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Very good

Bilinguals and polyglots: reply with ‘hello’ in all your languages!

Madam linguist, from one philologist to another, cut the bullshit!

Todo por descargar…. Esas Lolis.

This is so wonderful

Don’t forget Lovecraft was a raging anti semite and racist

We work for each other,

I know 3 languages… I want to learn more

Can i tell if its a monopoly if i only know Q, MC, AC, MR????


Uh…sjws are definitely annoying. Not threatening. Annoying.

b. Without, if you want something – you have to make it yourself.

You understand that its natural for men and women to have different interests, right? and that we have tons of evidence for this, right? you didn’t look into that, i see….

One minute the west is fighting him, the next minute they’re putting him in, then they’re taking them out…..what

I’m not sure how many “adds” you should put. I haven’t played so don’t say I’m stupid. I’m just not fully sure how the commands work

Hai mam, am a huge fan of your teaching, i have acquired a lot of information about IELTS from your blog. Can you please tell me, is there any way of giving a neutral opinion which means supporting the both sides?


Wow! This guys explanation and break down is better than my own professors! Thank god I found this…



Level 4:

I couldn’t make it past all the faces.



I’m curious about some of the jump cuts. There were a little obvious in places. Especially where Noam was talking about advertising and then out of the blue, the host just says, “fine, we just won’t do any advertising” like he was upset at what he was hearing. I didn’t hear anything that warranted that sort of response – but there was a jump cut there. We were looking right at the host and then he was suddenly in a different position and all upset.

I love this!

What about Celine and his “journey at the end of the night” ? or his” Death on the intallment plan” ?

The Chicken he just ate the bag said KFC

I didn’t vote for him before, but I sure am now.

Anyone else here 10 min before the test?

I’m bawling my eyes out!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Studding 🙁

Do more allwase like to see vareation on your Chanel

Great video, although it would’ve been nice if you had given us another 1-1.5 seconds on each slide because, even though I read pretty quickly and already know most of this stuff, it was very difficult to keep up with the speed of it. The music is great, by the way.


4:03 “Governmnet”

Incredible English. I am awe-struck by his verbiage and diction.

Imporatance of HRM,

Alpha stage games should be free during that time. Paying $90 to test there game for them is not ok. If the game is cheaper when it comes out why would I pay $90 to test it for them.



1. Trolly driver – Flip the switch and kill the one guy. Five against one. Simple as that.

What!? the last guy was by FAR the winner! 🙁 the other two were good, but lacked a certain thought provoking element. Not to mention the latter’s elocution of the paper exceeded the other two.

– rounded means I am artistic and creative

In a##

LOTR, 9th place… really?!?!?!


Every time this video cuts to another part of the interview I think people should pause the video and just consider what she’s saying. It doesn’t work so well otherwise

Oh my lord this is HILARIOUS! Especially because you so underplay it and at the end, just say ‘thank you’ …as a voice teacher who deals with lots of precious teenagers you made my day:)

This was eargasm. I’ve never really appreciated classical music until now. Saved and will be played back many times!

Druids. The indigenous European population survived on the Roman side of

This was published on my little bro’s 10th birthday.

From the sentences in this video, as an example:

Reason for detention: another student made the comment “you need to push it in further” (innocent comment) and Dalton added “thats what she said.”

Crash course can make a video on kautilya

This was so great I could cry. Nothing like like my lecturers in the UK

@123itisfree, well actually we sort of can. Communism didn’t disagree with religion so much as they saw it as a threat to power. Because religions exist to exert power over others, alpha-dog communists necessarily had to attack them to preserve their power. It had little to do with atheism per se.

Thank you so much! Been a GREAT help!

Democrats wet dream

The iambic pentameter read incorrectly in the prologue – it is broken to draw attention to the discord and disharmony between the families in “from ancient grudge break to new mutiny” = “from ANcient GRUDGE BREAK to NEW MUtiny”.



This is a great resource for students! Awesome. One thing though and I’m not sure if anyone has posted this before. At 2:34, for negative externalities, the DWL is the area above the MSB and below the MSC, so not the shaded area you have.

Yes but nobody tells you that a language obstructs your memory, and therefore your ability to learn from your mistakes and be more individual and interesting.

Are you a boy or girl?


Serves rhetorical purposes, and corresponds less to an academic fascination with the true nature of past societies

Commandos the best game

Very good info!

How far goes humanity

You sound like Peter Griffin from Family Guy

Who’s doing Romeo & Juliet, Animal Farm and Frankenstein?! Also, one of my options is film studies and I guess the best way to revise it to watch films haha 😂xx

Philosophy of any :

1:15 Queue the 20min video

Is this a typical lecture and room in the university?

Why is the amount of berries that he gets in each scenario unevenly proportioned (100 first one, only 80 more second time, 60 3rd time…)?

I have all those fonts so I don’t know what my handwriting tells about me

peoples money!!!!!!

This literally just became words ><


Y-y-y you’re back!!



Foucault sucks, Chomsky rules!

What is moral..

Should have stopped at 01:50.

11:07 VW yes very effecient >;)

He is the most impressive because he sold his sold to the devil that’s why.

Freewallet is saying this is an “intended procedure” on reddit and twitter xD

Great vid I subbed and liked 😃

Honestly man, people are quick to discredit rappers when people try to say they’re “intelligent”. It seems Thug really puts thought into his trap. Im Black Cuban and his speech reminds me of how African Cubans speech Spanish. Its Spanish but completely chopped up and mumbled. its amazing. Thug speaks English like a cuban speaks Spanish lol

I dunno about you guys but this put me in the mood for some black highboots. xD

How could you miss animal farm?

Then to gays, and today to ‘queers’.

Dang, I just notice…… Key can kick someone face while standing……… WoW

Confuse me. It’s all in how they’re explained.

I believe that everything that’s said is true but is it considered a reliable enough source?

Lucy has the utility function U(X, Y) = X+2Y and an income 20. The price of Y is 4. What is her price elasticity of demand for X, when the price of X is less than 2?

U r a genius mann!!!!

I wish these videos existed when I was studying economics in High School! You guys are doing such an amazing job

The problem are not babies in general but stupid people in africa and india who think they must get 10 of it

Eminem is a genius