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Just found the motivation to finish my essay

Your lessons are great, when I study English I like to understand everything rather than repeating like a psycho parrot

Your works are so beautiful ❤

Paragraph 3: Point #2

Its funny how west goes endlessly towards Nihilism in their idea of world…it’s sad and depressing. You will not find answers in infinite dark. But you fail to look at the existing beauty that surrounds you, fail to see massive freedom to do just about anything… How each person you meet is Unique, you fail to see how everything is in conflict…how world is made of paradoxes…how everything will die yet it goes on…it’s so absurd, yet so beautiful. Most intelligent people on earth are often the most depressed ones, especially these philosophers because through their intellect they cut apart the world and view it in pieces…of course it’d be lonely and sad. I was a nihilist myself, but often found myself tearing up when I saw sunset from my roof one day…It was absurd…yet so beautiful. I am nothing more than a atom in existence, but I live in this infinite world. I emptied myself and allowed myself to be small as a atom, and through that I felt the bliss that there is to look the world through a different view altogether. Try this yourself, If you can really do it…you will see the beauty around you in each and everything that you missed for your entire life. Otherwise you must suffer, If one can miss this much beauty…one obviously have to suffer for it.

you really think a normal, good person would do so many interviews with a shill like Alex Jones =!=??

What I find funny is that I have never met a existentialist who embraced their own philosophy to completion. If you are an existentialist then you can never tell anyone not to do anything no matter how harmful. After all if their is no central purpose there can be no central guideline or code of ethics. Which is made even more comical when you consider that many people accepted the philosophy after seeing a dictator that drove home the very pillar of that idea. While Hitler himself wasn’t an ext. he believed his moral code above all others is correct. Which you can’t refute if you believe their is no moral code to begin with.

Kellywise the dancing clown lol

So nice & clear ma am, but strong verb are very hard sounds, there is not kindly sounds. thnk u

That is absurd! Language is not “shaping” and communication is much more than the exchange of empty signifers changing previous responses. Emotional-Intelligence and communication is more nuanced than Skinner’s embarrassing epithets of mand, echoic, intraverbal, etc…

Ohmygod I’ve been thinking about this for a while now. I always thought that depression made me see reality for what it is and everyone else looked dumb and oblivious. I thought happy, non-depressed people were so unintelligent and superficial and only people who suffer from depression know the truth. Though I don’t know what truth it is. Not being able to function on a daily basis or take care of yourself or your own personal hygiene. Sabotaging yourself and your future that you can’t even imagine living to see. And then wishing you were as dumb as the other people who go on with their lives as if nothing matters. Nothing matters for us, depressed people, either. Most of us I assume are alive because we don’t want to end our lives and transfer that pain onto someone else; loved ones. We are too scared of the unknown. Death. We try to bear with it with a little hope that it might get better soon even though we know it won’t.


This is great! just about to start my thesis!!! thanks for the post!

Hilary was a giant douche, to be sure; but Drumpf is a shit sandwich. thanks for forcing the rest of us to take a bite you stupid, zealous, retarded xtians. yes, we know it was you. who else could believe this guys bullshit?

That shit gay

“he touched and sucked on my juicy breasts like a wild, hungry dog onto its mother.”- Fifty Shades Of Grey

We have the greatest Whitehouse based on victimage. The rhetoric of victimage was the emotional appeal that got millions of Whites who blame immigrants, minorities, and others who apparently forced them to get high and drunk and play football rather than study and grow up responsible.


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