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Im writing a whole report due tommorow!!



You can get total annihilation on tablets how!!!!

I don’t dot my i’s, and I only cross the side of a lowercase T. What does that say about me?

This is hard…

Charlemagne is so racist….didn’t even try to listen to anything Shkreli had to say

Bhai where were u when i was reading economic even in 50s i m learning by u and enjoying it. God bless u

Drug B on the other hand increases 5-year survival rate by 4%, but doesn’t present dangerous side effects.

This dude be saving lives

People don’t understand the more seriously we take the social issues the less tolerant people become and the more conflict is created

Lol all these comments to get people to go back to studying I’m just playing music for my little genius that will enter our world soon

I found this video very educating. Thank you for posting. Can somebody recommend me an interesting article on this topic?

This is why I’m a pacifist, I mostly eat organic food (90% of the time), and I’m a vegetarian

At Indian Springs they assigned this as homework

Excellent job.

How do you know whats up and down of the second circle if you dont have a center point?


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