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“After a year of slavery in the Salt Mines of Endovier, Celaena Sardothien was accustomed to being escorted everywhere in shackles and at swordpoint.” I have this memorised lmao

Thank you for those courses, I’ve remarked that you use sometimes resort to buying and at the end resort to buy. It will be kind of you if you show me the difference.

If you play it at 0.5 speed, you get vaporwave.

Since you have done laozi, i think that you might want to talk about zhuang zi as well

No seriously. this video makes me so sad.

I was initially taking a gap year but circumstances have caused me to use that year for a retake one. Still thinking of taking one after my additional year to do some volunteering and work. Anywhoo, great vid chum! x


Read SnowCrash by Neal Stephenson – an interesting ‘concept’ re language

This was so much fun to watch

Like the eyes of baxter 👁👀

Sup ese

What kind of idiot work at BI to let this shit out?

John Green has a small wang.

Like Scanian is diverged from Stockholm dialect, since the spelling < rot > hides a divergence between [ ruwt ] in Stockholm and [ R(e)ouwwt ] (approx.!) in Malmö, with < r > in one case = r (Italian r) and in one case = R (French R). But this divergence does not separate the dialects from each other, vocabulary, phraseology etc flows pretty freely from one to the other (at least if we speak of Swedish as spoken in Scania rather than Scanian proper). That may have been similar to relations between Italian and Sardinian. Roumanian diverged much more thoroughly. You are treating it as evolutionists treat cladograms for supposed common ancestry – in fact Darwin partially plagiarised Grimm brothers.

I called it. Neoliberalism ahoy.



Just a question. When I mention the name of the author for example : According to Tomas Billitery author and journalist “Half of high school students said they bullied someone in the past year…..” (Tomas Billiteli) Is necessary to write his name again between quotation at the end of the paragraph??? Thank you

@uyulolpolly True, I totally agree, also why even spend time watching a video that you hate, and if you do hate it why share that in the comment section???

Hmm with those answers I could’ve applied to Harvard. These are supposed to be the future elite leaders of the world. However, it is an into class so they could be underclass.

Im sure if these people had a brain they’d take it out & play with it.

Круто, конечно, но баланс ни к чёрту 🙁

Harry f ing Potter

This is great. I am an introvert, and hate talking to people, especially public speaking, but I am at high position at work and am now having to force myself to get out of my bubble

Fine woman. Lucky is the one who becomes her cunnilinguist!

What program is used please?

Goddamn this bitch is annoying. that voice and those pauses…


You’re actually motivating me to revise! do a video about music and art pls

Do TED talks ever happen in OZ?

0:01 You mean 4.54 billion years old

If not, null

He sound like Cobie Smulders, and she also reminds me of my African grey parrot, Hedwig

Please give enough time for us to digest what you’ve said..



Alternate facts are for alternate universes, let’s just stick to this one.

I love this movie but I don’t understand all the dialogue, Someone cam help me to improve my level by talking with me (skype, facebook, …), I’m french 😉


It says tell us what you think – I think that was absolutely epic. So helpful. Thankyou!!!!

Im sorry you see it that way.

This track list above is not accurate.

“His idea is today that cynicism of those in power is so open that we don’t need any critique of ideology, you reach symptomatically between the lines, everything is cynically openly admitted. We just have to bring out the facts of people. Like “This company is profiting in Iraq” and so on and so on. Here I violently disagree.”

PEOPLE what Judith is saying is that “gender” is a social construct. She is using a word you have already assigned a different meaning to, let that go. SEX is male female, essentially your biological makeup, if you’re born with a penis or a vagina. What she’s saying is that from society and ourselves and this “phenomenon” around us, we believe that BECAUSE of our SEX we have to adopt certain traits. For example, you may have a penis but not CONFORM to all stereotypes such as enjoying football.. you may prefer a fashion show? Judith uses a brilliant comment “I have some friends who say “I would die if I had to wear a dress” some of those are men, some of them are women”. Just because you’re born with a vagina doesn’t mean you have to do anything society tells you to, you don’t have to wear dresses for example. Essentially Judith is freeing us of all constraints, basically shes saying do what you want! If you’re against her then your for society controlling your identity.

Sugar tax and regulation came up

A dream to you can be reality to me

I had to download more ram ok


To boost your programming knowledge a little: 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32 are “power of two” numbers.

I studied Turkish and there yiu can find six cases (nom gen dat acc abl loc) with quite distinct functions. I really like it that you don’t have to think about whether things are ‘on the street’ or ‘at the street’ or ‘in the street’ because you just use the locative of street

Good luck

So much Brainwashing for people that don`t like to think for themselvs. Why don`t you say how MONEY is REALLY made? . Why don`t you say that money are made out of thin air and we have to work to get them. Why don`t you say that the economy you state it is actualy an ANTIECONOMY. You see my friend you can`t call something is ECONOMIC when it`s build to destroy itself as fast as possible so you buy it again as fast as possible. Examle are all over from cars, houses and everything is build and sold. ITs Capitalism not Economy > ECONOMY means you build a table out of the best wood possible so i can use for how many years i can untill it detiriorates and i have to buy another one. In that way i used a table for 20 years.

I have an idea to keep car prices low… How about the CEOs of those companies, won’t take 12 millions a year??? Hmmm??

Such an awesome video haha

Hey there, is it possible for you to do the point, proof, analysis method by sunday? I kind of have an english exam then. I wish I knew of this channel earlier. :*(

Ho my god I understand Mousse click in the song of 38:00 xD

Great lecture

(yes i know this comment is mean:( )



Nice Lecture


As an English Solicitor, I am watching this and thinking ‘I should have gone to Harvard, easy and interesting ‘. hahahahahah, just kidding. Easy because I have gone through these phases but interesting to note other peoples arguments.

I like this. it’s really informative

Thank you

The Szechuan Sauce bit at the end was clearly the writers poking fun at people who read way too much into this cartoon, like yourself.

Scenario four: Forgo the five, do not murder.

See in my highschool I’m in first year so I don’t do exams for another year but we practice all the different exams questions and essays which is really helpful

Do you have a copy of the Aqa paper 1 for Economics? If so can you please go over that paper and post it online please. Thank you.

Slight problem, every point will be yellow.

Thank you Mr Clifford! After 2 attempts at this module, The 3rd time I know will be something special!!! ACDC ROCKS!!! Never enjoyed learning Economics until, I found this channel. Definitely Life Changing stuff

He was number one!

It’s illegal to rip money in london so i can’t make money out of thin air like you

I would kill to hang out with John Green

OK so you said what Bulova Deb Deb and you do realize that means you’re in pain and you want to help. Just don’t think about it and continue on with your life.


i’m a writer, and i can take 4 klonopin, 3 grns morphine tabs (180mgs), 3 adderall caps, toke a nice blunt – and think more clearly than most of these robots who all try to act the same as each other.

Human conditioning more than anything else. . .. happens everywhere not just in india, they can free themselves if they wanted to. . . if they knew how.

“If you really want to hear about it, the firstthing you’ll probably want to know is where I was born, and what my lousy childhood was like, and how my parents were occupied and all before they had me, and all that David Copperfield kind of crap, but I don’t feel like going into it, if you want to know the truth.”

This insistence on declaring the system as “undemocratic”, which it is, but totally ignoring the conditions that led to its nature after the revolution, namely imperialism and foreign policy meddling of western countries, is something that white liberal narrative is all about.

Best explanation, thank you very much sir.

I procrastinate a lot. Way to motivate someone

>Thomas the Tank Engine RPG i can get behind this.

It’s great and encourageable stuff, but my gosh, it went FAST! It is quite a thing to process and it being presented in such a fast pace doesn’t necessarily help. Other than that. KEEP IT UP!

Where the f..k is LATIN, lingua franca in Middle Ages Europe?



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Why are you in great pain?

Kellyanne Conway is a fraud. She couldn’t get away with that kind of bull shyt in a court of law.

Aye aye captain!

Amazing, amazing, amazing!

3:50 so then, for feminism to be successful, we don’t need to make sexism look undesirable, we have to make equality look MORE desirable.

I watched this after watching the Trump spelling bee by “Funny or Die” so I thought I was watching another comedy skit. I looked at who made it. Washington Post? Very funny. Great parody on fake news.

Good one. Thank you sir.

U missled allot of important points

This man throws out many things that absolutely have provable value without a single caveat about how they are good in some situations. This man tells us we already have enough people telling us we can’t do stuff. In real life we live in a massively dishonestly nice society and what we don’t get enough of is people calling us on what we are doing wrong. Sometimes this “if they don’t like it fuck ’em” attitude just leads to people being dishonestly nice to you but it’s worse than that; can you not imagine a situation in which you are being unfair to someone and without them confronting you, with a negative and serious attitude, that you would carry on treating people unfair? There are so many places where you need alternate perspectives to evaluate if you are living in a way that maximizes everyone’s well-being and this clutz is telling you you need less criticism. Would you really say this is a speech convinces people they need to honestly evaluate criticism of their actions or does this speech tell people they need to reject dissenting views and get them out of their life because confidence.

Very nice speech… congratulations from Patagonia, Argentina.

La que tiene lentes

I wonder if this is why so many sociopaths find support for their psychopathy in “a better life after death” beliefs?

Did anyone else feel like theyre getting kicked in the balls?

This is me. I’m so southern, I can’t even pretend to tone down my accent.

This has been in my recommendations for literally weeks. Why.



You are the best teacher 😘😘😘😘

What’s up with his feathers

Disappointing that the long boring clip included ZERO gameplay footage. They obviously have little confidence in their product…

Very interesting presentation, I learned a lot

Please may you send me your notes for the who of the OCR gcse economics course? x my email in nicolemgarrido@gmail. com

0:16 wat the….

Just Splendid!


No, it’s not because of us!, it’s because of other people.

This was BS list. I mean, there are great novels here, no doubt, but you only put novels that had movie ecranisations of them. What about Ivo Andric’s – Bridge on Drina, that masterpiece had got Nobel Price, and it took it form J. R.R. Tolkiens Lord of the Rings non the less, and you put LOTR on the list and not that. And further more, LOTR deservs more recognition because of the impact that has on todays masses, not only for that time it was writen in. Book is that more good when it withstands the test of time, and it can be read more than once and not to lose it’s magic, voice, charm..ect…

Haha that’s true. When i became angry or upset with the people, i could shout or talk so rude in front of them in different languages, despite they do not know my language meaning exactly. So it could not broke the people’s heart. 😊😊😊😊

I hope that i can know about the world without racism like him

He’s brilliant

I was looking for the “here from wolfieraps” comment

Sissy boys unite!

A RTS not from blizzard..

As a balding man, I’m triggered and need a full apology from the staff of Crashcourse.



Romeo and Juliet wasn’t a love story. It is a 3 day relationship between a 13 and 17 year old that causes 6 deaths

Very Interesting.. Thanks for the knowledge

I just submitted my Harvard application noooooooo I wish I saw this before 😭😭😭

Your outro is what made me subscribe. “Here’s my social media links so you can yell at me on multiple platforms” 😂 priceless

Frodo is a hobbit not human mind you

Jacksepticeye tomorrow corporation made made goo world too

U r a genius mann!!!!

That moment when all the comments make this about incest.🤔

It’s great and encourageable stuff, but my gosh, it went FAST! It is quite a thing to process and it being presented in such a fast pace doesn’t necessarily help. Other than that. KEEP IT UP!

Great lesson, as ever.

thanks all

I didn’t find any difference among those 3 guys in consciousness sense :). They all look for the same thing man. I eat, I sleep, I have sex, does that make me a man?

Is the maschine side more complicated because of the deploing and the whole lot of buttons???

30 min it would be good if the speaker adds the information on deaf children to the wiki himself. He would probably be qualified enough to give it a start.

Simple, the media just need to stop interviewing her, i mean serioulsy, the world has enough goining on, do we really need to hear this woman talk any more…. ever? sniffs, is that cows i can smell?…. sheep? oh no it is Bulls!!

This video is clearly biased against western countries. Makes me remember those old communist propaganda attacking the american way of life. Nevertheless this video content is concise and interesting.

I love him. Came to this by accident and didn’t even see the title.



Nice moustouche


As an indian myself from a higher caste, this is fucking ridiculous. I grew up here in the US but nobody in my family condones or treats anybody like this. Check out Rotatary Club in some cities in India and see some of the good they are doing. But yea, this shit is horrible.

1:30 is where the gameplay begins (ish)

When Trump speaks, he reminds me some of the street vendors I see in Asia. For instances, a watermelons sellers say : my watermelons are so sweet, if they are not, you can have it for free! But guess what, after you purchase it and taste the watermelons, they are never sweet. Furthermore, if you try to return those watermelons you bought to these people, you will not win this giant argument about the watermelons sweetness. You lose!

Porque el titulo esta en español, al igual la descripción, el audio en ingles y los comentarios están en ingles?

Yo it’s [6] million ways to die, from the [7] deadly thrills(C)

Beautiful illustration..

Free spech is impossible in sjw dominated world…

Catcher in the Rye:

911 percent love you Todd. And. Baby boy Gregory love you too. Katie cecere 911 call me Beautiful boy Stevan love you too Todd Jimmy Chrisb Ryan

Having a job is selling your work for money. It is implicit in the requirement to sell such work for a salary to ACQUIRE ownership, that ownership of the resources is not a priori. Science and politics don’t mix well, in fact that’s a central debate in modern political philosophy. Just as much as the VP lacks proof of their model’s plausibility, the opposite is just as true, and is also the case with the current system.

This is borderline creationist.


We hav to learn sanskrith

You should all read/

To be a hero simply you need to have powers that nobody will ever have…

Awsome sir 👌👌👌


This why people are voting for the tories

Is this perfect competition an assumption?

Audio is very low volume, had to run Pulse Audio volume control and put it to max of 153% on my computer’s OS GNU/Linux Ubuntu.

He will tell me to clean the floor.



Frodo’s a hobbit you donk.

5. Link to other part of play/novel

If you pay somebody enough money and give them an accent tutor, they can say anything.

They said brazil hu3hu3hu3 cade os brs

When being a man has become irrelevant and meaningless?

That one line of French is what got me man

Maybe the tone of the movies is calculated to go from what’s happening in the past to what’s happening now and then when the movies later on in the storyline go with deeper more vibrant colors to give the movies a sense of being progressively more significant. Also it might be the film makers are/were gun-shy of the stigma of “comic books are for kids” so they’re doing everything they can to make it not cartoonish and vibrant but to be more “realistic” to draw a audience that is skeptical of a movie based on a comic book.

2019 in a nutshell.

Well.. I’m fucked

Good video i have learnt something!

Great job, will there be a part 2?

Wrong your lying you are lying believe me

It might have been nice if I knew about this before. I had to work out Existentialism myself, from scratch. Although, it did feel nice to be really sure of what I believed in, because I thought it through myself, rather than be told about it, and just say: ‘Hmm… That looks good enough; I’ll adopt that.’

Are people free to sell themselves into slavery?

Screaming internally while smiling on the outside

Thanks Ms Niharika.. I like your teaching patience 💐

Not thinking about it is really not an option if you want to live a content or even purposeful life. Those who believe everything is meaningless can’t possibly have a happy life. I’m sure plenty of you people disagree and even feel a little indignant that I would suggest such a thing, but simply developing a coping mechanism to hide the underlying unhappiness of your world-view isn’t living a happy or content life. It’s pretending something isn’t bothering you, pretending that it isn’t there, lurking on the other side of your conscious attempt to build a wall around your deepest fears. You’re moving through life creating your own “meaning” and telling yourself, well, that it means something. It’s still meaningless.

Maybe the Szechuan Sauce is a metaphor for happiness. Like, a time when Rick was content with life.

I love your videos! you are so awesome

Alright, this list is only about books written in English!!! Can you make the real list with Kafka, Proust, Mann, Kundera, Musil,…?

• Research Design

Really good



What is the correct referencing for when getting information from a website and has no author/publisher/theorist? Thanks

Here is an update…. Kickstarter of this game has been OFFICIALY canceled…

When Trumps speaks, my 7 year old is embarrassed.

Great you are aa legend… thanks

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You have saved me. Praise Jeffrey.


Oh, and thanks for this video!

Number 7 is by maroon 5 not gym class heroes

Man, job interviews suck. They are so fake. Everyone, learn to work for yourself. Start up your own business.

He’s talking like he would at home

This video was a great help to my daughter in her exam.. Thanks.

Speaking of intertextuality, what was the song at the end used in?

I need bahasa Indonesia translate for this!


Btw I also plan to try learn French once I know Spanish as good as English by heart, I think that will go even faster because Spanish obviously must have some common words with French and English probably has a number of common words with French so that would go even faster than if I didn’t know English and Spanish then tried learning French.

I think rappers dont spend hours of time to concentrate on their flow. They just have a feeling for rhymes. And thats what makes a good rapper. Good Texts, individual and good flow.


Amo su musica es relajante

Too bad this failed 🙁

At least they got Albanian right