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That intro, 2013vs 2017- cringe at the difference

Undoubtedly this is beautiful. I do want to know how would this apply to a piece of narrative where an individual remembers major events of life even while playing with time. Not remembering the events in a chronological order but in any order. We have to perceive it as one whole and find organic unity in the work to be able to fully appreciate it as a whole. Examples – a film like ‘ The Mirror’ by Tarkovsky. It is an unconventional narrative but still touching our soul when we have seen it till the end.

Indo-european language from Anatolia??? This is joke. This family came from nowadays regions of Ukraine-Russia border(today Donbas). That explains why we have group of Satem(east languages:Slavic, Iranian, Armenian, Indians) and Kentum(west languages:Celtic, German, romanian).

Guys, please don’t give me crap for asking this. But do i look good/attractive? I have some confidence issues..

We are the dominate species

Thanks sir……*dude!

But I didn’t like alex Sayinng ‘go back now’ and he gets denied. poor guy and she’s like nurse ratchet responding nice voice but sinister especially with the water ‘are you really thirsty or you just want to interrupt the lesson ‘ give me a break it’s like a teacher saying to a first grader ‘do you really have to sharpen your pencil or are you just using it as an excuse to disrupt the class’ Jesus what a bitch and why did he die so young? parrots usually live longer

Niharika is very good teacher


Frodo is not human, but, I get it.

Acts 4:12

1980s: 2

Well the guardians of the galaxy films are quite visually appealing at least

You sound like Phillip schofield on an airplane.


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