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The way I see it (I might not have gotten it right) this whole thing is based on an UNcountable set of points. It’s not applicable because it’s not countable. The amount of points on the surface of a sphere is infinite, so it’s impossible to list it. Same with any infinite subgroup of it. I think using a sphere is unnecessarily complicated, this could be demonstrated with points on a line, which are infinite too. This is a way of showing that infinite is made up of other infinites, so yeah, you could take half an infinite and it would be just as infinite as the whole, okay, but we don’t deal with infinites in the real world, only in theory.

We’re all going down together my friends

The bass drop in this is sick

How the hell do you get half a rabbit?

We watched this in class today. Also my 4th period teacher loves your guys’ channel!

Interesting. Hhh. Deep depression and complaining about life turned into a justifying philosophical movement. Many unaware existentialists these days.


That only the men on the boat are responsible for taking care of their families, and by dying condemns their families to a life of poverty, should not hold much consideration for the jury. Ideally, it should not be a situation that the society should put people in in the first place. Eventually, the welfare state did address that issue. Anyway, it is too easy to rationalize behavior in such a situation. We don’t really know if someone is rationalizing selfishness or is acting from ultruism.

More videos like this please!

I am offended

I’ve always thought DiCaprios accent in Blood Diamond was one of the coolest and most unique accents I’ve ever heard. Good to know it wasn’t far off the mark either.

03:50 – ish: This is what is called an etymological language. French is also an etymogloical language. French spelling makes less sense than english spelling. French words on average have as many letters as their english counterparts, but as little as 25% of the word is actually pronounced.

Everyone thinks they are not meant by this. Which makes this all a huge circlejerk.

I like how the entire year was a rainy summer

One of my favourite speakers.

Wonderful, I`m so happy to see this, speak very clearly with good explanation. Thank you

Dear Liz,

Anyone speaks English? Let’s exchange. 😁😁😁

Man this was a really good episode.

Why on earth would anyone want to deliberately speak in his manner when it’s the opposite of what he tries to convince us. “I’m smart, I’m like really, really smart.” WHO DOES THAT? Not smart people.

Thank you for this simple overview.

Including this one also

Guys, I don’t know about you, but sitting and stepping on books is and insult and a form of disrespect in my culture.



Minute mark 4:40-45: reference to number of Buddhists in the world. 1 1/2 billion seems way too high an estimate based on statistics found at countless other resources. around 1/2 a billion worldwide is more in-line with these other stats.

Fly away and be free you majestic insect!

Does this work for people who got claustrofobhia?

I don’t know what would I do without ACDC!

Can u plzzz send me notes on the price system and the microeconomy

As a scam artist she is in the same league as Maddoff and even Ponzi himself. Her ideas are a set of mostly internally consistent ideas that bear not relation to reality at all, mixed with a good measure of incomprehensibility to add some pseudo-authority. Her self indulgent naval gazing is the sign of a decadent society in decline.

Can i tell you something funny but real

The most scary and best horror movie I ever saw Lmao…

Hi Liz. Any chance of writing FOR1 idea more THEN “1” example?? Please advise. The Body paragraph with 1 one idea cannot cover more then 50 – 60 words

Freaky animations. I enjoyed it. The word I was looking for, was terrifying, actually.

Stronghold Crusader?!?!?!?

World in Conflict.

Like okay hurry up lol but in the contrary I would trade the south for the north any day!!! I live southern culture and the morality that’s still instilled within each person…. whereas in the north, everyone feels like they are smart and entitled and if your in a burning car nobody is pulling over to help

Messy handwriting – Scientist or doctor.

Have I heard fully-automated luxury space gay communism?

I have been a grammar nazi for some years. I can now safely say that I am reformed. Somewhat.

On the 4 or fewer you can add them to eliminate the zeros

You’ve just summed up 40 pages of the Macroeconomics book I bought. That was amazing!

That was a beautiful talk!!!

The last commission Jesus gave to His disciples before He left this earth ” was to take the gospel to the world, baptizing them in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you, ( Jesus’s teachings ) and low I will be with you always til the end of the age Please become a Christian today as we have no guarantees for tomorrow. James 4:6, I Peter 5:5. ” God resists the proud but gives grace to the humble. If you can surrender your life to Christ with a humble penitent heart, He will hear you and take your life. The literal indwelling of the Holy Spirit will be the evidence of this.



Looks like mine is unique

“This game is very experimental to me”

Solo un obtuso puede ver que mas alla del humor la igualdad nada tiene que ver con eso y probablemente usen este video para legitimar opiniones racistas, machistas y homofobas…


In other words, he’s a total moron.

Ur usless

Am I the only who thinks this guy looks like Dennis from Always Sunny?

Que buen juego!! Pd: sube dark echo white mode!!

You advice was very helpful.

She can’t even pronounce her name correctly 😛

But calling Butler’s concept of performativity ‘banal’ is really underestimating the creepy,

Por que nadie en Latinoamerica tiene la misma mente abierta de este investigador? Dinero? noooo…… es una cuestion de mentalidad…. aqui seguimos con forma de pensar tan del siglo XIX. Ojala esto cambie algun dia…

Favourite quote: their is nothing good nor bad only thinking makes it so ~ William Shakespeare, Hamlet

The city of ember

Hey you crazy liberals; Dr. Seuss was was one of you liberal Democrats and a supporter of President Franklin D. Roosevelt and the New Deal. That is a FACT! LOL deal with it!


Too general

Can u pl. start a video regarding how to start a speech, how to end the speech?

You don’t get it. They do this to make 3d movies frendly. 3D movies takes the colors out. The lents dark the colors. So they took the color out from 2d so people wont fell much diference.



That is only if the system you speak of which is of course the internet was to become our reality, which is for the moment almost prohibited by society. But, i enjoy the thought of it, though our reality would be only of the mind and not of body.

This shit is gold


İ might bir be missing some things. Also some of them can be better said with extra word but anyway.

Thank you, tomorrow i write a english classwork 😀


There, I just saved you 21 minutes of the dullest sort of incoherent rambling from one of the world’s most shameless propagandists.

No AI will replace me!

Currently cramming for my Econ 101 final at MSU… You have saved my life! Def sharing with friends who are planning to take the course next semester.

Love it!! Maybe he should have had the actual books in his hands when reading the quotes, not so obviously just one (with a note in it, of course). Minor detail, but somehow it still bugs me…Anyhow, please do more of these!!

At 14 minutes, Isn’t the number of points un-countably infinite? Because no combination of rotational steps provides the same point – you could just say RRRRRRRR… (for as long as you want) and you’d always get a new point. At no instance during your listing of Right rotations do you need to introduce another direction in order to find a new point – this would suggest that simply using a Right rotation provides a countably infinite set of points. However, when you include the other directions as options, for every rotation you make, there is an infinite number of branching options for your next rotation that would provide you with new points. In other words, you could just apply the diagonal theorem that was mentioned earlier. You don’t even need to use all 4 rotational directions to do this, just 2.

Anyone who doubts this method, read Mark yourself and then (sincerely) ask God to reveal Himself to you. Go ahead, I dare you.

No offense to any religion though, it’s just that when you apply religion to politics in this age, you get very bad results.

My professor is making my class watch this for our world mythology class, I didn’t understand why but now I do.

Good one i want to communicate to you

Only an amalgam of these two ideologies can be both morally responsible and a productive way to run the economy. Balance between socialism and capitalism would make a temperate state where neither abhorrent poverty and wealth exist, where suffering was minimized and individuals still had rights.

Sir. plz send other videos based on macroeconomic of class 12…..

My point is be grateful for what you’re blessed with, thank those important figures in your life who have sacrificed more than you’ll ever know for you, own up to your actions as you know you deserve a punishment, be honest, take pride in who you are and not let society be-little you for your race, ethnicity, income, social status, love, gender, and religion. Thanks for reading and hope you’ll continue to have a nice day. This is coming from a 9th grade freshie. 😉

Great party trick – if you’re at the world’s most boring party lol


Compliant through FEAR!



Thank you for this video! its the clearest most concise explanation of existentialism I’ve heard. I wish I had this in college!

Omg again her face 5:14

This is very much the truth

I hav secured 320. Its showing 9-16 (300-340). But m 18..😂😂

Céline, Journey To The End Of The Night.

This makes my brain hurt…

P. S. If you really love reading, why would you want to do a ‘crash course’ in it? If you enjoy something why not take the time to savour it?

– Who will get it?


Thank you so much

This is unblievable that this type of situation is stil practice in this century, religious is evil, we are created by the Creator, this patetic.

the whole remains beautiful. A severed hand

I have one question….plzz someone help me…its urgent

Wubba lubba dub dub

I agree that people get way too carried away with language, but I don’t think Stephen Fry spends a whole lot of time reading youtube comments…. shit be cray.

Excellent Lecture, his tips can really help in writing a great research paper

Charlemagne such a douche. Hold this L.

Black Hole (Ho)

He’s a cunning linguist – but I bet Melania won’t let him do that.

I really very happy about this wonderful and useful lecture i swear i will visit you if i pass through UK big BOSS

I like that last bit that you guys did.

It doesn’t make any big difference from reading the information in a book 😊😣

Teach me like teaching a child



Complex and this dummy devil dumb niggas see this is deep genuis news is on some asslickin whack shit niggas cant even articulate them selves outside they hood and this is called genuis..these devils stay on some devilish

That was helpful

Fuck me, nobody can do a Belfast accent…not even CLOSE like. It sounds more like an accent from somewhere in Connacht whenever actors try to do it which may not seem like it’s far away but the density of accents in Ireland is absolutely crazy. I’m from Galway and I genuinely cannot understand Northerners.

I usually love your videos but I feel like you’re trying to give nostalgia a new sexy name

Dieser Moment wenn du selber deutsche bist😂

Easy explanation

Good presentation, it makes sense; we all face crossroads continually and the criteria for decision is often very tenuous.

Steve brophy rules

That is why the Illuminati policy matrix believe that for the sake of mankind, Agenda 21 is very necessary. But who should go first? Some of these globalist elites really believe that WW3 is necessary, instead of Disclosure of the breakaway technologies they have since the ’60s.

Lastly the reason why North Southern Asia (North India, Pakistan,

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The presenter/interviewer is such a douche!

I always thought empire earth was better than age of empires

Is the ultimate review packet include all the content for the AP Micro exam?

May the force be with you.

To be fair to Rogue One, the point of the film is to tell the story that bridges the gap between episodes III and IV, it’s the story of the rebels acquiring the plans to the death star which are then used to kick off the attack at the end of A New Hope, so there will be a lot of familiar sights, but they should fit with the story.

Accidentes chistoso

Watching porn in target language helps a lot. stimulate the animal, engage the whole organism.



Hey why don’t you upload more videos?

🎅 = 👽

For instance, the example of oil prices. The main influence of the price is neither supply nor demand, but futures trading and speculation, a one off game played by 3rd parties.

OMG, it’s like little inferno, but not like little inferno at all! Pls do more!

I, m actually gonna use that I method during my exam! LOL

I don’t think that complain people who use all their engery and emotion to teach you something is a great idea especially on Youtube so i think if you are trying to find a way to improve yourself find another person maybe he or she will inspire you. But i think if you still think in the same way like this you won’t learn anything

American Gods and Neverwhere, Neil Gaiman

Your funny-cool

Nice miss

Everyone: let them vote and be equals but you know better physically and mentally but humans created them so equals.

Thanks very much Professor Trost, you are making my online schooling so much easier and understandable.

What’s with the nose hair close ups?

Internet, e-mail and browsing.

I love the game and i love the Death Star!

+1 (484) 398-2464

We want more video!!!!!!!

Make more like these.

How do you figure out how monopoly is connected to each unit?

Not impressed, birds can be taught to say words. now let him solve an equation. some hyper excited exxagerating newb from reddit sent me here.

Y is it acdc

Wow in my college days a English boy with a black voice it was so great to see how Music was changing in UK



How do your write a critical response and a good statement

What institution do you go to? Nice video btw!

Today I drove 4 children, British, to a cross country race after school just outside of London. Ages 4, 7 8 and 9. I asked them who was the USA’s President and they ALL shouted back “Donald Trump”. None of them could have told me Obama, or Bush or Clinton. No way. Why should a British school child care?

Thank so much for great teaching.

I don´t ever trust a company as a neutral atitude until the game of interest is propperly done..

Sophie’s World by Jostein Gaarder 😏

Am I the only one that puts this on and sleeps to it every night😂

No one will believe in you unless you do.

– Schools then compete for students. This will give parents a diverse range of options to fit their child’s individual needs. Schools could be big or small. Specialist or comprehensive. Where there is demand there will be supply. Good schools thrive, bad schools close down.


Thank you

Fuck that man

What could also be discussed to be in here:

Humans are beautiful

Haha, love it.

LOL! I get 4-5 on a good weeknight. I study for my job, so that I can be knowledgable about what I do, and so that I can address hundreds of questions that I might be asked about my area of expertise. What do I do? Teach. Ironic.

10/10 recommend 👌

No, he does not speak like everyone else just because he uses a fifth grade level vocabulary. The way Trump jumps from one topic to another IS incoherent. It is NOT normal. We don’t all constantly jump from topic to topic in the middle of a sentence the way he often does. His immature language is not deliberate and is a symptom of a far bigger problem.

What makes them beautiful? that’s the question.

I’m artistic. and child like

I called out with joy when I saw you include The Last Summer of Reason! It was what I was going to add as my favorite. You’re the best, John Green! 🙂

Martin Shkreli is a legend, Charlemagne is such a jerk in this

Then it will affect my band?

I did Ian MacArthur too for my final exam but I did the animal part

Thank you Jacob and Adriene.



Very useful

Soy el único que piensa que la chica esa que tiene todo Rojo es Azucarilla? :O


My native language is spanish, I can speak english and I’m learning chinese and korean~ Anyone wanna have a language-exchange partner?

KFC or fkc 😂😂😂😂😂

A 9mm stuffed in their face seems to do the trick very well they all stfu and listen..

You do fucking know that you get access to the alpha, the beta, the actual game, a special skin for your commander, digital download of the sound track, desktop wallpaper ( this isn’t that good ) and the digital artbook. It’s not just the game moron. But then again I’m sure most people will pirate the soundtrack and artwork and what not.

So the answer to outrunning complete automation is…go to space, immediately

I love how when you look for any of these on Amazon, the rest show up in the “frequently bought with” list. I heart you, Nerdfighteria.


I’m sad about your last pick. I would so have played a game where I’m a Cthulhoid Lovecraftian monstrosity destroying cities and harvesting humans, and I’m not usually into RTS games.

Great to hear! Thanks.

10:01 gotta get that extra ad revenue

Don’t watch it then?

Excellent…. Keep on doing Sir

Arguably the smartest thing Morty’s every

The Mask of Sanity – Hervey Cleckley

Kind of bummed that there was no Harry Potter quote._.



What this is really about is the ideological program that sexual repression is evil and queerness is good,

RR was also the chief economist of IMF. Noble laureates like Amartya Sen has called him a “True Luminary” in financial economics. Has Swamy ever held such a prestigious position in his entire career? RR is also the person who predicted the economic meltdown of 2008 in 2004. Just check the documentary “The Inside Job” where in a footage from 2004 he predicts where the financial markets are heading to. Has Swamy predicted anything of that sort in his entire career? Has he even done any major contribution to the practice of economics? All in all RR is a practicing economist and an Academician. Swamy on the other hand is only an academician who was thrown out of Harvard.

Slayde stewart you are lol not brushpup

Some people think that all teenagers should be required to do unpaid work in their free time to help the local community. They believe this would benefit both the individual teenager and society as a whole. Do you agree or disagree??

For t=1:b

Really useful

In the first situation. Majority choose to save 5 people life.

These videos aren’t very deep

Bakwas waste of time and resources, go and learn how to teach from other YouTube channels

OMG! Nice video you got there! Love the idea of Micro Vs Macro

So what’s the most common POV found in movies?

This is enforced onto us by the Jews and only by recognising this as a group can we end it.

You send $10 to China to make your product that is sent back to US for sale. That $10 is never returned to US because that Chinese worker isn’t going to fly to US to spend it. This creates a deficit.


Exactly how the fuck can you hold these views, yet be an anarcho-capitalist at the same time?

I usually don’t really care about kickstarters that don’t reach their goal, because as I see it the developers failed to garner interest or shot their funding goals too high. But man, not being funded because of $30 is really harsh.

Damn you’re amazing. I can see that you’re really into teaching 🙂