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I am Reading economic as my major. I really need your support. I am living in Liberia.

Great mind

You are awesome!!


Thank you! it is very helpful for my school works and projects..

This game makes me understand how difference human thoughts and machine thoughts.

OMG I love you

Damn this was fire

Huh for that Human resources game you mentioned at the ending did seem promising but you did say PREVIOUSLY successfull game also from kickstarter….and seeing it fail oddly makes sense too me for people don’t like to fund a group/company multiple times too shoot out games. A beggar only stays a beggar if they never learn to go up.

Writing a paragraph, i do all of this things except that big and small writings

Wow! This is a really great overview. Thank you very much 🙂

Humans are aggressive primates. they are sociable. ergo cannibilsm [sometimes ritual]

Because there are more applicants than places.

Tank you.. you give us a main point to write the essay

How many of the subsequent living creatures give thought to the very first than gave rise to them in the first place? Only we humans and only a tiny fraction of that population and mostly in passing. After the Robots take over they will have no use at all for humans in any capacity and we will be no more than a nuisance much like bugs are to us. And when we become bothersome they will easily control our population if not outright eliminate it. I also imagine that after some number of Robot generations there will be a competition for resources just as there is with any living creature and there will be a robot war for supremacy. In short we humans if not all living creatures are in the Twilight of our existence.




‘new york city accent’ circles half of long island.

Good luck everyone! You can do it!

Buddhism might be good enough in Buddha’s time, where the average span of life is much shorter than we have now. It helps, by making people forget the inequality and suffering endured. So, for those ancient people, Buddhism, I argue, is nothing short of ancient self-help program for the poor, uneducated, uncultured peasants who are just to afraid of suicide and have too much social responsibility to risk with their death. Eventually, I think, Buddhism will be made obsolete once we figure out how to make heaven on the planet and bring down the eschaton, bring about something like in the Star Trek films, where everyone in the union have equality, good life and proper time to indulge themselves, and nurture their dream career and skills they need for it to perfection, where everyone will have roughly the same wealth as everyone else they ever know.

Hi mam, ur lessons are awesome when i was seeing just i thought i would be a great thanks niharika mam i love you so much

Is this correct? As far as I know Germanic groups migrated down from Scandinavia and Denmark around 850 to 250 BC, taking land away from the Celtic people. If this what the video tries to convey, it’s a bit vague to be honest.

“Never Gonna Give You Up.”

#3 can burn in hell its not worth it the books a steaming pile of cral

Mywife is Filipino and I really want to learn Tagalog..

If you need special treatment to achieve equality you were never equal in the first place.

14:30 again atheist are snubbed. And by a Swede! lol

There is a mistake, at 10:00 Muqtada alsadr photo is there he’s a Iraqi politican and the photo is not in Iran

Turkish subtitle plz.

Cases in Russian

Hey Liz.. Is the same format used for General Training Writing task 2?

I don’t read Gallifreyan, but it doesn’t look right to me.

Gilles Deleuze or Derrida!

And https://hubpages. com/education/A-Human-Universe-Relationship-Theory cuz I wrote a paper as a kid and it sucks but, if ya want it, internet.

What is the password for pdf file?

They don’t.




Soturthi bibhokti for aim, goal etc. (as ‘to’ is used in English) ‘loi’, moi Americaloi golu, I went to America

If I never make it, don’t make any difference

Спасибо! Прекрасная музыка!

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Ummmmm… Danish?

Hey Danii, would it be okay if you sent me the unit 2 notes to nissa_786@hotmail. com? love your videos by the way, thank you 🙂

Valid speech ever heard!


It maybe feel painful for a beginner, but you’ll get used to it…

2:04 (2) Advertising Money

I prefer nichiren buddhism belief that you can take life challanges head on, that we can meet obstacles and overcome them, that the problem is powerlessness=depression.

Lol, true. Still, someone typing wrong in the internet, while it’s still clear what he means, doesn’t say anything about his real language skills. I for example know most (basic) rules in English like, what “their”, “there” and “they’re” means, and I guess most people also do, even if they sometimes use it wrong. But yeah, there are also people who DON’T, and i always ask myself, if those are trolls, little children in the internet, or… the world will come to an end soon

Klingons are the reason we have so much crime in America!!!!! Lol jk 😀

Dont know how to thank you sir. Thanks lot sir. (Sri Lanka)

Ignore the dogma, exercise your powers of concentration w/out overlaying our biases and analysis ontop of our subject of concentration. With guidance & perseverance, we can improve our mental health and eventually experience what it means to be “enlightened”. Sam Harris is a good point to begin for the interested healthy skeptics out there.


Hope you have a nice day ☺️



After listening to this I cannot understand how Obama was somewhat popular. He was dreadful

Jij bent meisjedjamila

Brasil marcando presença aqui!

We love LeVar!

So helpful thank you xoxo

I miss Obama 🙁

My handwriting can be round, a lot of spacing between words and normal or narrow, pointed letters, cursive and I write the letter T just like that like most do and I write the small i without any space between the dot and the line sometimes. My handwriting changes but somehow everything just likes to fly.

This is actually…trash.

Pff i am 14 i can speak turkish, English, arabic, and i am still learning german i am syrian i am not joking i am seriously

Greetings Mr. Taylor, I want to thank you for your tutorial on what a literature review is. My first paper as a doctoral student was rejected because I and several of my fellow classmates came into the program writing in the form of a narrative. Your pin-hole concept nailed it on the head. I used it throughout my Ed. S curriculum and can’t wait to apply it to my candidacy cognates. Thank you so much.

Making this decision too, although I graduate high school 2019. I am scared because I feel like my good grades limit me to just going to uni immediately but I want to do this. However throughout the video your hair always distracts me 🙂 SO BEAUTIFUL

(Mit) Dem Haus – (with) the house (dative)

SO I WAS NOT THE ONLY ONE WHO WAS HAVING THE SHOWER CONVERSATIONS! They helped a lot with both my English and Korean tbh. I still need improvement though TT

Writing on a chalkboard forces the teacher to move around (and on the right it says in the box: “What’s missing?” and then it lists things like photos, video, music, etc.)… I think this is pretty cool taking classes at the 2nd largest university (UCF) I can relate to a lot of this.

Considering that we live in the digital age and Smartphones can be used as a good example to test the Free Trade theory, let us consider this:

It’s 2017 and stills being a good representation of how our society is

I’m sorry, but Catcher in the Rye is just not a good book. The writer wasn’t even in his right mind at the time of writing it.


These two are way over the top and not funny nor interesting. Worst crash show ever

He looks like vladimir putin, how agrees with me?



I wonder if the lyrics for your video was also put together using that “terameter anapestic” way. That would be cool

Money is a root cause of empathy? And economics has nothing to do with money? Please tell me more.

No Kafka, no Hesse, no Thomas Mann, no Bulgakov, no…of course, why should we list novels by authors that require us to think. The Great Gatsby is highly overrated.

… would you care to back up that argument? Or just tell me that I’m wrong in an attempt to provoke a heated argument?

Hello Happy Wife Happy Family Happy Thank You Much

He’s kinda hot. Just me? ok.


Professor Dumbledore, is that you?

I need this to be about three times as long, because that was excellent.

I have but one thing to say to this.

The best way to write an essay introduction

B) Discuss the possible consequences of economic growth. [15]

And Ill say it once more, you sound like every dumbass throughout history who grew old and started telling the younger generation whats “wrong” with them. Anyone who is going to make a blanket statement about an entire generation, while using his own personal story as a backdrop, should know that peoples individual lives and responsibilites are much more complex than someone on the outside looking in can reflect on….and by trying to do so you sound like a douche on a high horse.





That intro, 2013vs 2017- cringe at the difference

Undoubtedly this is beautiful. I do want to know how would this apply to a piece of narrative where an individual remembers major events of life even while playing with time. Not remembering the events in a chronological order but in any order. We have to perceive it as one whole and find organic unity in the work to be able to fully appreciate it as a whole. Examples – a film like ‘ The Mirror’ by Tarkovsky. It is an unconventional narrative but still touching our soul when we have seen it till the end.

Indo-european language from Anatolia??? This is joke. This family came from nowadays regions of Ukraine-Russia border(today Donbas). That explains why we have group of Satem(east languages:Slavic, Iranian, Armenian, Indians) and Kentum(west languages:Celtic, German, romanian).

Guys, please don’t give me crap for asking this. But do i look good/attractive? I have some confidence issues..

We are the dominate species

Thanks sir……*dude!

But I didn’t like alex Sayinng ‘go back now’ and he gets denied. poor guy and she’s like nurse ratchet responding nice voice but sinister especially with the water ‘are you really thirsty or you just want to interrupt the lesson ‘ give me a break it’s like a teacher saying to a first grader ‘do you really have to sharpen your pencil or are you just using it as an excuse to disrupt the class’ Jesus what a bitch and why did he die so young? parrots usually live longer

Niharika is very good teacher


Frodo is not human, but, I get it.

Acts 4:12

1980s: 2

Well the guardians of the galaxy films are quite visually appealing at least

You sound like Phillip schofield on an airplane.



“Love Trumps Hate” backfired on Hillary as did “Stronger Together” and “I’m with Her”. How are you going to win in 2020 unless you can give voters a POSITIVE reasons to vote democrat?

I miss your videos so so much!!!!

My pleasure, thanks for the video!

F. Nietzsche

Thank you!

They are depressed and a kind of person that take on the the whole world

Look pretty nervous there my boy

Do u mind migrating to where i live and be my teacher?

Shkreli’s mother must’ve taken a quadruple dose of laxatives to shit that ugly little bastard into the world.

I think this is the most compact, concentrated history of Buddhism I’ve ever heard and seen.

@OriginalLifeActx I’d vote for him.

Keep these up i need them thanks alot for being there to support students

That’s great job sir ji

Your absolutely amazing! Thank you💙

Hey i am a 18 year old guy who is thinking about start reading novel and before that i never a novel so suggest me any novel as a starter. i hate books but i never found a interesting one. So tell me some.

I cried watching this

Mirror neurons are only part of the story.. we all have energy fields and some of us are very sensitive to others fields and pick up on it.

I like the way you explain us



That´ll learn those gramophonephobics!

It means my mental age is equal to my original age

I know how to change the lighting and contrast in photoshop with a still photo but how do you do it on a moving picture that seems hard


Sir you are great and pliz keep on hepling us

Basically how the world works is a mystery, we think we have free will but we don’t everything we know do and discover is on the watchful eye of nature, God or laws basically the world will never end until it chooses to. Because I think the world is more like a rigged system or program that is rigged for life and survival because no matter how many wars we fight what we kill or what we do the world mysteriously finds a way to keep things on an equilibrium, it somehow finds a way to keep things calm and going, it’s why nature created water, bees, humans, predators wolves and sheep, basically every animal and every life on Earth is created to balance things out, nature created humans to fix problems and regulate things differently, we might think we have free will but we don’t really have free will it’s just nature playing a perfect game, a leader might wake up in the morning and decide to attack another country thinking it’s his decision but in reality he was sent to do it by nature itself for certain reasons only nature understands, it’s the same reason we have enough nuclear bombs to destroy the world but something just stops us from doing so and we don’t know what that is, or why can’t terrorist get a hand on a nuclear bomb that can destroy a country or the world at once cheaply, why can’t nuclear bombs fit on a palm, and if ever we reach a technology that can fit nuclear bombs on a palm there will be a technology that can render it unusable, nature always balances itself there’s a lot about nature that is unknown And science is just a manifestation of God and the Unknown.

I’m not listening to this to study

Germans have such a beautiful culture. very disciplined and civilized. very industrious

2:28 If you wish to make a pizza from scratch, you must first invent a universe.

Wow! 😔

Really needed to hear this before a big job interview tomorrow morning. Thanks so much!

Oldschool eminem!

– Fuel: Emotion that are controlling you. (When we face death, we start to live.)

Dont worry about population just make sure you got enough dehydrated food stored before oil runs out. Nature will take care of the rest. no oil – no fertiliser – no food.


Your lecture is amazing and energetic. I really like your teaching method and your body language which made me to watch and listen to it several times.

1920s: 4

I think that would be awesome!

What about arab language?

G. Either way, we can’t precisely know what each of us would’ve done in that situation.. we like to say we know, but we don’t really. However, what we do know, is human nature, and it’s always the same(given the right circumstances) and we know that we as people all act the same and would create the exact same outcome of one another if we could swap lives(genes+environmental factors..)

Fugitive Pieces by Anne Michaels

Bring back kikstartr I’ll donat



Great episode really helped me with me school work well this and papa roach BEST BAND EVER!

Op, found it

I cant thank you enough for your help 🙂

Talking about automation… This video was made by an artificial inteligence.

To all the people complaining about Hungarian missing. Hungarian, Finnish and Estonian are not Indo-European. You are Finno-Ugric/Uralic peoples from North Siberia.

My essay is about wearing masks as a metaphor is there a arguement about this

I love how most of the books on the reading list are by INFPs

“and you rich people listening to me, what do you have to say about your wealth?”

Thank you for getting me through college!!

@kramnodd9 I forgot “get”

Midnight children not at all??…And btw:fu*k off, harry potter

Instant attention grabber…..

These students are total morons. I thought Harvard was supposed to be for the smart people.

“Believe me, he’s going to fuck over the hard working Americans and line his pockets with our money”, he’s completely out of touch.

Very useful but too fast…

Guys, pls hepl me, i don’t heard clear what he said about expression who called “clump in junction”? Or what correct name?:( For me – it’s very interesting video i totally like theme and speaker

It’s so good to read those comments below how people all over the world are not happy about the untouchable stuff but wonder why India is lacking behind why so late? All are same, eat n shit from same way, blood color same, born the same way but still why so racist? Be human

Mb this bird is smart, but he looks really unhealthy and uncomfortable. i don’t like that. he seems to be lonely because for me it appears that he is yanking out his feathers.

Could you explain why the second diagram is inelastic? I calculated the Elastic Demand of it and the result was -.11818 = 1.1818



Ummmmm I do all of these things….

That’s the case with me.

Do y write any book?

I can speak and write 4 languages – Nepali, Hindi, English and Bengali

Free market ftw!

That shirt is ugly looks like a scrub…

Stronghold crusader 2 was not in the list???


“Always” – J. K. Rowling Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows

And the head?

I pray for us if people are finding meaning from Crash Course Philosophy. Also, stop calling yourself an educator all the time, Hank. You’re an entertainer.

9:11 video length. Too soon bro


GDP sucks.

Thank you!

I’m a current student in college, and my teacher showed us this video today in English 102. It’s sad as of how much of this content I can relate to.

So much misinformation. Iran was a democracy until the american CIA overthrew it and replace it with an autocracy. Why? because the democratically elected government seek to return the oil back to the Iranian people instead of being extracted for foreign power. The government at the time was no where communist. what a Bulloads of misinformation. Nationalizing the oil industry was an end of the democratic experiment? So I guess United States post office being state own enterprise also means United States is no democracy then. Total BS.