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If only youtube content uniformly had this much damn effort put into it. There are already a thousand of these comments, but I feel the need to add to it. It also rises in the trending tab with more comments so thats a thing.

Kpt. K your editing skills are flourishing

When i am on shrooms young thug lyrics sound perfectly clear, no joke.

You all have to pay closer attention. It’s not Charlamagne it’s Martin. Pay attention to the agenda

Brilliant job! Thank you

If this video took 900 hours over the course of 9 months (2160 business hours based on an 8-hour work day), this means this video was worked on for 3 hours per business day, or 112.5 business days. I wonder if throwing more artists into kurzgesagt would speed up the video creation process.

A Big Think Video that Should Make You THINK: Deep Thinking about a topic, whether you agree or disagree with the author’s viewpoint, creates neuronal connections and strengthens various areas of your brain. This is just as effective, if not extremely more effective, than “Brain Training Games” for overall cognitive development and training.

LITTLE INFERNOOOOO! wait. you are NOT SCREAMING!?!? oh it was 4 years ago.

All communists are rich

Interesting. I know a person who lies, exaggerates, judges, spreads false rumors, complains, blames, shames, and tries to manipulate everyone around him. Ironically, everyone seems to worship him.

Does there bible really state the cast system? Who ever there God they serve is fucked up. I never knew Hindu religion was like that. I want to go to India, but not now.

In german (I learn this language at school), there are 4 gramatical cases : Nominative, accusative, dative and genitive (in perdition).


Based shkreli, please tell me he was trolling about black lives matter though


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