book because it gives you no chance in surviving in the real world, because you get instantly sucked into the book, the story and the whole world around it

What’s that piece at 6:07? The piano piece in the background?

Good one

Bloody neomarxists

Thanks our teacher, sure i learn many things from your web

4:45 James Franco?

I like how they show the cylcle

Short And Sweet. Thank You. Revatha Thero Diyapattugama

This is cool.

If your antifa you get 50 points in collage