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After seeing this I actually believe Aristotle was right, we are born with an “essence” because we can’t really choose our morality like the video suggest, it is something we are born with given by millions of years of evolution (or god whatever you decide)

Most of the self-help material that I’ve seen over the years is very, very over-hyped in my opinion. The diverse self-help techniques that allegedly help many people seem to me to only work on certain kinds of people. And if they work for you, fine. Good for you, really. But don’t assume that every personality type can get a positive effect from any of this. Please don’t think that people who claim to get nothing or very little from a certain technique are just not working hard enough at it. It just so happens that we’re put together very differently as people. Some of us are apparentlly destined to being mediocre, or worse. These self-help authors/speakers make it sound as if one just has to get the right information and apply it correctly to make very positive changes. From my experience, and from witnessing how many people end up disappointed, I’m very sure that many purveyors of self-help very well know that their targetted audience is vastly larger than the number of people who can actually get a positive effect, if any, from getting with the program.

All great books that made me cry

What about Mickey Rourke’s Russian in ironman2? sounded legit to me.

She should say some more less……. but well i like her way of communication.

This looks even bigger then Planetary Annihilation!

Gonaaaaaaaaaaaa evolve salieron muchas cosas y metieron un goliath nuevo con fuego azullllll

He looks like Dennis from Always Sunny

Technology has been captured, ASSIMILATED, refined and transformed into brutally-efficient – self-replicating-mechanisms-o­f-war…

A video about Barnabus Sanderous that’s not filled with liberal propaganda?

I am a native English learner. I wish I had you as my teacher when I was in school. Now, I am teaching others how to write better and I really enjoyed watching you making learning interesting and easier.


This video was so helpful for my students.

Sir can I get ur contact no.

Nice job sirrr…..U really clear all point of each part.

I miss obama

We increasingly value empirical evidence (the basis of science) above other information, they have entirely based communication on those principles – beautiful.


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