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Lol I have to finish two more pages of my Issue Exploration essay in English by midnight, and I’m just finding any excuse not to do it

Omg retard there are 2 baltic language there isnt only Lithunian but its Latvian, Lithunian

Video splendor benefited a lot

Anyone else notice all the pansexual flag colors…?

Yep got 12/14 = 7, thanks man

You are the best online teacher there is by far! Everytime I need help in economics you are the first person I look for to help. Your videos are easy to understand, entertaining, and extremely helpful. Thanks you so much for putting your time in and making these videos!

The arguments posed in this video sound like things psychopaths would deal with much better as the out side observer. Ever heard of the trolley problem? Shooting the indigenous person or killing the man with no family to save 5 other people who need organs. A psychopath would be able to do those things without feeling empathy for the one who has to take one for the team. Provided you could give them enough of a reason for it to be worth their time.

1:27 haha sitting at home and watching #TWD lol. btw thanks a lot for this great series of lectures.

Brussup is a girl

Holy hell 15:09 on and my family is about as American as you can be w/o being a direct blood relative of Geo. Washington and for all I know we are…. 5 kids and Mom had one “misfire” or it’d be 6, Mom and Dad married when Mom was barely out of high school…. and this was not considered unusual enough to remark upon in the 1960s/early 1970s.

Me: Crash Course video>> settings>>speed>>2

What isn’t true has no truth value…

He said “you fucking dicks”

I like how he says hard rock then proceeds to play As I Lay Dying 😛


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