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You destroyed me on 10… I paused it and couldn’t figure it out.

Thx now I can pass meh test for going to 6th grade

This shit is all cancer

More bullshit

Edit: Halfway through the video now. This is blowing my mind.

So what if we refer back to the fat guy scenario, it’s like asking would you commit murder to save five lives my answer would be No even though im saving five lives im still committing murder and could be executed for it so whats the point? But the first scenario is different it’s asking in a scenario where you are given six people 5 on one track 1 on another which would you kill? this is different because you automatically assume kill the one. BUT you aren’t given relevant background information to actually make the choice so let’s say the five were drug abusers working on the track, but the one was a perfectly normal dude just doing his job then what would you do? Kill the 5 or the 1 obviously the 5. So in all matters of how to answer it it’s almost impossible without the relevant background information on the people so without that your brain says kill the 1 save the 5 you’re saving 5 people at the expense of one’s life. So the question can’t be answered fully without taking the time to think it through and in the situation you’re in you wouldnt have the time to think. So what are we left with? Well we’re left with 6 candidates of which you can either save 5 or save 1, but the question is irrelevant because we don’t know who the people are and what they’ve done. So in my opinion this question lacks the proper details to even be a proper question to be asked.

I nearly skipped this one just from the intro.

In all the modern languages that I know of, cases tend to be replaced by pre – or postpositions or particles, which is much simpler to learn. If I’m not mistaken, Mandarin has evolved even further in that respect, dropping even those little words, letting much depend on context.

Not exactly. Cantor stated (with his diagonal method) that the set of real numbers is uncountably infinite. He proved this directly, not using statements stated at about 5:10 (which in itself make the “proof” incomplete, it’s like saying it’s uncountable because you can’t count it.)

That’s a hell lotta sticky notes

Now I don’t need to see this one. The trailer gave away the whole story. I think???? Wait a minute, what did I just watch???

This is so damn impressive!! I’m waiting for this TA and SC blood game for ages! looking forward to play it

I thought there will be Cossacks but no 🙂

I get the feeling the workflow for Planetary Annihilation is going to dramatically decrease. I hope the developers don’t neglect the game after release.






This is extremely my big dream….🐺

Let me say that God has no respect of Persons. Know this. Man tradition is the real cause of development of Division of all Humans. We all do the same thing as Humans. Love has no color religion or tradition. These people are treated like the Blacks all over because they are Black with Straight Hair. Know this They are Ancient Ethiopians so now you Learned something today. They are called Niggers.

Copy cat….

Works great imo… After 6 months I spoke enough French to change my shitty banque postale atm card to a “carte bleu” (debit card) all by myself at the bank, buy anything I needed in stores, book hotel rooms, even talk to girls enough to… well you know 😉 And obviously it improved from there. 🙂

I composed some Notes + Comments for episodes #1-20 in a Google Doc.

So sad


Actually it was a kind of cool video i guess

It’s frankly almost impossible for Marvle to shoot on film, no matter how much money they want to spend doing so. The labs that process film are almost all closed. It makes very little sense for any studio to shoot on film; the delays, cost, and headache are hardly worth an image that can be nearly perfectly replicated with a digital film camera and a good colorist. Sad to see film go, but those who cling to it really are fooling themselves (or just really like grain for some reason).

Long live you

Sir I have a problem..

This man is God’s gift to econ students! THANK YOU!

Gravity’s Rainbow?





What you saw in the video above probably almost happened last year:

I agree with Nozick: wealth hoarding is completely just, IF it’s acquisition was legitimate. It’s not like “wealth” is a fixed amount of something that can only be re-distributed; new wealth can be CREATED by a) finding a way to save time b) harvesting resources in a sustainable manner c) adding value to harvested resources through invention and manufacturing.

Make me one with everything.

You are so cool im 12

U r rushing too much

Your English is amazing

Dragon’s Egg is a great book literally no one else I know has read

Bring it back! BRING IT BACK NOW!

When Sarah Palin becomes president, she will topple the current SATANIC regime with the POWER of GOD HERSELF and liberate the LAND OF ARYANS from the repression of Islam! She will drive Islam into EXTINCTION!

Fucking genius

So is it “people’s” pleasure? think you mean “men’s” pleasure.

Nigga fucked on one song then he like damn niggas find this shi9t dope might aswell keep goin

I guess the conclusion i’m reaching is not that the guy’s shirt was a problem. the shirt in itself hurts no one except those prone to victimizing themselves. the problem is not male consumption of female sexuality. that has always happened and will always happen so long as society remains free, as will the reverse. so what are we worried about? women being driven away from STEM by the perception that it is an old boys club? it certainly doesn’t affect women in school, who perform as well as if not better than men all the way through university now. in my own graduate office there are easily more women than men. perhaps that is the exception, but taking a look around my building i think not, although i am in the biological sciences and not math or physics. no, women leave STEM AFTER their graduate studies. the reason why is pretty self-evident. the post-graduate years are the end of prime baby-making time. STEM are generally highly competitive fields. employers want people they can trust to be productive virtually all the time. building a research program in academia requires a relatively constant stream of publications, new projects, new students, etc. women consistently state throughout their teenage and college years that they prefer more work-life balance than men do. raising a family rather than being wedded to a career. perhaps there are a handful of women who genuinely get snubbed for funding, professorships, etc. for no reason other than suspicion of future baby-making, when in reality they are as single-minded in their career pursuit as any man, but i find it hard to believe that is any kind of epidemic. and again, even if it were an epidemic, the issues would be well removed from a sexy shirt and would not even come close to justifying the disgusting character assassination on what would otherwise probably have been the proudest moment of that man’s life.


Our instinct to survive and succeed trumps all other notions of socialism.

Everyones like

Excuse the tangent, if you will, but the thing about atheism is that it requires faith. Atheists state an absolute without proof as fervently as theists state the opposite absolute. I once was an atheist, but I realized that no one knows one way or the other. No one has proof. Every single person that ever lived could be completely off the mark when it comes to their beliefs. Eventually, I discovered a philosophy that closely matched my own thinking. I now consider myself an Absurdist.

Thankfully there’s a revision opportunity! I’ll be making use of your pointers for that.

WTF IS UP WITH THE HIGH PITCH RINGING SOUND EVERY 30 SECONDS? It was effing annoying. Other than that he is an amazing Parrot and I love him.

Snpachat – xoseebxo

His fkin name is alex or griffin?



I have no problems with anything he did. Although this fake news is not factually accurate or in context. For example, we were at war with the “japs”. The japs were slaughtering and enslaving all non-“japs”. WW2 was a race war, and we didn’t start it. In that context, the complete extermination of the Japanese race was a good cause. Only faggy libtard surrender monkeys and traitors, who also belong ion “internment camps”, even dare speak against it.

It’s a gentle reminder that: the moody shop assistant who served you, the girl with a ‘resting bitch face’ in the street, or even a seemingly jolly older man that you meet, may be going through such struggles that only they can fully understand. And that is why you should never judge a book by its cover, and show compassion.

Cramming hours before… lol

While I can agree that he makes some great points (the buddy formula is great training), he’s disregarding quite a few problems. A lot of sounds are language specific and not reproducable by stringing together familiar sounds. There is no equivalent to /θ/ (English “th”) in German (unless you have a lisp), you’ll be hard-pressed to find /ħ/ in most languages other than in, for example, Semitic ones, and there’s a reason why Koreans would struggle with an Italian word like. Also, while I understand that it can be helpful to disregard foreign alphabets, especially ones that are arguably more complex, like Kanji (Sino-Japanese signs that often have, other than Chinese Hanzi, half a dozen ways to pronounce ’em, hence the enormous learning curve even for natives) , you put yourself at a disadvantage by basically becoming an illiterate, unable to navigate a subway, just because you don’t know the difference between 入 and 出. Speaking is fantastic (and the best start), but not being able to decipher what flavor your noodle stew has is bad. 😀 Generally speaking though, he’s giving some very decent advice, and I can’t argue too much with his quite impressive abilities. ^_^

One of the amazing speech which i’d ever heard of!

Sir apki sari video best h

Wasnt what he said abt fair return at around 19:16 wrong??

Yeah i’ve always VERY ESPECIALLY noticed this with the battle of new york in Avengers

The novel follows the two main characters who meet and fall in love amidst the end of the world. And although it may sound cheesy at first, it actually isn’t. The symbolism and parallelism that the book addresses is, I believe, on par with Fahrenheit 451.

The nails sound…aaaaaaaaaaaaa

Texas represent!!

Bjp assholes….language hegemony will not solve real issues…. sanskrit language jise achi lage voh sikhe… jise nai voh na sikhe….

Jacob talks a bit fast

You’d better wake up. Young people had better wake up, and start seeing themselves AS A PEOPLE. And beware of LOUD talkers. HINT.

I think the schezuan sauce thing makes all of you fans look like mindless sheep. lol trying to bring back the sauce because Rick says to. I think he’s trying to teach us not to be mindless sheep but everyone keeps jerking off to hard

I made it 47 seconds into this video and the host is so annoying I had to stop watching.


Some people seem to think most people think that depression is a mental illness and that we should keep it to ourselves outof shame.

Excellent content with interesting lecture delivery.

The earth n what ever it is inside..are created for human to live!!!! so…. u liked it or not we do it for living!




Anglo saxon=an gal saex (color. saka. scytian)son (desendants).

First test i took i scored a 72 which is almost a 5, I took another after I watched this video which I knew most of the graphs here but the few ones I didn’t know helped me get a 77 on my second test which is a 5. thanks bro I owe you

Multi-track drifting

The Alien you drew has got to be the cutest Alien ever x3

Age of empires 2 is the best one

Listen closely at 9:13

In fact it was a conspiracy against Mohammad mosadegh because of his plan for nationalizing the oil of iran, by western countries and it’s agents and it was not a protest by people of Iran, Dr mosadegh was really a Honorable man and had no relation with communists and others and he always was thinking about Iran and it’s people

Snapchat – leah_jonesyx this is so helpful!

This video was very well delivered. I applaud your clarity. Now I know with absolute certainty that “existentialism” is completely and totally wrong. I wasn’t sure till now. Thanks.

Jpiwlrlrrrrrrrrr. j.

Everyone bitching about price, it’s gonna be $40 when it comes out.

No offence, i find it unfair

The only thing people retain is the beginning and end of an essay. Yet it is a useless skill forced on us by our educations system. You know what would impress me more than a smart person droning on about something neither of us care about. A smart person who can summarize something that is normally written into an essay without missing the crucial information.

Officially not, but in old proverbs you can still notice them sometimes

Spanish has no cases, although it has functions which work simimlr like for example: pronoun TÚ = YOU, TE = TO YOU, TI = ALSO TO YOU or FOR YOU, but I can’t explain the difference. The same with YO, ME, MI, etc.

Have been spread throughout the entire world and on behalf us all…

India a satanic country with more than a billion p eg ople gave been raped by seiks and decendance of satanic people from persa, england, spain and all dort of inclean fowl from diverse places on planet earth, they been raping plundering killing stealing from the indiginous people for thousands of years, I know that indiginous people of india is 400,million or more how about reclaiming your land like the moizambiquian, angolan, and zimbabwean, Haitian, jamaican black people. stop bowing down to the deciples od satan.

I think it comes from language and speech being second nature, so actually breaking it down to a science is really alien for most of us, even if its our native language. I have a friend whose actually studying linguistics and she’ll occasionally post something from one of her assignments, and its borderline convoluted at times, but yet it somehow manages to make sense. Personally, that sort of duality bugs the hell out of me.

Kal>>gal>>gari. gri. gar. god>>ary. ari>>al.

Utilitarianism is the most commonly used LD Value

Short And Sweet. Thank You. Revatha Thero Diyapattugama



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3:28 So u r promoting taylor swift huh

This guy speak like he is ran out of time.

I hate the way he talks. He says “uh” every bloody second.

Increased the GDP 😂

Ur voice so clear

Paradigms are your autopilot.

Awesome belt buckle though. AC/DC FTW.

4th Grade??? He sounds like a kid in nursery school…………4th grade is far to high…..his inauguration speech might have made it to grade 1!!!!!

Life as We Knew It is good I just finished it.

What price in did why that?

I have no idea how you came that analysis maybe try reading it without a bias

And yet whose to say what filters this video has. are these the vanguard? Communism is still very much within western academia. the fact that the gulag archipelago isn’t taught in school is evidence of that

Ive never read the book, so watching this i learned if you combine “book of eli” and “equilibrium” you get this book

I love your presentation. you simplified this so much for me, i’m so thankful. it was a headache trying to understand it on my own with these over-complicated textbooks. Thanks and keep em coming!!! can you do a presentation on Government policies ie. taxes, floors and ceilings, GDP.. that kind of stuff?

Look at the voting public. I think he may be a little too advanced for most of them still.

Consent Is Being Manufactured All Around You, All The Time

Michel Foucault, who is without doubt a founding father of Queer Theory,



Hi could you send Unit 1 and 2 notes to me plz

This is amazing, Thank you for making it.

Welp there goes my brain

India and Nepal did not exist yet. The King Suddhodana’s kingdom was called Kosala.

For your information, we don’t use passive voice in good scientific writing either.

I trust this guy because he has a beard.

How does Khan know every subject?? lol

Lol nothing wrong with the southern accent

Hehe.. heisenberg.. math dealer


Genius dude

Ty for all

You are doing a great job. God bless you!



:\ i went with the greater income.

The guy in the hat took the bait

Utilitarianism is krap.

She doesn’t know how to dress.

I’m doing Macbeth, and Jane Eyre

My teacher told me that Title is a must in Article and Summary. And also he told that we have to use idioms? Please clear my confusion!

“Yer a wizerd herry” my fave tbh

This guy talks the same way that foreigners leave comments on YouTube. Poor guy.

I would recommend a video on the Egyptian God Thoth and the Emerald Tablets

And another hidden symbolic message, the author believes God is Alien.

@kramnodd9 I forgot “get”

You lost me

That fishing thing😂 thank you for your help 🌷 however it is like you’re forced to do this video 😐 I mean you were kind of tired 😴 I suggest you to put more enthusiasm and energy into your videos 😅 thanks again ❤

I’d love to see you do a video on “Journey to the West” and how it influences and is influenced by Asian mythology.

Why the fuck do you call under 18s “children”?! A child is a human being who hasn’t reached puberty yet. All this does is say how dumb society is.

The man Tony Robbins talks about at the end that said 9/11 was retribution was Asad Rezzvi and he did his own TED talk. You can look it up.

Thank u

That white dude is fucking dumb, he’s not evolving anything he’s just fucking mumbling

Glad it helped! Best of luck to you.

I am so screwed…..

Thank you, great help!

This video really gave me a purpose and confidence to press on.



Fuck Ben kingsley and his blackface make up

Hello darkness, my old friend..

For the last one you did (Zero Preservation Initiative) try this,

Are you kidding me?! I have a disdain for him due to a whole set of reasons, not because he’s an atheist. Jeez.

Consensual reality remains the same in all respects, ONLY queerness is suddenly added to everything,

It’s just sad that problems are created by some God that are totally irrelevant to our lives but we have to deal with them in order to graduate

Got My Exam on Monday!!

I’m hardly ignorant, the time frame regarding development is irrelevant. I think from my comments it was clear that my problem with iOS on iPad is not the interface. It’s everything else that goes along with it. Since you know so much about apple you might remember the claim that iPhone ran true OSX. It’s a real blight on consumers that that was never truly the case.

Please watch over…

1. the world=dünya

You are just brilliant, thank you.

Very good

Beethoven got mad skills.

T’um ul, means while setting/putting me down

It seems a strange endeavour to reprocess all literature and data about disappeared ancient peoples,

Please help me get a hundred on my unit test in science tomorrow. Did I mention you’re the best composer ever to breathe in this universe?

@mine1224 — hey, really glad this worked for you. Good luck!

Experienced trainman – if you knew that derailment was a virtual certainty



7. Writers intention

Hello, are these notes available for downloading?

You took the blue pill. Thank you for this.

Emma is bad girl

Lol who else is failing tom

L – (O) meni

If Noam grew a long beard he’d look like an actual gnome.

There should be a “Post-Modernism vs Modernism” video

I procrastinate too much, plz help!

It’s true that you’ll find this BS in most textbooks. But it’s mostly inaccurate and proven to be wrong. The policy implications are wrong and are a big part of the problem.

All claims “must” have evidence.

Loved it!

And all of this is from a media outlet using the same tactics

Omg your sooo wonderful. if you were my teacher i think i would have been a writer. i would like to thank you so much for taking the time to make this video for us students who cant seem to start a darn essay. thank you thank you thank you.

“I’m the master of my own fate” ya know I’ve been telling myself to study consistently to get into a good uni and become somebody in the world. But that lazy bug in me strikes too many times and I procrastinate a lot. And at the end of the day I hate myself for that.. Day by day, crushing my own future in small ways. I’ve told myself so many times that I’m gonna do it, gonna make my parents proud, yeah it works for two or three days then it becomes stagnant again. I have to believe in myself that I CAN. So important.

1- Say you’re tired.

I tried playing this myself and it was pissing me off so bad I kicked a hole in my room

Its a smelly jew horrible jewjewy accent

Stop with the white hip hop analysis.

El comentarios con mas likes es gay!!!

I’ve been to Germany. Lovely place. 🙂

It took about 10 seconds for this kid grasp my attention and see his strength. His humour, happiness, intelligence, and the wisdom beyond his years is something truly amazing. He deserved a long and full life. Rest in peace, Sam. You were an incredible person.

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