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Looks like mine is unique

“This game is very experimental to me”

Solo un obtuso puede ver que mas alla del humor la igualdad nada tiene que ver con eso y probablemente usen este video para legitimar opiniones racistas, machistas y homofobas…


In other words, he’s a total moron.

Ur usless

Am I the only who thinks this guy looks like Dennis from Always Sunny?

Que buen juego!! Pd: sube dark echo white mode!!

You advice was very helpful.

She can’t even pronounce her name correctly 😛

But calling Butler’s concept of performativity ‘banal’ is really underestimating the creepy,

Por que nadie en Latinoamerica tiene la misma mente abierta de este investigador? Dinero? noooo…… es una cuestion de mentalidad…. aqui seguimos con forma de pensar tan del siglo XIX. Ojala esto cambie algun dia…

Favourite quote: their is nothing good nor bad only thinking makes it so ~ William Shakespeare, Hamlet

The city of ember

Hey you crazy liberals; Dr. Seuss was was one of you liberal Democrats and a supporter of President Franklin D. Roosevelt and the New Deal. That is a FACT! LOL deal with it!


Too general

Can u pl. start a video regarding how to start a speech, how to end the speech?

You don’t get it. They do this to make 3d movies frendly. 3D movies takes the colors out. The lents dark the colors. So they took the color out from 2d so people wont fell much diference.


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