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Finally got the best channel on Economics. Kudos to you SIR!


Anyone here to become a buddha?

To all those wanting to learn English I am willing to teach and help. Im looking to learn Swedish, Japanese, Spanish and open to others.

This is my favorite show on YouTube next to First We Feast

Oh, and if you are outraged by this suggestion, I’ll do you the courtesy of informing you that the very reason for your outrage is but a part of the reason I think it ought to have made the list. Not only the theme, but the plot and characterization – such characterization! – and word-smithery should merit it a spot higher, at the VERY least, above Catcher In the Rye.


So what!!


Thank you.

I almost cried he inspires me so much

I have an essay to write and it’s 8:10 pm and it’s due tomorrow, but I can only focus on the comments

The presenter/interviewer is such a douche!


Y’know, you’re right. I have the right to have a delicious sandwich.

Mr. Clifford YOU LITERALLY SAVED ME FROM FAILING COLLEGE MICRO & MACRO! BLESS YOU 🙏🏼😭 So thankful for you and these videos 😊

And finally, E) Taking the ‘Hero’s Journey’ concept and turning it on its head with all above.

Spyra dynasty. The Henckels & Co. have stolen the Spyra (hence the

Much love to the dalit

You are in my country working, owning businesses etc., yet you hate all brown people, when some of you are browner than me. Stop using those skin creams to whiten yourselves, when God is brown.


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