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For example, there was a huge backlash when GTA “only” got a rating of 9 out of 10.

This has to be the most I’ve heard our respected former Prime Minister speak…….😂😂😂

The part about technology increasing alienation was brills, yo

That game looks fun r u playing on a phone or your computer?

Also I love you in Silicon Valley. But seriously you look & sound disturbingly similar to Zach Woods.

and not wish for evil; and not be duped

But for one week. They were completely free. No tax. I only wonder why they cry on their knees. Those strong men should be happy.

Like si hablas español

We are the watchers and protectors of our planet, our own tiny spec of dust in a cosmic swirl, endlessly beautiful in our own unique imperfect way..

Their lifestyle and culture is very similar to the Mongolian reindeer herders.

The girls’ – flickornas

I am really proud of you😄😄😄

Never gonna run around and desert you

This was so helpful towards me

Unless we moved to a roboticly fueled perfect socialism

Sir afc avc sab batao na

“That’s about as smooth as you gon’ get from my ass at this point.”

You guys are such wonderful people. From these videos I get to see the bigger picture which helps me put the little detail together. Thank you!

Why do I get the feeling he’s being sarcastic throughout most of it

Grabs popcorn

Arabic: Words keep changing and you know how

You need a linguist to break down a pornstar saying “give me 30 cocks” swear that shi the most beautiful vocal harmonization on earth

I hope this comes out on mobile this seems like a good game

Yup, the average American is ignorant. that’s why Oboma sat in office for two terms. he ran up more debt than all his predecessor s combined and fucked up more foreign policies in our history. weekend our military to a point that it may take 20 years to overcome and made the United States the cuckold of Iran and north Korea. wake up you people. Its time to grow up and quit being followers in the world. its time to lead.



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