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What about Cossacks 1 or 3? (I dont like Cossacks 2)

Someone’s paying her$ Believe me!

Thnx a lot Mr. Clifford

This Merafucker talks about morals while his over paid, over educated ass takes all these young peoples money. Does he have any lectures on ethics? College itself is immoral. You have to pay the elite to get a certificate to get to make money off of the poor, mentally challenged, and overall weak people in society. On a side note if I was born in Nazi Germany and conditioned over time, I’d probably eventually just want to rest my legs after murdering Jews all day without losing sleep.

@Icannottolerateit “You are asking me to do something that is an exact equivalent of proving the existence of colors to a man born blind.”

Dear Liz. I am a beginner to Ielts learning. your videos are out standing and it helps Ke a lot to correct myself. keep posting and hopefully end of this year I’ll appear for test. once again thank you so much for these awesome ideas

Wow AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Products, services, markets, entertainment, technology = good to be capitalist

In the 100 years since*

What do you think of Paul Dano playing a young Brian Wilson and John Cusack playing an older Brian Wilson, in the same film?

What are those Mr. Robson

“I hope I shall not offend you, if I state quite frankly and openly, that you seem to me to be, in every way, the visible personification of absolute perfection.” – Oscar Wilde

Wal-Mart has spent a lot of money and time making sure that consumers don’t have any other choice. Especially for lower middle class and others below that level of income.

Women r way better @ running hr depts then men r!!!thats just a fact!!!!women r better @ hr then men r!!!!


Bellissimo. ….toccante….


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