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2. Starcraft

Zoe became fluent in brazilian portuguese in 6 months? Man, that’s dedication. This shit is hard even for native speakers.

Jacksepticeye is like albertsstuff the old videos the voice are low the next thing you know in 2017 they’re voices are funny as fuck

Outstanding and insightful. Pantheist. Have you done a segment on Moby Dick? “Endless seeker with no past at my back.”

From where i can get your all videos with a proper sequence??? pls reply.

We have blinded our selves from the truth so therefore for generations to generations we all are been living a lie.

Pretty pooh n boo. Cuddle a puppy u


Toma ya salió el modo historia de minecraft para que sepas

Plz sar hindi me btaya kro plz

From South Africa, this is helpful. Dankie nja yam.

But, Robots don’t need money to provide themselves, and we humans won’t either when the machines take over. They will provide every basic need and we won’t have to do anything, we can run around and do whatever we want with little to no consequens (ish)

Thank you for sharing this.

He says “believe me” when he’s saying something that even he doesn’t believe. 🤡


Honestly no one cares as long as they are getting paid.

Chưa có sub sang tiếng việt. viet nam. nhỉ


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