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1. Trolly driver – Flip the switch and kill the one guy. Five against one. Simple as that.

What!? the last guy was by FAR the winner! 🙁 the other two were good, but lacked a certain thought provoking element. Not to mention the latter’s elocution of the paper exceeded the other two.

– rounded means I am artistic and creative

In a##

LOTR, 9th place… really?!?!?!


Every time this video cuts to another part of the interview I think people should pause the video and just consider what she’s saying. It doesn’t work so well otherwise

Oh my lord this is HILARIOUS! Especially because you so underplay it and at the end, just say ‘thank you’ …as a voice teacher who deals with lots of precious teenagers you made my day:)

This was eargasm. I’ve never really appreciated classical music until now. Saved and will be played back many times!

Druids. The indigenous European population survived on the Roman side of

This was published on my little bro’s 10th birthday.

From the sentences in this video, as an example:

Reason for detention: another student made the comment “you need to push it in further” (innocent comment) and Dalton added “thats what she said.”

Crash course can make a video on kautilya

This was so great I could cry. Nothing like like my lecturers in the UK

@123itisfree, well actually we sort of can. Communism didn’t disagree with religion so much as they saw it as a threat to power. Because religions exist to exert power over others, alpha-dog communists necessarily had to attack them to preserve their power. It had little to do with atheism per se.

Thank you so much! Been a GREAT help!

Democrats wet dream

The iambic pentameter read incorrectly in the prologue – it is broken to draw attention to the discord and disharmony between the families in “from ancient grudge break to new mutiny” = “from ANcient GRUDGE BREAK to NEW MUtiny”.


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