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Really enjoyed this segment a lot!

I see nothing in Christianity to contradict ‘xibipiio’. A fundamental teaching of the faith is the kingdom of God breaking into an earthly reality now. All can begin to experience heaven now! ‘Thy kingdom come, they will be done on earth as it is in heaven’. Everett’s theological understanding is clearly limited.

Get your popcorn here to enjoy reading the comments of bookreading hipster anoyed because their favourite novels did not make it to this list. Adding up, It saddens me that Guliver’s Travels is not in this list.


Jordan B. Peterson is the best man out there today who’s attempting to work out the importance of myths. Super intriguing.

You do what you need to do girl, whatever is best for you it will all come in good time

Bless your soul omfg

This was very helpful out of all video here that explain expository this the one the explain very well I’am not good at English at all.

I got rickrolled from a comment on pbg lol

Hope I do good in the Toefl and GRE exam….and english is not my first language.

Who else is watching in 2017?

You are so hilarious queen.

Thank you for those courses, I’ve remarked that you use sometimes resort to buying and at the end resort to buy. It will be kind of you if you show me the difference.

Anyone else REWATCHING this in 2017

Thank you for this video. You helped me take weeks of being confused and made it simple to understand.

Pls ad some kind of fleet

Feel al sleep listing to this last night after i sleep i was sleeping hard as a rock

Mannnn I love it when everyone and I turn up to this at the club!

At what point do we realize nationhood actually hinders overall human progress and prosperity?

Es impresionante ver cómo lograron relacionar todos los componentes de las lecturas de una manera tan fluida en su investigación, que además mostraba resultados que podemos evidenciar casi que día a día en nuestro contexto de Bogotá Colombia. Cómo funcionan esas jerarquizaciones entre los miembros de una comunidad educativa y como se puede recaer en estereotipos debido a aspectos superficiales como el habla y los estudiantes se ven juzgados de manera incorrecta debido a estas pequeñeces.

DOOM getting recognition



iii) If he wants to jump but can’t because he’s understandably not ready to die then I’ll tell him use me as a shield from the cart then I’ll grab him and we’ll both fall of.

Listen to you because they’ve

George Washington University – Campaign to Install a ProWestern Government in Iran

What you call Intertextuality I call nostalgia and references.

Really good

I think killing Peter is not right. Because life has floating situation called “future” which involve lots of possibility. So what if Peter can save whole world after 10 years? And what if other 3 person in a boat became killer

I do want to pause and particepate in, but i found these videos just now and i’m going to have an exam 3 hours later. what should i do? i don’t need to get a high score. i just want to pass the exam. help me please!

Gives a structure to reading and a writing guideline

Will Grayson Will Grayson


I want to learn spanish soo bad. I spent so much money on tutors and it didn’t help😩

Case Study #7 – Is free trade as practiced really just a form of welfare foreign aid and crony capitalism? This can easily be explained by the relationship of the cotton gin, invented in 1794, to slavery and the iPhone to cheap foreign labor. A means to feed the hungry cotton gin with raw cotton had to be found; after all well paid field hands were too expensive. Viola! slavery was the answer. Blacks were better off as slaves was the sales pitch. When the tech revolution came around in the 1980’s (automobiles already set up as post war rebuilding) a means was needed to feed the manufacturing of tech devices; American workers were too expensive Viola! cheap foreign labor was the answer. Free trade was the sales pitch. Of course, with the cat out of the bag every other manufacturer of widgets embraced free trade as a easy road to higher profits with little downside. The government did all the dirty work and the capitalists jumped on board.

Lo mejor para relajarte

So if the first volume of the Hyperwebster contains every A-word, i feel pretty bad for the guy responsible for editing the N volume… that’s got to be awkward.

One can argue and debate and the question is still not completely resolved. But it definately makes it easy to choose the lesser evil out of two evils.


With a spread ecological drought and disaster that that de-urbanized the

He talking atl

Excellent teacher!!

Where can I find a video similar to this but talking about business negotiation? I’m really lazy to read the print outs and would rather listen to a video like this.. Thank you

I know no one who speaks incoherently like this – and most of us had to take some sort of speech class at some time in our lives. T. Rump has the vocabulary and consistency of scrambled eggs. I wish I could believe this was a thorough “analysis”, but I would need to see the DATA she is basing her info on… My observations would say he’s a babbling idiot.

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Very helpful, for each of the examples can you tell me if the equilibrium increased or increased. For example of the first example, it looked like the equilibrium decreased?



What about Cossacks 1 or 3? (I dont like Cossacks 2)

Someone’s paying her$ Believe me!

Thnx a lot Mr. Clifford

This Merafucker talks about morals while his over paid, over educated ass takes all these young peoples money. Does he have any lectures on ethics? College itself is immoral. You have to pay the elite to get a certificate to get to make money off of the poor, mentally challenged, and overall weak people in society. On a side note if I was born in Nazi Germany and conditioned over time, I’d probably eventually just want to rest my legs after murdering Jews all day without losing sleep.

@Icannottolerateit “You are asking me to do something that is an exact equivalent of proving the existence of colors to a man born blind.”

Dear Liz. I am a beginner to Ielts learning. your videos are out standing and it helps Ke a lot to correct myself. keep posting and hopefully end of this year I’ll appear for test. once again thank you so much for these awesome ideas

Wow AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Products, services, markets, entertainment, technology = good to be capitalist

In the 100 years since*

What do you think of Paul Dano playing a young Brian Wilson and John Cusack playing an older Brian Wilson, in the same film?

What are those Mr. Robson

“I hope I shall not offend you, if I state quite frankly and openly, that you seem to me to be, in every way, the visible personification of absolute perfection.” – Oscar Wilde

Wal-Mart has spent a lot of money and time making sure that consumers don’t have any other choice. Especially for lower middle class and others below that level of income.

Women r way better @ running hr depts then men r!!!thats just a fact!!!!women r better @ hr then men r!!!!


Bellissimo. ….toccante….



After seeing this I actually believe Aristotle was right, we are born with an “essence” because we can’t really choose our morality like the video suggest, it is something we are born with given by millions of years of evolution (or god whatever you decide)

Most of the self-help material that I’ve seen over the years is very, very over-hyped in my opinion. The diverse self-help techniques that allegedly help many people seem to me to only work on certain kinds of people. And if they work for you, fine. Good for you, really. But don’t assume that every personality type can get a positive effect from any of this. Please don’t think that people who claim to get nothing or very little from a certain technique are just not working hard enough at it. It just so happens that we’re put together very differently as people. Some of us are apparentlly destined to being mediocre, or worse. These self-help authors/speakers make it sound as if one just has to get the right information and apply it correctly to make very positive changes. From my experience, and from witnessing how many people end up disappointed, I’m very sure that many purveyors of self-help very well know that their targetted audience is vastly larger than the number of people who can actually get a positive effect, if any, from getting with the program.

All great books that made me cry

What about Mickey Rourke’s Russian in ironman2? sounded legit to me.

She should say some more less……. but well i like her way of communication.

This looks even bigger then Planetary Annihilation!

Gonaaaaaaaaaaaa evolve salieron muchas cosas y metieron un goliath nuevo con fuego azullllll

He looks like Dennis from Always Sunny

Technology has been captured, ASSIMILATED, refined and transformed into brutally-efficient – self-replicating-mechanisms-o­f-war…

A video about Barnabus Sanderous that’s not filled with liberal propaganda?

I am a native English learner. I wish I had you as my teacher when I was in school. Now, I am teaching others how to write better and I really enjoyed watching you making learning interesting and easier.


This video was so helpful for my students.

Sir can I get ur contact no.

Nice job sirrr…..U really clear all point of each part.

I miss obama

We increasingly value empirical evidence (the basis of science) above other information, they have entirely based communication on those principles – beautiful.



Man, I thought pride and prejudice and Dantes inferno would be on there

A lo mejor el señor de arriba a la derecha es el en el futuro.

Making those three movies at the same time is the economy of scope not of scale, right? i am confused.

What a fantastic video, thank you

Think they’re going for a more ‘realistic’ aesthetic.

I’m just listening to this so i can concentrate on my fan-fics ):3

Thank you


You are awesome thanks

Can you do crash course literature on the Bible?

We watched this in class

Dear Professor, Thank you very much for these lessons. At this moment I am attending an Executive Master in HR in Rome. We have only two meetings per month and the programm is very practical. We do case studies, role playings and group discussions..Having the possibility to listen at your lessons is making this Master equivalent to a full time Master! So this is amazing! Keep on doing this excellent job!

As a uni student, I did most of those things in class, but as a teacher I now find myself in exactly the opposite situation, knowing that my students pay attention to less than a half of what I say, and that most of it find it extremely boring….

This guy is absolutely clueless about history!



You just saved me from a 90 mark exam………Well Thanks to your Photos I UNDERSTOOD a lot or otherwise my mam would give me 0 in Julius Caesar.

One of the main problems is the different narratives people teach their children all over the globe..information and the narrative such as the one in this video does ‘paint’ a completely different ‘picture’ for every human who sees, hears, understands, believes it to be true and then integrates it into their world view. Well, 3 million people out of 7billion saw it..that’s not going to work. You have large chunks of populations all over the globe that believe the planet is 5000 years old or something like that. To those people is almost impossible to explain otherwise. Progressive governments need to emerge and distance government and government education from religions in order to create a new/next wave of enlightenment.

I have a mental age of a 4 year old…. feels good

Ha ha ha frodo baggins is not a human he is a hobit

Thank u


Is extinct

Loved the stories and lesson! ignor the hatarz

You might be thinking of “talents” through the lens of, “I’m 13 and I’m as skilled of a painter as an art-school professor,” or “I’m extraordinarily good at sciences or maths.” But you have been misled, my friend, that is NOT what “Talent” is!


That… was amazing. THANK YOU SO MUCH~!

Thanks sir

9:52 infinite screaming

Good teacher

BLM is a racist bullshit used by ignorant idiots to market themselves.

Why intermediate good include as final goods aftr one year without any consumption… as final good used for final consumption but thr is no consumption of intrmediate good with in or aftr a year

This is a lesson worth sharing. Good.

Is this the same as circular flow of income?

It’s still trash 🗑

When right hand(Upper caste) does not want to touch left hand(left over caste), how would they work out together?. And then we blame British & Westerners.

Why does everyone praise this average at best show? I just don’t understand.

Latvian 7 cases too. Cool stuff.

Blue my teacher said search your name and watch it! tnx i specialy like it!

Up till now, I assumed that they were the majority. It must suck having bad rep placed on you because of that.

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If there are no job the result no money no market no indestrey self destructive loop

What about if it’s neither an agree or disagree but asks you to discuss.

Hello dear i wanna know about one word which is confusing me is that : illustrate.

I have no idea how to say thank you for this wonderful video. thank you bro


He speaks like everybody else? I do not know one single person who speaks in such a demented manipulative way. Even my aunt who actually suffers from dementia talks like an adult. She may forget a couple things here and there but still has her decency. I know only of one who talks like Trump: Hitler.

Another masterpiece of a video. well done, sir.

Just round the fucking 0.5 up!!

Wow you just told all americans who struggle with the german “ch” how to easily pronounce it. props

3:38 Isn’t that Thai script? You show it as if it was also Indo-European, but if it’s Thai it’s not. If it’s not Thai, what is it? 🙂

Great work carry on

I think Adam Smith has been grossly misrepresented by certain people in recent times, but his concern for the public and criticism of abuses by the wealthy seems as relevant today as in 1776.

This just reminds me of that part in the dark knight when the joker says: You’ll see, when the chips are down… these civilised people…. they’ll eat each other.

I like your opinion on this and I think it would certainly make a difference if marvel does colour-grade their movies more vibrantly. But I also think that it’s a objective matter rather than subjective truth, I see no reason to call it “ugly” or “problem”, I would just stand by it and try to enjoy the movies that the studio has to offer and perhaps to understand the decision were made rather than criticising them.

Those that we think are being ignored.

Hello! these exam technique videos for AS are so helpful! do you have any videos that go through the topics in edexcel for theme 1 and theme 2?

Thanks. It is useful to me.

There anyone that can give me the transcription from the 8 minute to 20 minute pleaaaaaaaaseee!!!! help me i speak spanish so i cant understand so much 🙁

Spam 0 on your keyboard lmao

15. hyperbole/metaphor



My Grand father told me he made money every month of the 1930’s and the postman brought it to him! Also every bought more,

He speaks like a salesman… a shonky salesman… believe me… now sign here. Linguist lady he speaks like every salesman selling timeshare and crap no one needs.


Brusspups a girl

– “You do not want to learn a new language, you do not know what you can earn from it” – Hag

Ben Linus now teaches at Harvard!

7:08, make sure you don’t approach from the front. Why?


Most people like whats popular, and whats popular is almost always not nearly as popular as what intelligent – Its true

-only learn stuff on a need to know basis. You can get through life not knowing the capital of France is Paris

I watched xisumas videos of this game and no offence to him, but I thought you might be less derpy

Reply to this comment in the languages that you know!

My first language is Spanish and I’m kind of fluent in english, im trying to perfect it though. and i want to learn a new language, i just don’t know which one and besides i don’t have enough time:(

By Mail: min. hague@mea. gov. in, indiaportal@gov. in

Woah, didn’t know their was a way to produce so much information from a few clever rhymes. This video seemed to pushed further the essay video format considerably in surprises. Bravo, keep up the good work.

Thnks it help me a lot in exam


Aww cmon man why’d ya have to move all the guests so quickly. They definately wont be coming back to that hotel.

More book recommendations pleaseee!

Back in the day when he didnt scream his intro and outro




That’s wrong my friend… I am 21 years old. 4 years ago, I use to think the same way you did, until I had a encounter with God. A personal encounter, and that completely changed the way I used to think or see everything, because I had just seen the Lord. He is real, and I have experienced His presence in my life, and do every day, and it’s wonderful. No one ever forced anything to me, I just cant deny what Ive seen, and What Ive heard, and what burns inside of me, which is the presence of God.


Very Poor presenation of topic…. she is standing just like a pole making some noise 😅

I’m going to use this to help me write an essay to try to win 5k so my family can go to Florida so I can go to universal studios and have a Harry Potter vacation

How can people do all tese??

I’m afraid of cutting my leg off when i use a chainsaw.

What if you run it all backwards to the starting point and then stop it or have never started it? Is nonexistence infinite?

*chugs scotch*

Who wants to learn Chinese? I can teach you for free. (Wechat No. 346448819)

Thanks for the upload!

Watched this tonight as part of an adult education course and wante to say that this video perfectly articulates why I want to go back to education.

‘The flemish lion has a tight grip on the area around Brussels” lol

Sir price kya hai

@QuintessentialCraker namaste. It wasn’t that you hurt my feelings, but you didn’t allow me to correct myself before disqualifying my mental aptitude. It just seemed condescending. I don’t believe that now since you understand my error. Certainly The speaker, is fallable, but true scholastic endeavors should never be proven inerrant— rather that they allow are paradigms to grow, change as our reality grows/change. Your comment just gave it more insight and inspired us to be aware.

– the people who harvest the wheat (or drive the combine harvester);

I really liked the last book (no book at all)

I just recently found this channel and i started watching all the philosophy videos, and all this time i’ve been following stuff i didn’t know about, the closest ones i’ve had are with Lao Tzu and Epicurus, is this a message?

Very nice



What’s the use of making a video of the reality of life for the 1% of the 99%?

Also “Take 60 seconds to think if you feel annoyed or threatened.” What a way to dismiss all arguments that disagree with you as bigots. Seriously with this? You ask people to take a minute to think, but at the same time you’re dismissing all of the opinions that don’t line up with your own as bigotry. That’s not trying to learn, that’s trying to stick to your own masturbatory self-righteous beliefs.

# fourth second

Sir pls explain concept of revenue ch also

Failing the way we resort to virtuousness

Your forgot “Roots”. Classic

WTF where is Generals zero hour…u should be kidding!!

So many organisations focus on the financial rewards only and neglect the real human factor, the intrinsic motivators of individuals. If we can tap into these and create a communal environment, I imagine we’d see far happier people and far more successful, profitable organisations with thriving organisational culture.

Wheres econ 3

To many filler words, too many ums, distracting hand gestures, no back bone


AU and RU are anachronistic when applied to Bentham and Mill. Consequentialism has also been argued as anachronistic. It’s a 20th century term being applied to 19th century moral theory. It’s a misunderstanding at best and a misrepresention at worst. Even if it is true that Bentham is AU, Mill is certainly not. Mill is often argued to be RU.

This guy is so cute when he tries to be funny

This guy is blowing smoke up your ass. He teaches you methods to apply towards advancing your knowledge of a foreign language without letting you know how he learned to speak a foreign language.

We simply are no-one to chose who must dye. Just by considering the question, we are accepting that all morality is based on our self and our consciousness. We must believe in a third party and let it choose, because either we would never be brave and cold blooded enough to turn and kill one person, and no one could bear with 5 people´s death. We must locate was is good and bad in our intuitions, because then we don´t choose and we are certain it was the right decision, the one destiny had served.

ETH will rice because it’s created for the Elite to total controle us in the future. Mark off the beast.

By far the best ted talk ever!