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Young thug said “im a username like who is he” he’s good, you don’t need to understand shite

Honestly I thought this would be boring but surprisingly no, it’s something I gotta say,


G8!! hahaha…

“but the child ran across the freeway at night which meant they broke the law first and in doing so placed me in a situation in which I needed to stop the car but was unable to”

Hello Liz,

Midnight by Sister Soulja

Anyone feels he has a huge head?

Can anyone please tell me what video was he talking about at the end of his speech? thankyou!

This was so interesting!

Why so many dislikes? It’s ment to be funny.

I had to turn the volume all the way down for this video

Personally I find him boring

He’s stupid and y’all stupid af too if you think there’s deeper meaning behind his “music”.

If he does another video on conlangs I would like to see him do Al bhed form Final Fantasy 10.

Jared leto look-alike

At first, did you know, how many wastes you had produced while watching this video? How many wastes autor had produced while make this video? It’s all cost of electricity, that generated by these things:

From 2017 here, my name is also number one

Actually, Frodo is a hobbit but I see your point. Thanks, that was an encouraging video

It was really helpful, thanks alot

This woman is an absolute idiot!

Native European peoples.

Whoever posted this is a the smartest person alive srsly im righting a book thats 232 pages long and this song is like the best thing thats happened all day thank you sooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Hell yeaehto the yeaha

I never knew Foucault’s ideas were controversial with historians and such i studied archaeology and i’m happy to say that our teachers were quite alright with his ideas and some even tried to instill a love for his ideas or based their teaching philosophy on his ideas.

Its the best introduction which I ever have seen..

Https://youtu. be/kBdfcR-8hEY? t=17m31s that a blunt?

@hippotoast dislike

30 million views to 30 million subscribers to 30 dollars!!!!!

A tear left my eye…

This video is kinda sad…knowing how blind people are

Cases are easy

Never ask a question to their question. You are a big person so you should know what kind of things they want to know about you. If you want to seriously Kick Butt in an interview please talk to me.

Digging the Chopin

I’m fluent in English

Anyone can draw but me…..

He seemed nervous. Mistakes in narration even after reading things and narrating. But good initiative, helpful one

The “fear of death” is not the enemy but death itself. We fear death because it is life that is our destiny, not death. We were made for life and life eternal. All that enslaves us now in this world is the result of death and all that corrupts this world is the result of death. Because sin (which separates us from Perfection – God) entered the world death was manifested, without sin death is vanquished and so too all that enslaves us. That is why Jesus Christ came to “free” us, He came to conquer sin and death that we may have eternal life. Not an eternal life of pain and suffering and loss and enslavement, but a life free of sin, free of death, free.

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…Poor Alex… hat a lonely life… Nights without a campanian… Birds needs campanianship… Not contact with other birds… Tuff life… No matter how organic and good that bird eat… It was lonely for him.. Prove: He had loss of feathers..Many times!

Thank you for your tips. I have a question.



Hey guys….

Thanks for sharing to us your knowledge

The way she said “thats pretty good” at the end killed me

Excellent and very important presentation! Thank you


One cannot change her/his register (which is in fact the tessiture, the sound quality, tonality and loudness of speaking voice) and will always fall back to her/his way of speaking because one has been doing that since small childhood. One can learn it to use it temporarily and very conscious, but otherwise this is not possible.

-Macroeconomics is the study of the entire economy as a whole rather than individual markets, like: economic output, unemployment, inflation, interest rates and government policies

Klingon however was a slightly collaborative process from the start, that was being developed as it was getting used. many different actors had to actually speak some lines of it written by script-writers, while the language was still incomplete, which probably influenced the development. this gives a more natural development.

Grand theft idea

Where’s Empire Earth? That game was one of the best too!

Thank you very much, the eastern philosophy series is indeed… fulfilling and calming.

If only people realized…

If there is real thought, you don’t need depressing music.


That’s enlightening

Don Cheadle (Ocean’s Eleven)

Beautiful and spread a strong message.

Can’t really learn from a montoned character



Dude, these are great found them when i was searching wayne june voiced HP lovecraft audiobooks. i like the fact there is a true in depth look on a book and analysis of said book done in contrast with a character you wouldn’t normally think would be into said books. fun, informative, and a great watch.

Burn all money melt all coins. Make market squares in the center of towns to trade eggs for wheat for sugar for flour for fruit. Life would be simplistic, relations with other people would be better. Those who don’t own a stand or specialize in a good can trade amongst themselves in a designated area. Each stand or in the trading area, there are scales to weigh the item, etc. People set their own prices and there is no competition because one person who sells, let’s say… Apples… Does not want people to pay him in just blankets, rather the stuff he needs to support his family-WHICH is set by the customer at his stand and the owner. Negotiations would influence the competition instead because the particular person may need milk for their child, etc. desperately and that way they can negotiate the fair price to maintain an average…

”The end of the world started when a pegasus landed on the hood of my car”

Yesterday I watched this video with subtitles, today I look back I can understand better. Thanks for your interesting talk 🙂

When you about to fail tomorrow but beethovens got your back.

Sir please, Are you still respoding to the comments I may need some help

Great help as always.

Sweet game introduction! looks fun, thanks blitz

That video of that guy kicking the small animal was fucked up.

Bhai aaram se padha kahan jana hai tujhe

Shut up telling us if it’s boring. it’s a damn youtube video so the only people who will watch will care anyway

6 accounts disliked it xD

Also, Erik Singer is ridiculously gorgeous. Those lips, dimples, long neck, Adam’s apple, wide shoulders, big hands, ears worthy of a nibble… but I digress. [*wink*] Virtually flawless.

Whatever you do don’t scroll down! You need to study!!!!!!! You scrolled down didn’t you Sighs and shoots self



Yebany got rick rolled

Excellent classes but please upload more classes


Best speaking

Wow that is perfect reality

Excelllllllllllent. I very like your course, you explain complicated concepts in simple terms, it’s great job. I love your teaching method. I always bored with English courses, but your lecture is Amazing. Thank you so much.

And by pure coincidence it turns out that my view of life is almost pure existentialism!!!!!

Thank you my exam is tomorrow and thus helped me lots

The Light of Asia. Buddha the enlightened one. Buddham Sharnam Gacchami( I seek refugee in buddha)

Good video! but the drumming is horrible!

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We are doing a science xpo at school we are doing the frist one

Why did he make that noise at 6:45

Mam please give mobile number discuss bank exam

Probably waaaaaaaaaayyyy too late for this, but I truly believe that the novella Give a Boy a Gun by Todd Strasser is an excellent take on gun violence, which is unfortunately quite a pressing topic in America once again due to the tragic Pulse massacre in Orlando.

Every Youtuber could learn from this

Why am I attracted to this dude

OMG I’m going to go kill myself now.

Thanks it was really easy and simple

So he’s mumbling…

Why don’t we all stand up for this, teach people that this is wrong. Every time I see a factory puffing smoke or a car engine reving I just get mad. I’m young so I can’t do much more than tell people this isnt right but we need to stop this. This song inspires me, it should inspire everyone. So I tell you, get a Prius.



Activities, news reading, interview and group

Yes i agree, just dont forget your capital letters, and be careful when to put your exclamation marks in the right place then i would say your comment is worth an A*.

“Iceni Queen: A Pirate Yarn” by A. J. Stoner. Fantastic science fiction novel no one is reading.

Obama translator lmao

It is a fairly common accusation against Nietzsche that he was a nihilist. I think there are probably two basic reasons why. First, Nietzsche was the first philosopher to take nihilism seriously and write extensively about it. Many previous philosophers took seriously the problem of skepticism, but nihilism was more of a term used to point invalidity, i. e. if your philosophy is nihilistic it must be invalid. Second, he did reject the common values of his time, most notably Christianity. It’s not too surprising that people who haven’t actually studied his philosophy presume with some regularity Nietzsche’s nihilism given that he writes quite a bit about it and his most infamous quote is, “God is dead.”

2 ideas for solving this problem of automation:

Why? its better then firing a shitload of expensive nukes on your foe as well as it cant be blocked atm XD

Goodness, this is beautiful.

Load of fucking nonsense

The bartimaeus trilogy is one of my favorites. It’s an interesting take on a fantasy novel, as it takes place in the future but also somehow in the past??? I don’t know. I don’t think it was ever explained. Anyway, there’s this shapeshifter kid and he has to get these relics. It’s cool

Great work.

You’re not wrong, civilization is essentially a “tax farm.” Can you think of a better way to run a society? It’s still better than living in a stone age type of existence.


She should have had him at home and with her at all time that way he at least would have her/anyone around when dying.

I’m from Turkey and I speak fluent turkish and English, I can help people with either.

So helpful thank u

Well now that season 3 is out we know what really makes Rick tick



The real proletariat are the Robots

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Masters out there. this is one of the most wanted career. not only private or govt companies but also non profit organizations and other cheritable orgs desperately need real HRM folks. this video is very thourough. liked it.

Loved it.. i think this channel will help me pass my licensure Exam… thanks @Snap Language!!!

So insightful thanks Prof

2) Basic Grammar (i. e. grammar in relation to individual word morphology).

“You’ll save for days if you shave your legs with an aged razor blade” i love that verse

Fuck you to just kid name is Mattyb leave him alone

1. Trump is a an idiot or fool or moron.

And of course the left psychos gather here… just like the bitch that made this video.. fu

If the world will become like this in the near future, I swear I will be a doctor to force vasectomize the majority.

I was lucky to find the PassG practice test questions. Many thanks!

Support innovation over nostalgia if you really want to see the game industry move forward rather than backwards.

Bhaaii g physical education pe bana do youtube pe kisi ki bhii nahii h..

He is a lying M O R O N. vocabulary of a grade 3 kid

Hey I speak spanish and I really want to improve my english. I am dying for have a conversation with a native speaker

Pink Floyd summed it up beautifully.

She is so hot

DC – “Only black and gray”

God, I want to throw that idiot in the white sweater down a flight of stairs.

When he said “ooo a redhead” I looked at my hair and said, “wow”

Thankyou so much bro you are doing such a noble great work making easy for everyone to study and learn best of luck man


Even a broken clock is right twice a day. – GenerikB 2015