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Very useful

Soy el único que piensa que la chica esa que tiene todo Rojo es Azucarilla? :O


My native language is spanish, I can speak english and I’m learning chinese and korean~ Anyone wanna have a language-exchange partner?

KFC or fkc 😂😂😂😂😂

A 9mm stuffed in their face seems to do the trick very well they all stfu and listen..

You do fucking know that you get access to the alpha, the beta, the actual game, a special skin for your commander, digital download of the sound track, desktop wallpaper ( this isn’t that good ) and the digital artbook. It’s not just the game moron. But then again I’m sure most people will pirate the soundtrack and artwork and what not.

So the answer to outrunning complete automation is…go to space, immediately

I love how when you look for any of these on Amazon, the rest show up in the “frequently bought with” list. I heart you, Nerdfighteria.


I’m sad about your last pick. I would so have played a game where I’m a Cthulhoid Lovecraftian monstrosity destroying cities and harvesting humans, and I’m not usually into RTS games.

Great to hear! Thanks.

10:01 gotta get that extra ad revenue

Don’t watch it then?

Excellent…. Keep on doing Sir

Arguably the smartest thing Morty’s every

The Mask of Sanity – Hervey Cleckley

Kind of bummed that there was no Harry Potter quote._.


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