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Reda Daniel Kaneman-Thinking fast-Slow

Is Erick the guy from the Voice Talkers video???????

She’s actually quite annoying to listen to..and then after all of that, she didn’t even really say anything. :/

He said, “Hell no.” =).

What about of mice and men, i love the book and film :3

Why is the deadweight loss for consumers just that triangle and not the triangle + the supernormal profit box next to it?

This video really helps me! Thanks

Thank you! This was so clear.

Dayum, a BYCYCLE. in my country a used bicycle costs almost nothing at all (30 euros), but for these people in africa, a bicycle is such a huge deal.

This is wonderful. Also got linked to this from reddit xD

India is a bigger economy than Russia!

All great here comes the dc fanboys going to jump marvel with this issue. what a bunch of sheep

EDIT: I just want to die

Thank you very much sir, I found this Video very useful and thanks for bringing such a useful videos for us

Granth shaib pg 487 call KABIR family lowly…A weaver from a lowly family, he became an ocean of excellence. ||1

You should make a harry potter one

I bet a lot of people didn’t notice the glue on the desk. Pretty dark Grey.

Too true

Hey, you make some of the best videos on YouTube. Keep it up man, can’t wait for the next one!

2:27 Peele is trying to hold back his laughter

Vanessa Van Edwards: you are very sweet and cute, I love your smile. (no flirting intended).

So Evolution isn’t merely some theory people pick up from a textbook;

Medical researchers’ focus on homosexuality,



I wish he would have touched on Angelina Jolie’s accent more, I feel like she was trying to sound more like the original Maleficent and would have liked to know how well she did in that aspect. I thought she sounded exactly like the first voice actor, but that is just my opinion. 😂

Hi I’m trying to promote my own video to get people with mental Health problems into sailing thriough fundraising can u help?

Presentation is too fast for some of us people

Isn’t there a redundancy in use of subject here “In my opinion, i agree”. Don’t you think we should write like “In my opinion, this idea is better than that” …

Wow great

I completely disagree about the comparison of the MCU compared to the DCEU regarding color.

Great video! I love your channel

Alright, thank you very much!

Thank you so much…it will help me to my report this coming Thursday…

음악듣는데 이유가 있나….그냥 듣는거지…..좋구나….

That’s sad! Having been a vet tech at an exotic animal hospital, I can tell that poor bird is so stressed out! He’s completely mutilated himself and plucked his feathers! Sad!

Btw; does anyone has any thoughts on my attempt? —— In my view, frequently working out is a key aspect in improving both mental and physical health, as it helps you to maintain a positive attitude every day, as well as boost your endurance. However, I think that it is just one out of many things one need to keep into account in order to develop a healthier lifestyle.

Early English “set-lers”

They’re so biased. I know it’s funny and it’s humor, no I’m not offended. But seriously if it were Hillary, what would they’ve done… really?

Haha im sorry for you losers who funded that half ass game.

Very interesting! Thank you 🙂

Thanks once again.

I love you niharika

Anarchy is the true freedom. But unfortunately humans are too evil and selfish to live in a society with no rules without causing any harm to others.

This is excellent: methodical, social, and student-driven lessons work well with any age group.



She talks with her arms way too much in the interview. kind of distracting

Like like like

And also, I don’t really think that film-maker rely on

Great course! PERSONALLY i find john green’s lessons confusing.

Haz los retos al final de la serie como en litle inferno

Amazing video, its so simple now thank you so much!!!

I think most of us struggle how to start it. Like what words or sentence to use at the Start.

Idk how anybody can listen to this bullshit, blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah a little

I watched this on my school this was so good

Hey Sean play your moma so fat

Can someone please explain why Mr. Clifford drew two separate disconnected outward shifted PPFs at minute 3:25? He said something like, “This occurs for a couple of reasons that don’t matter…” I’m dying to know.


I learnt alot

We need more of this guy tons of this guy

3:38 Isn’t that Thai script? You show it as if it was also Indo-European, but if it’s Thai it’s not. If it’s not Thai, what is it? 🙂



You have put lots of work in your videos. Thank you Sir, subscribed

I’ve read this book several times and I love how you’ve always got great insight that never occurred to me.

But today i am gonna watch ur all videos…and m damn sure i will score good marks

I am training my critical reasoning ability. One of my professors recommended writing critical review essay as one of the best methods to achieve the goal. Thanks for the explanation! I hope I can really get used to critical thinking and reasoning by practicing it!

11:25 Oh that’s a pretty beautiful piece keeps listening to it for a while it has to be Chopin, or maybe Debussy, is very expressive and sounds like one of them i’m su…

4:17 That is where the TALK REALLY STARTS.

Who came here from Human Resource Machine?

Something called informative essay to.

Yeah. some, like that opening scene in ant-man. i think that GotG is the best in terms visuals

No society can progress in this modern age, if they cling to customs from 1300 years ago!

And are dominated mainly by jewish lesbian academics, like Judith Butler.

That is why real bibelbased christians since christ always was hunted from evil systems. Not controlabel and threat for the rulers… but today, there are only a few left

The jungle is I guess 19th century


This is very helpful but slow down I can’t focus!

Dw i’n siomi rhywfaint i weld bod y map yn dangos Saesneg ar draws Cymru ers rhyw 2000 o flynyddoedd. Amser cyn i’r iaith Saesneg yn bodoli!

You are superb, sir

♦ And then he greeted Death as an old friend, and went with him gladly, and, equals, they departed this life. ♦

– Cuba Gooding, Jr. (O. J. Simpson)

“Their grand propensity for failure”… wtf

We’ve got no choice but to believe that we have a free will?



Great job

The only oppression of blacks presently has happened by blacks themselves.

Some days it’s big, small, curvy, pointy, connected, dark, light, spacey, and EVERYTHING ELSE THERE IS

Why did it have to be cancelled

Man that Boogerman HD game looked amazing 🙁 and it would have been a kind of Earthworm Jim sequel, that alone would have made it worth it for me.

Bull! He has a stunted vocabulary. He refuses to speak in complete sentences. I don’t have to tell people to “believe me”, they already believe what I say because I don’t make a habit of lying to them. He doesn’t even speak like an adult, much less a politician in a leadership position. It is an embarrassment.

There was a study made by Tony Buzan, book “Power reading” (i`m not sure if it is the correct title in english, I`m from Croatia), it shows how much time we lose on learning instead of spending time playing with friends, having coffe ect. And how much of that knowledge will we actually use in the future (aboat 5-10% here in Europe).


What is moral..

While I respect a lot of Adam Smith’s major points, I would probably lean more to a Keynesian approach especially looking at the nature of today’s economy and market as a whole. A little government involvement in “good” economic times can be a good thing. Pure competition will ultimately lead to inefficiencies and economic collapse

Can we talk about how Stranger Things is nothing but intertextuality after intertextuality?

XD “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?” “Don’t say doin’ your wife. Don’t say doin’ your wife. Don’t say doin’ your wife. Doin’ your. . . son?”

Good advise (y)

How would you write a personal statement for someone who plans for a career in medicine?

Did she ever hear bush? he was a moron.

Seems to me like the point of the video is to show that technology, while being hailed as the saviour of our world, is actually contributing to some of the more negative aspects of it. For example, all this technology thats great for classes, like typing notes and downloading notes, is generally not being utilised in that manner. One big distraction rather than helping. That being said, I’m not going to stop facebooking during dull lectures xD

So our drunk racist uncle was elected? He sounds more like a used cars salesman, “this car is great it has over 250,000 miles on it and believe me it will take you places to great places, tremendous places, spectacular places, believe me”.

Pourquoi le titre est en Fr alors qu’il parle anglais?

Hell ya, its about time this kinda thing was said

Thank you so much – the layout is so helpful with regards to having the pros, cons and evaluative points written as you have done here.

I am 11 and I am crying because I sit in a classroom were I smell smoke all day and and my friend has asma 😷😷



2. Starcraft

Zoe became fluent in brazilian portuguese in 6 months? Man, that’s dedication. This shit is hard even for native speakers.

Jacksepticeye is like albertsstuff the old videos the voice are low the next thing you know in 2017 they’re voices are funny as fuck

Outstanding and insightful. Pantheist. Have you done a segment on Moby Dick? “Endless seeker with no past at my back.”

From where i can get your all videos with a proper sequence??? pls reply.

We have blinded our selves from the truth so therefore for generations to generations we all are been living a lie.

Pretty pooh n boo. Cuddle a puppy u


Toma ya salió el modo historia de minecraft para que sepas

Plz sar hindi me btaya kro plz

From South Africa, this is helpful. Dankie nja yam.

But, Robots don’t need money to provide themselves, and we humans won’t either when the machines take over. They will provide every basic need and we won’t have to do anything, we can run around and do whatever we want with little to no consequens (ish)

Thank you for sharing this.

He says “believe me” when he’s saying something that even he doesn’t believe. 🤡


Honestly no one cares as long as they are getting paid.

Chưa có sub sang tiếng việt. viet nam. nhỉ



My dream is to go to mit and becone an engineer but not the bad kind i want to nake reusboe materials, solar/ battery powered vechiles for land space and sea i wabt to expand human life to other planets not to leach planets but to buuld new homes that stand green. planets with no fyel buring no eco destruction i want to create a world reborn i have the ideas i know how to work them i do not have the resources but i will do what i need to to get them i will make this change

Good work!!!!

That is an awesome presentation thanks so much you making economics fun

Yeah money was kind of stupid to be invented. Trade is WAY more logical

If your income today is much the same as it was two years ago, then it will be the same two years from now if the paradigm doesn’t shift.

My writing needs improvement.

However, Buddha found what is known as the universal truth. To find this the Buddha had to undergo very hard times for a period of six years. He went through the process of self indulgence and found that it was not possible to attain Nibbana. Then he went through the process of self mortification which is giving the body enormous suffering. But through these two extremes he could not achieve what is known as the enlightenment. Finally to was successful when he went through the process of the Middle Path. This is consisting of Eight noble states of the “mind”. So through this state of mind he achieved the enlightenment. You have to understand that although I state here in a very easy manner Buddha’s finding had been very advanced and not that easy to understand. However, what he achieved was deep study and analysis of the human mind. This state was called the enlightenment. Through this process any human being could achieve this state where there is a neutral condition of the human mind. I should stress here further that his teachings has shown that the universe is unending and infinite. Likewise our human mind has no starting point and ending point unless you come to the state of NIBBANA. He found that everything in this universe is covered by three truths. First one is “Anichcha”.Which says that everything in the universe whether it is a life or a another material thing is subject to continuous change. This change causes the human mind to achieve sadness. This is called “Dukka”.The third condition is known as “Anathma”.This clearly states that the change obscured cannot be reinstated. Just like you cannot bring back the already gone yesterday to today.

Always look forward to watching your videos. Keep up the amazing work!

Thank you

This video will be so helpful! My Twitter is @squashabae 🙂

You guys are better at teaching than my teacher at school

@OriginalLifeActx I’d vote for him.

Sir your all vedios r very good and your explanation method is very simple and excellent

The problem with conspiracy is that (albeit it is for the most part true), it DOESNT HELP. It just gets you depressed is all.

Great video thanks



I loved him! i wish that i had a teacher like him! he speaks so fast but u can catch every mean of his word 🙂 he is so talanted! with helping 4 minutes he gives me amazing informatsions about Demand and Supply 🙂 Thx so muchch 🙂

Can you please make a video on the distinction between economic profit/rent/surplus?

Can someone shoot over those stretches to fix your shoulders?

Perdón era más!!!!!!!!

I Would love to see a video about Descartes.

The smartest people I talk to are not the PhD physicists, but the real estate developers and Jewish surgeons.

It seems like we’re caught in a trap, that will destroy us if we don’t act to prevent it. It’s common knowledge that businesses use robotic automation to make products faster while spending less and earning more. Because of the business mindset that the more money you have, the more successful and powerful you are, automation is EXTREMELY appealing. Businesses want to get as much profit as possible, and instead of raising the cost of their products, they lower the cost to make said products. This can sometimes result in a lack of quality for that product, but it’s undeniable that the profit for that product will increase.

We’ve known each other for so long

My god adriene has such gorgeous eyes…and that ‘eek’ at 9:30 was so cute!!!!

They’ve got what they diserved. Enjoy your ayatollahs.

Why is charlamagama still working here? he so racist and unprofessional!

Nice one! Are you going to cover more European philosophers? I would like Descartes, Spinoza or Leibniz

Type of an invasion or population migration movement occurring into

Cool video!

I still thought this vidoe was awesome! Even though you were just experimenting with it!

What are these students saying as questions? the genocide comment? the 9/11 comment? the retard that thought he was being slick by waiting until one person dies of the 5 to save the others? The only question u should ask for the fat man situation is IS ANYONE GOING TO SEE ME PUSHING THE FAT MAN? Thats the only difference between the two situations. whether u are seen as complicit or not. fking cunts are so inadequate for “harvard”

Wooooo, beta!

I notice that this “linguist” says at 0.35 “when we hear Donald Trump speaks..” and at 1.20 “…the facts that” and then goes on to list one “fact”.



Not sure if people saying he is dead are joking. Or people saying he is alive are joking.

This video looks like a 1960′ anti capitalism propaganda video, lol.

-hmm i wana hire this person

Props for the rhyming!

Is amazing the power of this song…

How can anyone take this information seriously and continue to function normally


“Voyage au bout de la nuit” (L. F. Céline) is missing.

Alex: Go pick up corn.

Interesting breakdown, good watch.

Btw, the newspaper calls Khoemeni a “mad indian poet” since his family was from India.

I went through this stuff sitting not moving day by day and feeling my blood rush in silence. Not moving them to make htem stale and slow the blood down thick.

Definitely i’ll get a manger job.:)

I demonstrate it in Gestures and body Language 2. Sorry I didn’t use a picture to describe it here

Anyone know what the song was playing in the background, if it is one? It’s awesome.



For example, there was a huge backlash when GTA “only” got a rating of 9 out of 10.

This has to be the most I’ve heard our respected former Prime Minister speak…….😂😂😂

The part about technology increasing alienation was brills, yo

That game looks fun r u playing on a phone or your computer?

Also I love you in Silicon Valley. But seriously you look & sound disturbingly similar to Zach Woods.

and not wish for evil; and not be duped

But for one week. They were completely free. No tax. I only wonder why they cry on their knees. Those strong men should be happy.

Like si hablas español

We are the watchers and protectors of our planet, our own tiny spec of dust in a cosmic swirl, endlessly beautiful in our own unique imperfect way..

Their lifestyle and culture is very similar to the Mongolian reindeer herders.

The girls’ – flickornas

I am really proud of you😄😄😄

Never gonna run around and desert you

This was so helpful towards me

Unless we moved to a roboticly fueled perfect socialism

Sir afc avc sab batao na

“That’s about as smooth as you gon’ get from my ass at this point.”

You guys are such wonderful people. From these videos I get to see the bigger picture which helps me put the little detail together. Thank you!

Why do I get the feeling he’s being sarcastic throughout most of it

Grabs popcorn

Arabic: Words keep changing and you know how

You need a linguist to break down a pornstar saying “give me 30 cocks” swear that shi the most beautiful vocal harmonization on earth

I hope this comes out on mobile this seems like a good game

Yup, the average American is ignorant. that’s why Oboma sat in office for two terms. he ran up more debt than all his predecessor s combined and fucked up more foreign policies in our history. weekend our military to a point that it may take 20 years to overcome and made the United States the cuckold of Iran and north Korea. wake up you people. Its time to grow up and quit being followers in the world. its time to lead.