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I had to pick hair up after

He said script-writer.

But you’ve got to get to the root of the problem, or you’ll just be a fragile fake.

Finals Week Thank’s


1: suffer from being rejected by a couple of women

It is a pleasure for me to hear that voice. Your accent is fabulous. Just obsessed with it


Balto-Slavic – father of European languages.

And if some dumb ass confuses that with “Well uh, I’m afraid of heights so Ima go jump off a cliff.” Its no wonder why people like to critize without truly understanding him.

You should totally make subtitle for everyone to understand…..

Actually gender roles mean that a woman can dress as a man otherwise she’s oppressed however a man in a dress? skirt? crop top? He’s considered a freak in most places of the world. Women have massive advantages in modern society. The fact you can wear pants isn’t emasculating, real men can’t be emasculated. It is however a double standard women hold over men. its basically saying “we women can dress how we want but you men can’t if you want a girlfirend”… attitude change is your responsability

Sir mujhe monetary policy samjhna hai kya ap bata samte hai

Kunta Kinte!

If you want a real issue to discuss, why not discuss the fact that teachers are underpaid and and often apathetic to their role, and what that means for society?

These videos have helped me so much on my midterms this week, thank you so much

Business spending (investment)

Thank You Mam for your Micro Economics Lecture…

Although you do not speak the Albanian language before the Greeks we have presented a chart that there Albanian language is older than the 7,500 years of Greek language whenever the truth will emerge because you can not escape the truth of



My job is holding a sign 8 hours a day advertising for a dog wash place. I can’t be replaced by a machine, but I can be replaced by a stick.

Easy to understand boring subject

Thanks and God bless! 🙂

This is blasphemy. Buddhism is a man-made doctrine. The only faith that is rooted in divine power is the Church of Christ! See Romans 16:16-20.

It’s not “the Ukraine”. It’s Ukraine. Please change the subtitle.

What a cool video

Here’s a thought: The only reason we need jobs is because we need money to buy stuff. If automation comes to a point where we can produce things ridiculously cheap, would we still need to have jobs?

Trump intentionally limits his vocabulary when speaking to the masses. That’s because he knows the Principles and Practice of Advertising, Chapter V, p. 229: “The utility of words depends upon the ability of the individual to employ them in such a manner as will create, in the minds of others, images which are duplicates of those in his own mind. … This is a more difficult proposition than is generally realized. The extent and quality of the images which one person can create in the minds of others, by the use of words, is contingent upon the scope of the reader’s [hearer’s] vocabulary and the degree of refinement of his understanding or [sic: of] the words comprising his vocabulary. … under ordinary circumstances the most effective way for one person to create images in the minds of others is to employ simple words.” Trump is very likely “translating” what he wants to say into either in advance or as he goes. The words “bad” and “great” are not only easy to understand for people with or without much of an education, but they are also extremely easy to understand by people whose first language is not English, and they are easy to translate into foreign languages. It takes a brilliant mind to take complex concepts and distill them into a 5th to 8th grade vocabulary. (That makes most of us brilliant when we talk to kids.) Don’t most of us listen to somebody and immediately boil it all down to simple words like “big,” “little, “good,” “bad,” and the like in order to categorize the gist of what they’ve said? Trump saves you the effort and gets right down to the gist from start to finish, especially in a stadium full of unequally-educated or mentally varied members of the public. Intelligent people can inflate the simple vocabulary into more high-flown phrasing. If your mind is stopped by simple words, there’s not much that anyone can do for you.

This is the first time i watch a full documentary. stuff like this usually doesn’t interest me but this drew me into it some how. i’m only fourteen.

Latinos o españoles reportense :’v


It’s actually called a dialect not an accent. Just saying. It’s only an accent, that is, it would be called an “American accent”, when you are from an country that’s first language is not English. The universal phonetic alphabet, part of what was shown can explain dialects and accents far better. Knowledge.

… unless there was an update last thing i heard they stated the shields in TA ESC didn´t propperly work so that they removed them for now…

Mos Def

Hi Emma, first i would like to say you are nice and the best. Even though i go to school every day and i am grade 9, but i had so many problems to write an essay. now i learned the best techniques that how to write an essay from lovely teacher who is Emma. Thank you so much.

Its good but you guys talk too fast



And even if there was such a certainty, the workers at the trolley line assumed a risque that something like that would happen, while the person that just happened to take a strall there at that moment had no choice.

The JUMP’s are to be used as loops (or to skip – if 0 for example).

Not only did Foucault refuse to speak about himself, he also rejected the notion that an author’s “biography” provides insights into his or her work. Mentions of his sexuality and upbringing might titillate some viewers, but they won’t help you understand Foucault’s thought at all.

Easy. Get a British Accent but don’t look like an ugly limey.

Whether this ‘fight against ‘homophobia’ and ‘heteronormism’ is or is not a just cause isn’t necessarily what should preoccupy us most at this stage;

“True courage is in facing danger when you are afraid. And that kind if courage you have in plenty.”

Your videos have been a GREAT anchor and saving grace!

This looks AWSOME! XD The planet looks alot like those on Spore, and shows how WAR should have been done in spore 🙂 i like it

Another lovely video, Jade! I’m doing English at uni and my course is 100% coursework, it’s perfect for me since I love essay writing…maybe I’m a bit odd? Haha, but I agree with everything you said and believe it can apply to GCSEs, A Levels and higher education, #ASTARGCSECREW Xx

Why do some markets take longer to adjust than others?

Alters, conceals, falsifies, or destroys

I was expecting to see “The Color Purple” on here, and one novel from the 1980’s worth mentioning is Tom Wolfe’s “The Bonfire of the Vanities.”

Actually it’s “ur’e”

This is really helping me

What you forgot is: Instead of creating new jobs in a way that the economy demands more hours of human work due to new kinds of productivity, there is a good chance new jobs will be created be reducing the hours every person will work on average per day/month.



Don’t tell me you’re too blind to see

Watching video.. Trying to find a reason to care.. Found no reason.. Now im not caring.. Why it was recommended.. Also no reason.. Therefore I have no reason to care

U teach very well sir, and concepts are clear

You’re an excellent teacher! Thanks a lot

I have to write an Annotated Bibliography for my nursing101 class that’s due in 6 hours. Ha! Good luck to all of us.

Skill sets (innovative irrigation, farming, rainwater storage filtering while keeping the water table stable) are not marketable where they cannot be used.

Omg, your voice is almost exactly like moaning myrtles when you make that funny voice, as in that jokey voice you did towards the middle. :O

After a day on the small boat, while everyone was still in a capable frame of mind to make decisions, I would explained to everyone the most probable outcomes of some worst case scenarios and suggest actions we can take for the “benefit of the majority”.

I enjoyed listening to you.

You’re a great teacher!

“- the defining factor is never resources, its resourcefulness” awesome!

“So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.” – F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby

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In short, its a pretty damn clever system, & i only think it will break under the weight of its own greed & hubris. which is why so many people today almost seem to fantasize about things like a zombie Apocalypse or some other great unraveling event.

FYI this documentary is 9 years old

When there’s no past papers because you’re doing the new GCSE

This is stupid

Comparative literature is one of the stupidest ideas ever. If no teacher forced a student to analyze a work of literature, no student would. That tells you how stupid teachers are.



Lol I have to finish two more pages of my Issue Exploration essay in English by midnight, and I’m just finding any excuse not to do it

Omg retard there are 2 baltic language there isnt only Lithunian but its Latvian, Lithunian

Video splendor benefited a lot

Anyone else notice all the pansexual flag colors…?

Yep got 12/14 = 7, thanks man

You are the best online teacher there is by far! Everytime I need help in economics you are the first person I look for to help. Your videos are easy to understand, entertaining, and extremely helpful. Thanks you so much for putting your time in and making these videos!

The arguments posed in this video sound like things psychopaths would deal with much better as the out side observer. Ever heard of the trolley problem? Shooting the indigenous person or killing the man with no family to save 5 other people who need organs. A psychopath would be able to do those things without feeling empathy for the one who has to take one for the team. Provided you could give them enough of a reason for it to be worth their time.

1:27 haha sitting at home and watching #TWD lol. btw thanks a lot for this great series of lectures.

Brussup is a girl

Holy hell 15:09 on and my family is about as American as you can be w/o being a direct blood relative of Geo. Washington and for all I know we are…. 5 kids and Mom had one “misfire” or it’d be 6, Mom and Dad married when Mom was barely out of high school…. and this was not considered unusual enough to remark upon in the 1960s/early 1970s.

Me: Crash Course video>> settings>>speed>>2

What isn’t true has no truth value…

He said “you fucking dicks”

I like how he says hard rock then proceeds to play As I Lay Dying 😛