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You have put lots of work in your videos. Thank you Sir, subscribed

I’ve read this book several times and I love how you’ve always got great insight that never occurred to me.

But today i am gonna watch ur all videos…and m damn sure i will score good marks

I am training my critical reasoning ability. One of my professors recommended writing critical review essay as one of the best methods to achieve the goal. Thanks for the explanation! I hope I can really get used to critical thinking and reasoning by practicing it!

11:25 Oh that’s a pretty beautiful piece keeps listening to it for a while it has to be Chopin, or maybe Debussy, is very expressive and sounds like one of them i’m su…

4:17 That is where the TALK REALLY STARTS.

Who came here from Human Resource Machine?

Something called informative essay to.

Yeah. some, like that opening scene in ant-man. i think that GotG is the best in terms visuals

No society can progress in this modern age, if they cling to customs from 1300 years ago!

And are dominated mainly by jewish lesbian academics, like Judith Butler.

That is why real bibelbased christians since christ always was hunted from evil systems. Not controlabel and threat for the rulers… but today, there are only a few left

The jungle is I guess 19th century


This is very helpful but slow down I can’t focus!

Dw i’n siomi rhywfaint i weld bod y map yn dangos Saesneg ar draws Cymru ers rhyw 2000 o flynyddoedd. Amser cyn i’r iaith Saesneg yn bodoli!

You are superb, sir

♦ And then he greeted Death as an old friend, and went with him gladly, and, equals, they departed this life. ♦

– Cuba Gooding, Jr. (O. J. Simpson)

“Their grand propensity for failure”… wtf

We’ve got no choice but to believe that we have a free will?


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